Happy 12th anniversary, Hybrid Theory!

Brad thanks: I want to thank my family, friends and all the special people in my life who put up with me, support me, and have helped me to achieve this goal. I would like to dedicate my contribution to this record to the loving memory of my grandmas Molly and Lola and my grandpa Del.

Mike thanks: Mom & dad & Jay for your tireless support; Anna for your patience and love; Corey ’… and she’s only got one leg’; all the Shinoda and Lovejoy families; Sforie; Fergie; Carolyn; 007; DJ Hectech; Sloth; & crew; Ogdemli Feldman graphic design; my neighbors (for putting up with us recording this screaming in my bedroom); and to (your name here) - thank you, too.

Rob thanks: I would like to thank my mom, dad and brother; Patty, Greg and Dave for their support and for letting me practice the drums in our living room; the rest of my family who have supported me for as long as I can remember. Allen Agler, Ben Salem, Mike Chester and all of my friends who have been there for me throughout the years.

Chester thanks: God, my wife Samantha, pops & my family for all of their support; Mark Dicarlo for rockin for the band; Scott Harrington; Jay & John & the boys from ‘Size 5’; Celine & Ernie for inspiration; Erin & Cliff thanks for the couch; Jeff 'Tattoo Deluxe’; all of our friends & fans for everything; and everyone else I didn’t mention - I’ll catch you later.

Joe thanks: I would like to thank God for blessing me with talents and opportunities to use those talents. Thanks to the Hahn family; my band mates; to all my friends who support me (you know who you are); and to all artists who inspire me and strive to innovate. See you next time!”

(October 24, 2000)