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Hiya Jay. So I'm coming to you cause for some reason you always mange to calm me down and make me see things clearly. Recently I've been overeating be a TON. Like a lot. And my weight on the scale went up 15 pounds. (I know, f the scale) In like a month. But everybody around me says I look the same. Now I've been eating normally for a week and my hasn't changed. Do you think it will go back down at all? How do I make if go to my original? Sorry if this was rude or something. Ilysm

Okay first of all just breathe. Weight fluctuates. You’ve been eating more and that’s life, you’re human, that happens. Sure even if you did gain some weight that’s not the end of the world. You’re also probably holding onto a lot of water from the sudden increase in food. Please try not to focus on the scale and go by how you feel and how you look. That number is so unrealizable and I could lost a billion reasons. Take it one day at a time. Start by making one small change. Maybe that’s exercise or maybe that means making sure to eat veggies up with dinner. Don’t overwhelm yourself but make sure you pick yourself back up and try your best to get back on track. At the end of the day, you’re human and it’s okay to need a break.


I had to overcome many things, many people telling me no. If you want it, and you believe in it, you have to do it. And I know it’s silly, and I know I’m kind of irrationally optimistic, but you have to be and you can’t really have another plan, because you’re going to fall back on it. (Happy 31st Birthday, Crystal Marie Reed!)