ily tre

hi i’m mahaa alternatively known as tumblr’s smol bean, gabs’s best friend, or the angry muslim larrie! so here is a gross edit that i made even tho i suck at photoshop so yeah here u go okay ! in the span of two months (late october-mid december idk is that two months or more who even knows!!) i have had an amazing following of 2k larries and co!! that’s so awesome i love you so much i never ever thought i’d gain that fast ho ho holy shit! this time between my last ff and this ff has been pretty crazy tbh? my favorite blogs followed me, i got my first anon hate over who i shipped, my religion, or even things as simply as what i liked and that was pretty scary to me at first cos i never thought that would happen to me? but anyway the important thing i wanted to say is next, to quote sof (yslboner) “so i am completely unbothered now im sick of this shit!! i Refuse to be bothered anymore” I really liked how she said this to me cos of all the hate larries were getting she’s right like, why let this stuff get to you? i’m glad i didn’t from here on cos it’s not worth giving people the ability to hurt u know! basically i hope i remember this for next year! here’s to an awesome 2016 for everyone!!!!!!! here i shall begin now also this is published early cos im gonna be in flo-rida

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