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If its alright with you, can perhaps do just a small kaisoo spam? like where they are 'subtle' (but not really hehehe) 😂 Thank you honey 💕

hi anon, yes ofc! hope u enjoy this one!

ahh yes my favourite moment… im seahoon judging him real hard

checking out jingo’s dingo ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

checking his ass out in the mirror….he thought he was being subtle

this whole jagi agenda was subtle in itself…jingo looked around before saying it 


can we talk about this, wHAT THE BANANA IS THIS 

ofc the d*ck touching…definitely cant forget about this one

hearts for ksoo!

confirmed kaisoo is that one couple in ur group of friends who like to play footsie and end up banging upstairs so u have no choice but to clean up and leave

when ur trying to be subtle but suck at it

ahh yes,, more eyef*cks from across the room

he took advantage of the choreo,, you cant tell me thats not both sneaky and genius!


watch this and be amazed by their foot tapping skills ;))

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Melchior Gabor insists that all colors of fruit snack taste the same then complains when he gets an all orange pack

“You’re just mad because you don’t like orange, Melchi.”
“Shut up.”


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You're my favorite blogger like I don't really pay attention to who shows up on my dash except you because you're super sweet and I've never seen you do anything negative, but I know you stand for good things and ily !!

you’re secretly in love with me, aren’t you