ily you beth

oh hello my people, since i still am not sure how the queue feature works i’m not exactly sure when this will post

friendly reminder that i love you all

but i’ve had three specific people say they are gonna die while i’m gone

so here @queerenbian @violet-requiem @get-me-some-oranges

i love you lots i hope you are doing well. drink some water, grab something to eat, and yeah you should definitely get some sleep friendos. (i’m not even worried about emily in this department, but anna and arys on the other hand. SLEEP)

i will be back soon enough i love you lots, and i miss you people


August 27, 2015 - Fun Home

Sometimes you wait 45 minutes for a house manager to tell you that Beth Malone isn’t coming out.

Sometimes as you turn away she comes out anyway.

Sometimes she remembers you and gives you a big hug.

Sometimes you give her more art that leaves her speechless.

And sometimes she asks you to sign it and tells you to patent your signature.

get-me-some-oranges  asked:

Makki oh my gosh I love you a lot and I hope you have an amazing day

this is old but i’ve been a bit busy sORRY

yes hello anna you know who should be having a good day? yes it is not me but you

have a great day anna

even though it’s like ten o'clock for you

have a good night
and good day tomorrow
and the day after that etc. etc. 

also i love you a lot a lot