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[170921] Happy 25th birthday to EXO’s angel, Kim Jongdae 💚✨


b99 week // day 4
favorite peraltiago moment moments: all the “i love you’s”  


jihope for @velvethoseok​ (happy birthday!!)

This is a gift for cupcake @sabomuii! She’s the person who got me into MysMe, so I thought this would be fitting. Yoosung is probably one of her favorite characters in the game and sunflowers are beautiful, so this came out!!! I never drew flowers before but I hope it looks okay. ;v;


      Bex just gave a calm smile as if she’d known this moment was coming ever since the day the Blackthorne Boys walked through the front doors—like it was inevitable that the Gallagher Girls would eventually bring at least one of them to their knees.


Robron Awards 2017

Best “I Love You” 

The Inevitability of Our Story

Request: I was listening to Can’t Help Falling In Love by Elvis himself and I couldn’t help but think about Newt while listening to it idk its such a Newt song and then i thought of you and well, it sounds like a possible fic idea ;) ;) I know you have so many requests but i just wanted to put this out there, also to tell you that these kinds of songs remind me of Newt and then you and your amazing stories. Anyway, have a good day!

Word Count: 3,979

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Requested by @dont-give-a-bother but also tagging @red-roses-and-stories @caseoffics @myrtus-amongst-the-stars @ly–canthrope @thosefantasticbeast2 @benniesgalaxy @studyforthreehands @whatinbenaddiction

                                                  I. For

Newt’s quill scratches against the parchment and he mumbles words under his breath, reading over his manuscript. Thunder outside rumbles, raindrops thump against the glass panes, and you plod over to Newt, dropping into the open spot next to him. He hardly notices as your forearm brushes his lightly, or the way you hum softly before tapping the back of his hand.


“Yes?” He mumbles, eyes still scanning over his messy handwriting.

“Can I ask you something?”

“Yes?” The word is distracted, his attention only half on you. This manuscript is important. He’s almost finished editing his chapter on bowtruckles and other leafy beasts; best friend or not, he doesn’t want to pause his work until he gets through the last page of it.

“Why do mooncalves only emerge during full moons?”

He doesn’t look up from the parchment. “They have an affinity for it.”

“But why?” You question, resting your chin in one hand as you play with the leaf of a potted plant sitting on the table.

Newt glances up at you, wary. “You really want to know?”

You nod, lips puckered in confusion as the leaf turns a shade of blue.

His heart twists, chest warming as he sets down his quill, and Newt shifts, uncomfortable with the sudden change of his heart’s rhythm. “It’s only a theory right now.”

You meet his eyes and smile. “That’s all right. I’d still like to hear what you think.”

Newt tries to ignore the feeling in his chest. “Could it wait a couple of minutes? I’ve almost finished here.”

“I’ll wait.” You say it with another smile, reaching out to squeeze his arm gently.

Though he was unaware of it, Newt has been on the precipice of falling for quite some time. Only a lack of free time had prevented him from considering this, considering asking you on a date. It would really only take a gesture, a small nudge, to knock him off that cliff, to convince him to ask you out.

Your soft squeeze of his arm is that nudge.

He lifts his quill again, throat dry, fully prepared to edit more, but Newt can’t tear his eyes away from the gentle slope of your nose or the way you narrow your eyes at the color-changing leaf.

Three pages of the chapter still need to be edited, but Newt flips the notebook shut, taking a deep breath, praying the strange feeling will disappear after a good night’s rest. “The moon’s a signal to them.”

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Teachers: Simon in Every Episode

    ↳ 1x04

hi there, its qis here! i am so proud to announce and share with you all that i reached my first 1000 followers on this blog. its been a good year and yeah, its a slow feat but till this day, i cannot believe i have such wonderful people that follow this trashy ass blog to read my stories, reblog my shitposts and share my endless amount of love for 7 dorks✨. over this year, i met such extremely amazing friends and followers from all around this world, and i want to thank you all for sticking with me and this shitty blog of mine like srsly thank you so much i didnt think i would have made it this far 💕💕💕

also a big fat JUICY THANKS to all my favourite writers and artists who have given me so much inspirations and drive to reach to where i am right now. im just a struggling amateur writer still in search of her style but being surround by such amazing writers and stories, i have never been so secure:) once again, a big fat JUICIER THANKS to my followers for supporting me, and my friends and mutuals who have been such amazing sisters to me🙏🙏

thought i would do another follow forever hehe. summertae is a sideblog and i will just tag blogs who also followed my mainblog @dulcetdaisies 

bolded - mutuals
amazing high quality friends - ❤️
favourite writers / artists aka no.1 inspirations - ✨ (notice me senpai :3)
trashy hoez who thirst with me 24/7 / snapchat buddiezz - 💦

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To all my trans followers

I love you all, and I know dysphoria is shit and all that.
To all my chubby or feminine transmen: you are all the manliest bunch ever. I love you all. Most men don’t have sixpacks or log like bodies. You’re all handsome af
To all my stocky built transwomen: you all are beautiful and amazing. A lot of gorgeous woman have stocky or rock like builds and they’re all amazing!
To all my nonbinary followers and everything else: you’re amazing and stunning.
I love you all so much. The dysphoria will pass!!

kept {one}

What: BTS Fic
Genre: Angst + Implied Smut
Pairing: Jeon Jeongguk x Reader 
Words: 2.2k

Jeongguk and you grew up together and has had a huge crush on you since childhood. One night together changes the equation. The question is, is it a good change?

Suggested Listening: My Love - Majid Jordan

A/N: There is implied smut in this fic simply because I’m THE worst at writing smut but after much encouragement (and multiple draft checks) by the actual angel @taecup I decided to post this. I owe you a lot bb, thank you so much for always always encouraging me! Ily :3

“I’ve waited so long for this, I can’t believe it’s actually happening.” he said in a breathy tone, sitting patiently with his hands crossed and clasped tightly behind him, in the gold ornate chair of your hotel room.

“Did our little Gukkie really think of me that way? I’m flattered.” you twittered pleasantly from the bathroom. It wasn’t a lie, you were genuinely pleased that he wanted you this way, you had never known. 

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Playing video games with Peter Parker

From anonymous: for the Peter x reader thing: playing video games

Also requested by another Anon: For the hobby thing,, I viciously play video games and have a crazy obsession with them (ex. uncharted, assassin’s creed, dishonored etc.) and I love to draw and paint way too much so,,,, you got some options ;)) ily💞💞

  • Peter always gets sidetracked by the side quests
  • “Peter, focus, we can do those after we’re done with the story”
  • He also adds hilarious commentary that leaves you cackling, especially during boss fights, thanks to his Spidey side
  • Lots of taunting, joking around, and general goofiness
  • You can’t help but peak at his face every now and then, because he makes the cutest, funniest, and most dramatic facial expressions
  • And when he’s super focused he has this really intense look in his eyes
  • Wow
  • And when you both play against each other
  • Oooohh boy…
  • It’s on
  • The teasing and bickering that ensues
  • Omc
  • “I’m so gonna kick your butt”
  • “you wish”
  • When you win you do a little victory dance
  • He just rolls his eyes and mopes, but you know it’s just an act
  • Friendly competition and all that
  • “…best two out of three?”
  • More like best five out of nine
  • It’s super close, but he wins by the end
  • You pretend to act all bitter, but let’s be real, it’s hard to stay mad at him when he has that adorable smile on his face
  • And this just means that you’ll have to come back sometime and do it all over again with him so you can beat him…what a shame

Send me a hobby and I’ll come up with a few Peter Parker x reader headcanons about it


y’all didn’t think i was done celebrating 1000, did you? while i’m gonna get started on the blog rates tomorrowwwww, i’d thought i’d do a little follow forever to call out some of my very favorite people on here <3 this post is gonna be a little jank because i do not know how to do cute little formatting but here we go! 

to start, here’s a little more personal things for my absolute faves:

@eggo-wheeler oliver, p sure you were my first close mutual on here and ily so much, for always supporting my shitposts and answering my ridiculous questions and overall just putting up with me <3

@richietozivr ashlee ily even though i suck at conversation and i love seeing you in my notifications

@steves-ego LESLIE you’re the gal i went to screaming about my first date and the one i can talk to about steve in leg warmers god I LOVE YA


@clericwill you a rat but u cool ig (ilysm bree)

and here are some of my fave blogs, in no order! ily all!!

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(if i forgot anyone i’m so sorry)