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Hello my beautiful and amazing friends! I recently hit 1k followers!!! (asdfghjklñ) and i wanted to do something special to thank you all for following me and being amazing♡♡♡ So brace yourself for my first tumblr awards! *yaaay*


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— you can enter till march 5th, 2017 and the winners will be announced in the following days
— if you have any questions feel free to ask me!

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i hit 600+ followers the other day, but i was in the middle of exams so i couldn’t do anything to celebrate. however, now that i am done, i can properly appreciate y’all. (i was gonna do a follow forever, but i feel awkward tagging people that don’t follow me.) anyway, thank you to everyone who follows me! i love you! 

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anonymous asked:

i started watching weightlifting fairy bc you recommended it and now i just finished it... ahhhh i feel kinda empty it was so goOD SO AMAZING AHHH i've run out of tears to cry bc i cried up to 3 times per episode for the last half of the season BUT watching it was the best decision i've made in such a long time. tbh i've fallen in love with so many things bc of you ally you are a BLESSING i'm so thankful to know you ahh words don't do it justice you are amazing and i love you ahhhhh

u did well my baby u did so well

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okie dokie, so since some want art and some want an amv, ill just have a giveaway where you can choose between the two :’D

and i believe im going to pick three winners for the giveaway: would you guys like for me to have an art/amv giveaway to celebrate? ;u;

also thank you guys…so much?? i just recently hit 15k followers and im just…i still can’t believe that you guys would follow such a silly gal like me with my weird little blog. ;u; thank you guys so much for all the support and being your lovely and beautiful selves! ill try to make a little giveaway post asap if people would like me to! :’D

To all my trans followers

I love you all, and I know dysphoria is shit and all that.
To all my chubby or feminine transmen: you are all the manliest bunch ever. I love you all. Most men don’t have sixpacks or log like bodies. You’re all handsome af
To all my stocky built transwomen: you all are beautiful and amazing. A lot of gorgeous woman have stocky or rock like builds and they’re all amazing!
To all my nonbinary followers and everything else: you’re amazing and stunning.
I love you all so much. The dysphoria will pass!!

I was tagged by @117mm to do this cute thing! (Please go check out their ultra cute/ rad blog!! c: )

rules: answer the 20 questions and tag 20 amazing followers you would like to get to know better!

  • name: Alisha (IDK if I even like my name lmao)
  • nickname: Princess/ Gordon Ramsey’s wifey/ Lish
  • zodiac sign: Libra!
  • height: like 5′8 or something?
  • orientation: Pan
  • ethnicity: Caribean/ British 
  • favorite fruit: Umm Apples!
  • favorite season: Autumn or Spring
  • favorite book series: The ‘Ugly’ series by Constance Brisco or ‘Noughts and Crosses’ by Malorie Blackman (both so good and emotional) and of course the classic ‘Harry Potter’ series
  • favorite flowers: Roses
  • favorite scent: The smell of freshly done laundry (it’s such a warm scent and reminds me of home ^–^ )
  • favorite color: Ummm pastel yellow or baby blue                     
  • favorite animal: Doggos
  • coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: Tea!
  • average sleep hours: I meannnn i barely sleep 5 hours or something 
  • cat or dog person: While I love cats to pieces Doggos will always have my heart <3
  • favorite fictional characters: Basically the whole cast/ all characters of ‘Yuri On Ice!’, Link from ‘The Legend of Zelda’, Tony from ‘13 reasons why’ and Magnus Bane from ‘Shadow Hunters’ 
  • number of blankets you sleep with: Literally depends on the temperature but usually 1 or 2
  • dream trip:  Korea, Japan or maybe Holland. Although really, I want to travel the world, like a road trip to somewhere unknown to me, 
  • blog created: I started using it like agesss ago maybe 2014-2015 and then abandoned it but now I’m back and more active than healthy lmao
  • number of followers: I just have like 590ish so yah! (I’m super grateful to all my followers and I love each and every one of you beans!) 

I tag these cuties! (I kinda literally tag anyone that wants to do this! ALSO! feel free not to do this if you’ve already done it! soz ! :* ) : @anklusmos @onsomehentaishit @fkadomo @lettherebellionbegin @trashy-punx @meimagino  @cactusemojiii @skapunkelf @sadfears @lovlorns @jiminsblackgf @plantichrist @monetpeachh @long-hair-dont–care @cheappeach @celestialjikook  @206eera @localsleepygirl