ilysm becca

*inhales*     *exhales*

 HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JEY !!!!!  💕💕 @uhh-the-green-thing

Ya think I forgot your birthday? Think again! I’ve been working on this for like the past few hours and yeah, hope ya like it. (well duh, if you don’t, i’ll hunt u down). You’re super fun to talk to and I always enjoy spamming you (oops!) IN FULL CAPSLACK MODE! I’m so sorry for being a nuisance though, ahehe, but you can’t resist my S.O.I, right?

Anywaaaay, since I’m a shipper of Jey x Becca, I decided to make an aesthetic edit for my otp !! Sorry for the text pic though, it got janky weird ://////.

Have I ever told you that you’re so damn talented that sometimes I just wanna grab your skills and just place it on my soul??? Like, girl, you got me gawking at your drawings !! 😍😍😍 

You’re such an amazing human being and I’m so proud to call you my friend yo !! I still can’t believe you have managed to still be here talking to me since i can sometimes be a loud obnoxious girl and aaah, thank you for keeping up with me. 😂😂

I hope to meet you soon !! fair warning, i’m super awkward and annoying and lame so 🤷🤷