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Here’s Babe all aged up !!! He’s so cute guys… im….. He inherited Rizky’s chub too!!! and i just… i wanna squeeze him like…. my life

I am superclose to my first hundred in here? Like… This is my mess of a sideblog I never hoped to get more than 10 tbh ily so much ❤❤❤

tag thing ((lmao i never know what to call them, some people dont do the titles? but i like how they look idk)

I was tagged by @phanielintheden @english-dan-up-in-space @share-our-flaws and @origamidragonsandfairylights thank you all so much ily!! (also i just realized theres a mix with the questions so im combining them all)

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Name: Julia

Nickname: dont have one

Gender: Female

Star sign: Sagittarius 

Height: 5′8″ (about 173cm)

Sexual orientation: bi

Hogwarts house: slytherin

Favorite color: all of the colors

Favorite animal: dogs (too easy)

Favorite fictional character: Barry B. Benson

Number of blankets I sleep with: 2 right now because its cold (it shouldnt be im mad)

Fav singer/band: its way to hard to pick because im open to most artists but my bastille boys will always have a special place in my heart

Dream trip:  the US/UK, or a trip all over any continent (basically anywhere) 

Dream job: lowkey something to do with music but realistically an architect 

When was your blog created: 19th February 2014 

Current number of followers:  1060 (ily all so much fuck)

What made you create a tumblr: i really loved bastille and i was sick of getting excited over them alone so i started on the day of the 2014 brits (the good days when they won what they deserved)(im not salty just salty)

Time right now: 7:56pm

Last tv show I watched: dont really watch tv shows

What im’ wearing right now: christmas pajama pants and an old tshirt 

Do i get asks regularly: ehh??

Why did I choose my URL: i wanted it to connect to bastille again (bc my last one didnt have anything to do with them, idk who i was trying to fool) and it just,, happened? i really dont have a good anwser

idk who to tag bc i got tagged by/i saw the people i would tag tagged so idk if you wanna do it i would love to get to know about you!


I got bored of feeling depressed, so I got to thinking… I wanted to get my love for skating back.” -Yuuri Katsuki 

Happy Birthday Nana ( @bokouto ) & Yuuri , my adorable bday twins°˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

for @ladyliberty7476 who wanted some more usnavi and sonny,, aka the worlds best cousins who love each other very very much