♥ Happy Birthday to my adorable Aseel ♥  ♡٩( ╹▿╹ )۶♡

My friend got me voltron buttons I’m so happy they just came in today. I thought he was only gonna get me the Lance button this was such a pleasant surprise I’m–

edit: i just realized the slip of paper says “you can’t form voltron without the whole team” omg

ok so some of u may now that abt two months ago i had to restart my account bc tumblr was being a Dick to me n in this small amount of time i managed to reach 2k, which is just Insane n i am so so grateful!!!! to everyone who is following me (i still can’t get why tf u r doing it tbh, but thank u so much!!!!!) what makes my tumblr experience so great is partly all my amazing followers, but also the ppl im following n my lovely mutuals, so as a thank u for being the best i just wanted to say that u r all super cute n i do not deserve u n u rock n ily 💕

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get to know me: [1/20] favorite celebrities » emily bett rickards ♡ i think it’s important [to demonstrate different types of female strength in the media and television]. i think it’s authentic to [felicity] and a lot of women out there. we can all be strong and do it a hundred different ways. it’s a really important representation for women to know they can be themselves. you don’t necessarily need a suit to fight crime. you don’t need to be the patriarchal definition of strong to be strong.

Wow this is sad, Sarah put her public account on private because people just don’t know how to accept her. That’s honestly so disappointing, why hate on her? Because she’s married to brendon? So? it’s not like you were gonna have a chance with him anyway! Why can’t people just understand that THEY’RE HAPPY TOGETHER. honestly stop hating on Sarah it’s rude, disgusting and stupid And The bee emoji, honestly I thought it was so cute she thought of something like that but no some idiot on the Internet had to ruin it. Honestly some Panic! Fans have absolutely no respect. With all due respect please go kys 😤

aka graphic design is my passion

thank u guys so much for 4k! i’ve never done a follow forever before and it took like…eight years…so sorry if i forgot anyone or made any mistakes!!!

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1) avatar!au where yoongi is this amazing firebending master and kook just becomes fascinated with how great yoongi is and begs him to be his teacher and along the way they get really close and romantically involved. 2) i love ur blog a lot ♡♡♡

how about

avatar kookie

and water master yoongs

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHOW LUO U MAY BE 37 BUT U LOOK 25 SO PROPS TO YOU His arms tho, his tattoo okay :):) This may be an exo blog but i stan tf out of this man

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Literally thought there was a soulful black woman singing in the background but no it was just Charlie