ilyall so much


stay strong 

i know it’s really hard right now, and trust me you’re not alone. but we’re an army of soldiers, bulletproof (cheesy, i know) and strong. lets push through this together because tough times don’t last tough people do. 힘내아 아미들 방탄도!

p.s.// i know it gets tiring, so go on a break if you have to !!

Ahh Thank You so so much to everyone who has helped me get back some of my follower count! I’m completely great full for all of the support I’ve gotten about this whole mess. I honestly didn’t think I would get this far so fast.

Enough with the sappy shit I’m ready for blog rates!!! Send me “!!!” For a cool blog rate and I will do them all after school tomorrow. (Also ill be looking for some new blogs to follow!)