ilyrio mopatis

I need to rant about this:

 Why did George RR Martin decide to make Daenerys “romantically” involved with the worst men imaginable? 

 Her whole life she lived with her brother Viserys who was very abusive towards her, and if we believe Ilyrio Mopatis, who tried to bed her before her marriage to Khal Drogo. 

 At 13, she was sold and forced to wed a Dothraki warlord twice her age who raped her for several nights. 

 Her councelor and adviser for several books was Jorah Mormont, a 50 year old man who was very interested sexually in Daenerys and tried to prevent her from talking to other men. He even forced himself on Daenerys and kissed her one time.

 Her then first consensual sexual relation ever was Daario Naharis, a hot (ok) but creepy and cruel sellsword, who does not love Daenerys (and she knows it). Oh well, at least it was consensual.

 She later married Hizdar zo Loraq, a former Meereenese slaver, to bring peace to Meereen via the alliance. And this marriage is probably the least problematic relation she had, unless Hizdar was the one who tried to poison her.

 And now, and now, Euron Greyjoy - demon made flesh, a worse person than all of the above (which says a lot) - is coming after her and it’s just … if we interpret Daenerys’ prophetic dream literally, she will sleep with him. No way it could ever be consensual either. 

 Oh, and I am disregarding Victarion because I really doubt he would ever come close to Daenerys, but I guess we could give him a mention. So yeah, Victarion Greyjoy, another creep, is coming after Daenerys with the will of marrying her too. 

 Why? Why George? Daenerys is a teenage girl (from 13 to 16), with a kind heart, who ends slavery, who wants to make people happy, and who deserves so much better. Why is she surrounded by all those awful people :(