your heart on the line

pairing: Killua Zoldyck/Gon Freecs

fandom: Hunter x Hunter

summary: They run. Killua doesn’t know where, but it doesn’t matter. Alluka is calling after them, but it doesn’t matter. His lungs are raw and breathless, his feet are still bare from when he left his shoes by Mito-san’s front door, his knees still hurt from where they had collided with the hard wooden pier not too long ago -

It doesn’t matter. All that matters is Gon’s fingers hot and tight around Killua’s wrist. Gon’s ragged breath, matching Killua’s own. Gon’s shoulders, with mossy mountains and vast seas cradled between them, shifting while he runs and Killua runs after him.

(In which Killua learns how to trust again and Gon learns how to earn it back.)

tags: established relationship, domestic fluff, hurt/comfort, angst, pining, non-linear narrative

words:  21748

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(in other words, guess who finally finished that kirugon fic)

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shock - miraculous x hunter (also ilysm)

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This is before they date and before the identity reveal! It’s about Killua and Ladybug growing closer~


BEAUTIFUL fanart by emthimofnight that sparked this whole au

Miraculous x Hunter tag with other drabbles, asks, etc & the ao3 series page

It was different, hanging out with Killua as Ladybug.

Not a bad different, of course! Killua was his best friend no matter if Gon was Gon or Ladybug. He would always think of Killua was amazing and shinning and brilliant and…different.

Killua wrapped his arms around his shins, staring out at Yorknew with a strange, distant look in his blue eyes. He didn’t say a word as Gon sat next to him on the Zoldyck Mansion roof. 

Gon watched Killua carefully. Killua had been so grouchy and irritated around him as Ladybug when they first met. Gon didn’t really get why, but he tried his best not to let it get to him. Killua didn’t like everyone, and he didn’t know Gon was Ladybug or else he wouldn’t be acting like this!

After that first night under the moonlight, though, they’d grown closer. And now Killua would come to sit out on his roof whenever something was troubling him and he couldn’t talk to anyone else.

It was shocking in the beginning to learn that there were things Killua didn’t tell Gon as his civilian self. This softer, more quiet and reserved Killua, was different from the sarcastic and proud best friend he’d known his entire life.

“Ladybug?” Killua asked, voice so low Gon almost didn’t hear him.

His tone made Gon’s heart twist. “Y-Yeah, Killua?”

The silver-haired teen rested his chin on his knees. “Thanks.”

Gon frowned. “For what?”

Killua shrugged. He didn’t say anything else and Gon didn’t push, afraid to scare Killua away with his prying. Killua didn’t always explain himself- not like Chat, who was never afraid of telling Ladybug exactly what he thought.

Killua leaned into Gon’s side and Gon automatically wrapped a black-spotted arm around his shoulders. 

Killua was different with Ladybug. But Gon liked him like that, just like he liked every version of his best friend. 

He was just happy he could be there to support Killua as Ladybug. Even if he couldn’t as Gon.