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This place isn’t a prison. There’s no release date. No parole. Some sweaty, over-weight creep asks you to go down on him to prove you’re fit to mingle with society… When you’re scared enough - or hurt enough - to be quiet, to be “good”… Then they’ll let you out. Or maybe they won’t. And nobody gives a damn.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, @picnokinesis!! :DDD (I know it’s no longer June 1st but shhhhhh)

Hhhh, I know how much you love axolotls, Ford, and the multiverse, so have Portal!Ford in a ‘verse that has giant axolotls roaming the land :’D 

Also, although you can’t see her feet, the largest one has five toes! So Ford is especially fascinated because he can relate a bit with the whole extra digit thing ahah

and have a short drabble under the cut! :D I have no idea what Ford’s personality is like, so I hope I did him some justice!

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jngkook-jpg  asked:

hi.. i just found you now.. and i love your art... and *sweats* youre so cool.. now the question (that youve probably have answered, apologies), when did you start making these, and drawing in general?

My dude my pal my friend I am not familiar with this term?? ? what is a cool? I am simply a lone potato trying to pay off my debts from buying wigs bc bangtan keeps snatching them

lmao but in all seriousness to answer your question: I started drawing bts properly in october last year I do believe?? I’ve loved drawing since I was a small bean but I only started drawing on a daily basis in like mid to late 2013 (and by daily I mean bringing a sketchbook to class everyday and drawing or even just doodling derpy memes in it) and I first started drawing with a graphics tablet in 2014. I did have a bit of experience with trying to do digital art with a mouse but would not recommend unless you have the patience of a saint lol

kaylabow  asked:

I found this blog and wtf???? It's cuTE not badly drawn ily

haha thank you so much!! :>>💕 compared to my actual art its pretty bad and i wasnt expecting this blog to get so much lOve :00 tHaNk you and im glad you like my stuff ;A;

Amongst The Leaves

This fic is for the modern witch au by Cat, whose birthday is today. Happy birthday Cat!! 

I’ve also already drawn art for this au here.

If you’re travelling - not going anywhere in particular, with no one to miss and no one to miss you - you might happen upon a curious forest. There, situated on the border of nowhere and in the valley of never-been, it rests in an eternal spring, never yielding to the annual happenings of the seasons and seemingly possessing a mind of its own.

Aoba Forest.

It owes its genesis, its very existence, to the accumulation of powerful magic from the stars, whereupon with an almighty feat of determination it pushed itself from the soil to reach with open arms towards the sunlight, ever growing, ever flourishing.

To an innocent onlooker, it may seem for all the world a normal forest, but you - you know better, don’t you? You might sense something is amiss, might notice the way the nebulous cloud of magic rests thick and tangible amongst the evergreen, holding in suspension dust motes and sparrows alike.

Here lives a witch - no family or material possessions to his name - who makes an unassuming life for himself amongst the trees. Borne of the celestial enchantment, he is tethered to the forest’s life force, a manifestation of its power in a human. He is more witch than human, however, living alone amongst the trees in untroubled isolation. Thus we come to a certain chapter in his life, nineteen years into his existence, where within his soul stirs an unfamiliar longing…

                                                        ❀ ❀ ❀

There he is again.

The one with the buds and shoots.

But no flowers.

Hanamaki eyes the mysterious figure from his vantage point in the trees, partially obscured by a curtain of viridian. The sections of trunk that he rests his slender hands upon are blooming, flowers burgeoning from where his green-stained fingertips clutch the rough bark. Absentmindedly, he lowers his face to his right hand and presses his nose into the sweet blossoms, chuckling quietly as the delicate petals uncurl at his touch, presenting their velvety complexions as yet more new blossoms push their way through the gaps between his long fingers.

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double-wind  asked:

I would totally buy ur tattoo artist drawings if i wasnt poor im shitting myself over them THEYRE SO GOOD JESUS CHRIST

bRUHHH THANK YOU AND ILY!!! I had so much fun with finishing Jungkook haha, I started Jimin like a month or two before jungkook and put off finishing it for so long that I’m glad it’s done now :^) (you can kinda tell that they were painted at different times if you look closely lol)


Rules: describe yourself using only photos you have. don’t search or download new photos!

I was tagged by my pal @aeedee !!!

I will add the rest of the people I will tag tomorrow as I need to go to bed and reset my sleep schedule,

So this is my first follow forever in celebration for this blog’s one year anniversary (which actually was yesterady, ofc im late haha)!! I want to thank everyone that followed me, sent me messages, asks and all that! I’m also very happy for all the lovely people I met through this site and all the amazing friends I made!!! Some of your are only very recent mutuals, some have been here for a long time and I just wanted to say I love all of you!!

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yrvell  asked:

Okay this is a bit out of the blue, but I need to get this off my chest. YoUR ArT?? Is aMaZIng?? I was admiring your recent pieces and it just hit me how in love i actually am with your style. It is so unique and so expressive?? And the colouring is always so stunning and vibrant. The way you do hair is also v cute (i LOVE your Chat Noirs especially ToE BeANs) just ahhh it looks beautiful in any brush you use (i'm really digging the pencil though) Your ocs are also ADORABLE please tell us more!!

i literally screamed when i saw this im not even kidding omgomgomgoggomgomgomogogog THANK YOU SO MUCH YOU DEAR I LOVE YOU,, SO MUCH AHHHHHHHHHH FVHAJKH im cr y in g thankyouthankyouthankyou >//<

also im seriously SO happy you like my ocs.. T-T here is a link to their story and their tag if you’d like to explore that haha :3 im so glad.. ily so much sjskdsjk

anonymous asked:

omg your art is always soooo good! How dare you make me feel that much?! ily btw

haha !!!! djdhfhfgfgddj this is sooooo so so so adorable and sweet and too kind on so many levels !!!!! And on top of it all it is heartwarming ! <3 I love you too sweet summer child ! Thank you for popping by with this lovely comment my dear Anon ! Oh and to answer the question ! I don’t know?? I’m innocent here? I didn’t do anything? *fat grin on* lol ^^ 

Have a lovely day my sweet Anon ! 

anonymous asked:

oh my god yes please draw more mckirk ;; it's not that popular so there's barely fanart and my gay ass suffers everyday so. thank you vv much ily

Haha you’re so very welcome, ily2!

I think it’s a good thing that I don’t have a particular OTP when it involves the triumvirate, so I’m happy to cater to you guys with Spirk, McKirk, Spones, and McSpirk <3