ilysm if you reblog it ok

blogrates 💕

ok so i’m ill again, and i guess taking a sick at home is an excuse to do blogrates, and also, it’s time to thank all the lovely people who follow this blog ilysm 💕 💕 


- mbf this sick person (asha’s not sick though lmao)

- reblog this post to spread the word - likes don’t count, sorry

- send me a  💕 and/or a song rec bcs i’m running out of good songs yelp

the format is under the cut, and blacklist ‘liyah does br’ if you do not want to see 💕 💕 💕

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Reblog if this is okay on your blog!! (About roleplays)
  • You: Hey can we rp?
  • Partner: Sure. Who do you wanna be?
  • You: Can... can I be myself?
  • Partner: Of course.
  • You: And, um... could you be [Insert character here]?
  • Partner: Alright. Idk much about him/her/them tho.
  • You: Want me to tell you about him/her/them?
  • Partner: Ok. I'll do my best for this character.
  • You: ilysm. ❤️

hello it me~~!!!!! i’m officially 104 followers away from my next thousand and that’s super exciting (not as exciting as the possibility of babygate ending soon but roll with it)!!!! anyway i’d really love to get to that goal so follow/reblog this if you’re a 1d/larrie blog that’s staying active during this damn hiatus and i’ll be checking out/following some of my favs bc who doesn’t love new mutuals?? okay thank u ilysm