shinee as i see them

i got an ask recently asking me to get fake deep talk about how i personally see the shines, so…here we go ;; disclaimer: this has far too many metaphors but am i supposed to stop myself? the answer is no. enjoy :’)


you gotta start with the leader, right? now, i’ve always found jinki the hardest to place. i’m always running my mouth off with metaphor after metaphor about all of the members, but..i’ve never quite understood what to associate with jinki. in the end, i think that’s what makes him cosmic. jinki is something i can’t quite understand. he’s the member who most prefers to keep his shinee life on a different plane than his home life. he shows us a part of himself, but the rest of him is such a mystery. he’s such a galaxy in his existence to us. a universe full of so many endless sparks of life and love in all that we can see. his voice, his smile, his laugh, his stage presence, he just wraps us up inside his cosmic whirls in the first moment we see him. in a flash we’re surrounded by awe inspiring swirls of something so much more beautiful. his tones envelop us in warmth and his movements pull us toward the stars. it’s only when we’re fully immersed within the galaxy that is jinki do we realize how little we really know about where we are. we can see what’s around us, but we don’t know what lies in those furthest recesses of who he is. that, i think, only makes this that much more beautiful. he is remarkable in what we can see, and even more in what we cannot. jinki is a mystery, but we all can’t help but fall in love.


for the past few weeks i’ve been in the dead of winter, and that’s where i’ve seen jonghyun. jonghyun, to me, finds his place in the winter night. whether cold and biting in the still air, or brisk and sharp with whipping frosty winds, he’s there. he exists not as a counter to the cold that’s outdoors, no, but he exists hand in hand with the cold. his big eyes sparkle like the moon off the snow drifts, while his smile makes his little teethies twinkle like near-fallen icicles. his hair, often dyed the frostiest white, exists in tandem with the crystals of ice that frolic in the air all around. all pretty parts of him shimmer like the cold still world around him. jjongie just…reflects everything about a cool night. there’s a sort of..solace…that comes with jjongie. and when i say solace, i don’t mean loneliness. i mean solitude. a gentle, quiet, comfortable sense of aloneness. when i think of this aloneness in the midnight air, my mind turns to blue night radio. jonghyun, alone, in his little corner of the world, truly at peace. in the smooth winter air that flows through that radio station, he shows us how we can be alone..together. we can feel what he feels without ever seeing his face. we can understand his thoughts without ever speaking to him. we can love without ever leaving our homes. the blue stillness of a winter midnight, with the calm comfort of blue night radio….that is where jjongie belongs.


now kibum…kibummie exists to me in shades of red. from the softest shade of pink, in how he bares his soul to us through unexpected moments of raw truth and clarity about himself. soft in his care for the people around him. gentle in the rare and real moments where he uses his struggles to inspire others to never give up. quiet in how he holds in so much pain sometimes…preciously, gorgeously, beautifully pink in all of his subtleties and secrets. here to the sharpest most poignant shade of scarlet. sharp in his movements, so sure of who he is and what he needs to be. cutting in his every look, in both senses of the word. cutting in his onstage actions, ones of unhindered confidence and unbridled talent. in this sharp shade, we find something special. nothing more and nothing less than he needs to be. his every move is calculated and right on target, yet his enthusiasm is unparalleled. you can feel his passion, blood red, in the way he smiles after a performance. you can see his desire with fire in his eyes while he stands up on that stage. his fears are in crimson that haunts the edges of his vision, but his joy is a ruby red that sparkles in the sunlight. and his passion is in deep scarlet, coursing through his blood in that camoflaged hue. his dedication is in wine, aged in this course of a lifetime. kibummie expresses his soul in shades of red, and in this moment, we can’t look away.


minho is a sunday morning. i’ve rambled about this before (oodles of times tbh) but i’m always willing to go on and on about this. choi is of the most comforting souls the world is blessed to witness. he is warm, caring, hes passionate about the people he cares about, and he contains an ever present adoration for the world he’s in contact with. i call him a sunday morning because..have you ever woken up early on a weekend? have you ever just woken up for no reason other than to be awake? sunday mornings are so beautiful. hardly anyone is awake on a very early sunday morning. the only sounds that you can hear outside your open windows are the quiet chirps of birds outdoors just starting to wake up for their day. you can hear a car drive past every few minutes. you can hear the wind gently rustling through the trees out in your front yard. but that’s about it…you hear the quiet sounds that surround your own home. sunday mornings have a way of comforting you even when you didn’t think you needed them to. the air outside is near still, only flowing gently enough through your windows to slightly brush against your skin as you sit with a cup of coffee by the windowsill. sunday mornings are where love blooms within yourself. minho is like a sunday morning because he inspires love within all of the people around him. he is the comfort of the still air, the soft care of the sun upon your skin, the warm tingle of the coffee mug upon your fingertips. he is comfort and love…like sunday morning bliss.


now taemin…i feel like i’ve run all over the place with how i talk about taemin. i’ve called him a light, i’ve called him darkness, i’ve called him endlessly unexplored forests, i’ve called him calm morning snow, this list goes on (far too endlessly pfjfdjgft) but the one thing that stays the same is nature. taemin is a natural beauty. he has so much beauty, so much talent, so much (albeit adorably awkward) love built into him. and some can say he’s simply blessed, but i don’t think that’s true. genuine natural beauty doesn’t just come through untouched have to work for it. you have to tend to your cares and cultivate your worries and care for each and every little seed that’s been planted in your life. and that is just what taemin does. he is expression of natural talent through endless effort and unwavering strength. he is blood sweat and tears. he is the seed and the sprout and he is the water and sunlight that tends to it. taemin knows what he can be and will never stop working until he reaches that goal. i think that’s why he’s so eye catching in everything that he does. so often we can find ourselves blankly staring out into a natural scenescape, in awe of the beauty that the world works to withold…that same natural beauty is flowing from taemin in his every moment that he performs. like a horizonline at dusk, or forested treetops during a storm, or rolling clouds on a windy day, he is eye catching..hypnotizing….infinitely beautiful. he is, naturally, taemin.

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ah, sorry about spam asks before with random klance thing-was for fluffy klance thing sorry I've never written anything like that before. I hope you're doing better now tho anyway~ sorry

Hey, hey, there’s nothing to apologise for ♥ Everything that was sent to me I am absolutely thankful for and in love with so don’t worry. If you see what you sent has been posted, I can 200% guarantee I loved it.
Yeah, I’m kind of working on getting in a better place and I appreciate you asking and honestly, tysm for sending me Klance. If I didn’t show enough gratitude before I’m sorry because I genuinely loved all of it ♥ 

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A scenario where Dino first meets his S/O, he was expecting her boss to go to their meeting and it ended up being her and she's feared in the mafia but she turns out to be soft-spoken and awkward in conversations? Sorry if it's too much ; v ; Ily

Your very honest nature and disregard for the feelings of others makes you an indifferent person that most people have trouble getting along with. Paired with the fact that these very values find you a friend within the Varia (and by default, other terrifying comrades), there are numerous whispers and dwellings about your status as a member.

But they’re not all for naught – you provide results and your boss keeps you close to her; always at her beck and call and you’ve never failed her before. You’ve always maintained a 100% success rate.

And you don’t pay any heed to these rumours either – you haven’t heard most of them and honestly, you don’t care either. The more people that tremble when they hear your name, the better it is as you’re not forced to result to violence, yet.

So when your Boss is a little too busy for a meeting with another Boss of an allied family, she sends you out to meet him because you’re the only other person she’d trust with this task. Though you’re tired and slighty (extremely) sleep deprived, you agree anyways.

“Oh, uh…” the blond starts, standing up when you enter the room because he was not expecting you. “Sorry, I was expecting–”

“She couldn’t make it. I’m sorry that I’m filling out for her today but I’ll try to note down all the questions that arises from this meeting.” You give him an apologetic smile, settling into the chair opposite him.

“Right, sorry – I hope she’s okay.” Dino’s taken aback by the fact that you ramble (if he wasn’t so nervous he’d find it cute).

“Yeah, no, she’s okay. She’s not sick or anything – just… needs some time off,” you answer, placing the files onto the table. “Please don’t tell anyone I said that. She’s not supposed to be taking time off. As a boss she’s supposed to be taking care of her family.” Your eyes widen a little. “Oh right, I don’t even know why I’m bothering to tell you this – you’re a boss of your own family. Of course you know what it’s like.”

Dino smiles, visibly relaxing in his seat because this flustered person is not at all what he’s expecting from you but he’ll gladly take it. “No, it’s okay. She should be allowed to take breaks.”

“Yeah, that’s what I tell her,” you chuckle, turning your attention to the files on the table. “Okay, so, you wanted to talk about the warehouses on the coast…? ” Lips are pursed as you look up at him.

He clears his throat, turning his gaze to his own files. “Uh, yeah. We’ve received some words of illegal operations happening inside and we’d like to investigate.”

Shit,” you murmur, rubbing your eyes. Your drop your hands, looking at the blond again. “Shit, I’m sorry for swearing – I just hang around a few people that swear a little too much.”

Dino only laughs, because he’s sure he knows exactly who you’re talking about. “Don’t worry about.” He’s laid-back throughout the meeting because it’s not so bad now that he’s met you in real life.


  • After he’s kept in contact with you after the meeting and has been dating you for a few months, he likes going through the rumours that the Mafia have made up about you just to see your reaction to them
  • “Your eyes are always bloodshot because you’ve killed so many people and are kept awake with the nightmares.”
  • “I… I binge TV shows until I’m too tired to stay awake. But then I have to get up early so I’m just always sleep deprived.”
  • “You’re quick to shoot because you have unresolved violent tendencies.”
  • “I get jumpy and people… scare me.”

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???? Wtf why are you so nice and awesome???? I love you??????? I'd die for you???????? Pls stop my heart can't take your perfectness!!!!

First of all, you are the nice and awesome one.
Second, I love you more ♥
Third, Do not die for me

You are the perfect one for going out of your way and making my day so much brighter! And I love and appreciate you for it!!

EDIT: What are you, nonnie??? An actual angel???

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would you ever do a gif tutorial?

of course!!! the main things you need are:

  • photoshop
  • patience
  • access to youtube and a video converter website OR other way you like to download videos 

everything is below the cut!! let’s get started!

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Live With Me

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Michelangelo (2014/16) x Reader

Notes: THANK YOU FOR BEING SO SWEET NONNIE ILY (you don’t bother me at all) <3 btw I’ve never been to New York so I don’t know the names of any streets pls don’t yell at me. and if i haven’t done a good job at writing mikey pls tell me my loves

Prompt: “Hello (: I don’t mean to bother you but I was just wondering could you write a Michelangelo x reader story were the reader lives alone and Mikey wants them to move in with him and the turtles? Please? Your amazing and I love your blog!” 

Word count: 718

Warnings: Swearing,

Disclaimer: I don’t own TMNT, and you belong to you <3

Living alone had its perks. You got to eat what you wanted, go to bed when you wanted, go out and come back whenever you wanted. You enjoyed it, but you lost the sense of family being alone.

You moved out to New York, and expected for things to be easy, because that’d how they seemed on TV and in movies. But it was the exact opposite. The rent was astronomical, you could sometimes hardly afford to eat and the neighbours were anything but friendly.

To help pay for bills, you’d gotten a part time job at a pizza place. That’s where you met your boyfriend, Mikey.

He’d ordered the strangest combination pizza, and as the new-be you had to be the one to deliver it. Apparently the boy’s regular deliverer, Kevin, was off sick that day.

All they told you was to wait on 39th street. He’d jumped out at you from nowhere, a giant grin on his face. Evidently, he scared the living day lights out of you, and you almost dropped the pizza, but you managed to grab it and compose yourself in no time. Hopefully he didn’t notice how shocked you were at his sudden appearance.

You remember he called you dudette, and that was honestly the cutest thing you’d heard. He’d given you a $5 tip, and asked for your name.

Kevin was now replaced. Take that, Kevin.

The more you saw him, the more you learnt about him. He was -quite clearly- a mutant turtle, and he told you about his brothers, and his dad, and how he was made into a mutant. Soon enough, you trusted him enough to give him your address.

He visited as often as he could, climbing up the fire escape of your apartment building and knocking on the window. It was 3 knocks, he’d told you. Mikey wanted you to feel as safe as possible with him.

One thing Mikey hated though was where you lived. It was a dangerous area, thugs everywhere. Not to mention, the apartment itself was horrible. Dingy, bad lighting, most of the walls were damp and the furniture already in the apartment was either broken or non-functional. Your stove didn’t even work properly, how were you meant to make him mac and cheese? You were his girlfriend and he needed you to be safe, and living in decent conditions.

“Dudette, you can’t live here, like this. It’s worse than the sewers!” you’d laughed at that, raising your eyebrow at him before walking over to him. He was sitting on a stool in your kitchen but he was still significantly taller than you. You wrapped your arms around his neck and kissed his chin (which was as far as you could reach on your tip toes).

“I’ll be fine Mikey, where would I even go anyway?” you giggled, resting your head on his plastron. It was almost like a light bulb went off in the young turtles head as he grinned at you.

“Come live with me, babe!” he jumped up, startling you. “You could bunk with me and Raph! Or Raph could go room with Leo or Donnie and me and you could share a room.” He grinned mischievously, winking at you as he wrapped his arms around your waist. “If you know what I mean…” He nuzzled his head in the crook of your neck; you were still laughing at his suggestion.

“Babe, I can’t just pack up and retreat to the sewers.” He lifted his head, pouting at you.

“Why not?”

“I- I-”

“Exactly, dudette, time to get packing!” With that, he disappeared into your room.

“Mikey!” You could already here him opening up all of your drawers

“Babe! Where’s your suitcase?”

Snow White and The Four Turtles

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Turtles (2014/16) x Sibling!Reader

Notes: THIS IS SUCH A COOL REQUEST, ily nonnie tnx for requesting <3 xx I was listening to Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day whilst writing this so feel free to listen to it too.

Prompt: “Can I request a 2014/16 turtles one where they stop some foot thugs from kidnapping a teenage girl? They find out it’s because she’s Eric Sacks daughter who ran away when she found out about his cruel experiments. They let her hide out with them and treat her like a little sister.”

Word count: 752

Warnings: Swearing, kidnap

Disclaimer: I don’t own TMNT, and you belong to you <3

Run, [Y/N]. Run and don’t look back. He’s not your father anymore. He’ll no longer hurt you.

You told this to yourself. Eric Sack’s was evil. He was the reason your mother died, and the reason that you spent your entire childhood isolated from other people.

Project Renaissance fell years ago, but he continued his testing on animals, and some times even humans.

You were completely clueless for years, until one day you worked into your darling father injecting an innocent girl in the neck with a pink solution. She died instantly. You listened to the screams. You watched the flat line. You saw the color drain from her face.

If you had to be homeless to escape the torture your father was doing to those innocent people and animals, so be it. You’d choose homelessness over inhumanity any day.

You were wondering the lonely streets by yourself, with little money and a lot less time on your hands. You needed to get to a group shelter or something; fast. The cold, New York winter was starting to get to your head.

That was the plan, but you ended up sitting outside a bar with an old coffee cup in front of you. If you had nuts, they would’ve been frozen off. It was close to 3AM, and sleep was overcoming you, but as soon as your head fell back to the wall, you heard skateboards and your bag was gone. You darted up, yelling at them before they were gone down the block. Helpless, alone and nothing to your name.

What were you going to do? You coiled in the corner of an alley, your head to your knees before you heard a gust of wind of your head. Shuddering, you looked up as a dark figure jumped down from the roof above, coming closer and closer. Then the one figure turned into two, and two turned into three. There had to be 7 in the end. You edged towards the wall, closer and closer as if it were going to help you.

“What’ve we got ‘ere then boys?” one of the men grinned. You assumed he was the ringleader. You moved you arms, brushing you fingers over the ground to find something, anything to help you. Glass? No. Plastic bag? No. Pipe? Perfect.

They edged closer to you, sneering and grumbling to themselves about how they could make good money out of you. Not today.

Standing, you narrowed your eyes at them. You looked like a deer in the headlights and they fed off it. They pounced at their prey, but you were faster and swung, hitting one of them in the side of the head whilst the others grabbed you. You screamed, struggling against them all.

No one could hear you, or that’s what you thought until you were tossed aside and the men were thrown around like trash.

That’s when you saw them; tall, strong and badass.

“Leo! Dinner!” you yelled from the kitchen, swirling around Mikey and setting the pot of spaghetti on the table. Since they found you, they took you in, instantly pitying you. But you thanked them for their generosity and kindness by making them dinner every night (other than take out pizza), and pretty much taking care of them. They helped you out a lot as well, but you needed things to do, so you took the opportunity to have a home.

It was like Snow White, except in this fairytale, you didn’t get your prince. You got a family. 

“I’m here, thanks [Y/N]!” grinning, the blue clad turtle sat next to Mikey, Raph already scoffing down a plate of the delicious spaghetti. Master Splinter was ever so grateful that you were helping with his sons, and the boys were just happy that they had a baby sister they could look after.

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Headcanon time! Grantaire and Combeferre have a very intense nerdy friendship. They've never admitted it to the rest of the group but they first met at a convention when they were 13 and have been close ever since. They are the best debate team and are reigning pub quiz champion. the only time they've fallen out is when R argued that he's in Hufflepuff and Ferre was like dude know, you're almost as Ravenclaw as me stfu you nerd. They didn't speak until R started wearing his Ravenclaw scarf


Also for your consideration: 

  • Combeferre and Grantaire who take game shows very seriously. R goes over to Ferre’s apartment to watch Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and they race against each other. *courfeyrac screaming in the distance*
  • Combeferre will not go to a night in without his trusty Trivial Pursuit set. The rest of the Amis won’t let the two of them be on the same team anymore - it’s basically cheating at this point - but drunk!R versus worked-up!Ferre in a game of trivia is also less than ideal. 
  • Grantaire betas Combeferre’s fanfiction, pass it on.
  • Slightly unrelated but this is something I’ve been meaning to talk about: Combeferre and Grantaire would definitely be on different sides of the Great Snape Debate. Like, it took them years after Deathly Hallows was released to stop getting into heated debates whenever that came up. (They both held each other and cried like babies during the “always” scene the first time they saw Part 2 though. Fucking nerds.)
  • Also how much do you want to bet it was a Star Trek convention?

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I'm super pale too with really dark hair specially on my arms but something I do is bleach them till they are brown so they won't be as noticeable. I mean it's my way of coping with it, but learning to love urself is a process, so don't feel bad bc u don't like your body rn, you'll do eventually! <3

i mean it was never that bad but i remember feeling self-conscious abt my leg hair when i was 8 years old and i wouldnt want to wear skirts and i started shaving my legs at 9 and i just. oml and my mum has always warned me off touching my arm hair and ik i’ll be able to love myself one day but goddamn. its difficult

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Okay so,,,, I have no idea How I started following u bc I have never watched a single episode of Danny phantom in my life and to go on my dash and/ see nothing but Danny phantom/ was a mf trip ngl and also ur a living shitpost and I lov u

i am crying real tears right now

please watch danny phantom the fandom for it is so nice and kind and we live off of angsty fanfics and headcannons

also u are so sweet nonny ily ahdhjfkgk

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"Why do chicken coops only have two doors? Because if they had four, they would be chicken sedans!" This isn't jack and this wasn't found by googling dad jokes.

Oh my goodness
I appreciate this dad joke, but it is not original. 5/10 on the dad joke scale.

PS: Ily regardless, nonny. Keep googling those dad jokes.

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I'm like white af so my arm and leg hair is more or less invisible (like, you can see it, but not really) and I just can't be bothered to shave it. I only recently (like, 6 moths ago maybe) started shaving my armpits, not because I wanted to, but because other people told me I needed to.

i feel you. like its that whole struggle bc ur allowed to do whatever you want with your bodyhair, but the question is like, if you want to remove it, would you still feel that way if societal norms hadnt told you it was normal?? and i’ll never know that and it kills me