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Okay ive been searching for this in tumblr for so long coz i found it in google somewhere. Only later to know that its not from tumblr at all. I decided to repost it .

I TAKE NO CREDIT. I JUST WANT TO SHARE THIS HEARTMELTING GIF MADE BY AN ANGEL (whoever takes credit of makin the gif) its the scene played backwards and it looks like Chloe is saying “I love you”.

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although weirdly enough out of all the people i can remember pete interacting with in the show, as far as i can tell, hes only taller than sonny and daniela,, which is weird to think about, he just seems really tall because he literally only stands by tiny tiny sonny

even so! he’s the perfect height,,

the perfect height difference for hugs and forehead kisses,, how lucky we all are

bangtan x twitter derp faces

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your collab with keilattes is the reason i'm alive

same, anon, s a m e. kei’s yuuri also saved my life so now we have motivation board #2