anyone else get a fuzzy-restless feeling when you need to do something but your brain won’t focus on anything and you’re silently begging yourself to just do one thing but instead you’re scrolling tumblr even though you don’t even want to be … it’s like your head is filled with heavy electric cotton like you’re both uncomfy and unable to stop


my attempt at 6 ‘selfies’ lol

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When people talk about how ‘The 7th Sense’ is the bop of the year (which is true) but they slept on the song and on NCT U because they didn’t wanna give them a chance and they’re now bitching about how SM “ignores” them when the truth is y'all are the ones who “ignored” them first and realized too late how amazing that song and unit were

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listen to me…..please…..listen

hanzo and fareeha brotp aka Gay Jocks™

i basically wrote an essay about this on twitter so here it is now, copy+pasted for your consideration

  • listen. hanzo and fareeha are both. so gay? they’re so fucking gay. and they’re both awkward as hell about it. they both have the most embarrassing stories from flirting attempts and bad first dates and shit. they comfort each other through the awkward
  • they go to the gym to work out together, every monday wednesday friday morning, because both of them like routine. they compete over who can lift more. they take turns buying each other smoothies and protein shakes. they know each other’s favorite foods, all their allergies
  • they try REALLY REALLY HARD to wingman for each other. neither is super smooth but both are extremely enthusiastic so that makes up for it
  • consider that…hanzo isn’t really mean or bitchy, he’s just aggressively awkward + awkwardly aggressive. fareeha helps him find a little bit of chill and brings him down to earth
  • meanwhile, hanzo is overwhelmingly supportive of fareeha and really genuinely believes in her and what she can do, which is something that’s really important to her. he encourages her to push herself, whether lifting weights or trying to ask out a cute girl
  • and she does the same for him, always reminding him that he’s doing his best and he’s good enough
  • in closing i would just like to revisit the fact that they’re both SUPER fucking gay. and huge nerds. they have matching tracksuits. the end

also please look at this beautiful workout bros art that sofia @croaguunk drew inspired by this. its amazing just like the Gay Jocks brotp. thank u for ur time

     i just got back from hawaii & let me tell you, it was fucking awesome. there was only one PROBLEM though i almost didn’t get to leave the place ( not that i wanted to ) ‘cause my passport had all kinds of lipstick stains & random numbers inside it. i know i was DRUNK as fuck the whole trip there but i’ve got a feeling those girls didn’t want me to leave.