ily scotty

  • ATHENA: UH YEAH. that's my fucking issue buddy boy. we've been with him the longest you know what abandonment does to him?? wtf is going on with you scottie? like honestly. i think no one knows better than us what he can go through when put through what his mom fucking did to him.
  • ATHENA: listen. yeah he's not been the greatest friend lately I can admit that. But he's also detoxing, and trying to better himself, and finally get himself right. So he's gonna cling to family that isn't us, he's gonna cling to link. let him. let him do whatever the fuck he needs to do to clean up and get better because i can't find him like that again. i can't find him od-ing anymore i can't be afraid when he disappears that one of us is gonna have to search all his old haunts only to find him worse off than we ever have before.
  • ATHENA: let him do what he needs to do to get better then let him come to us when he's ready. he'll come to us when he's ready and that might not be on your god damn schedule. i'm sorry i'm just really shocked you of all people would leave his side when he needs you the most.

i know i’m bout to kill it
how you know, i got that feeling