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saw your zendaya and tom being similar sizes post- im p sure zendaya is actually an inch or 2 taller than tom so. yeah. also i really really love your writing and have read all of your posted works! if you're working on another one i'm looking forward to it! you're a very good writer!

Are you suggesting MJ’s clothes would be BIG on Peter

You have that ‘help people’ gene. There’s this fire within you. I firmly believe that you’re going to save the world someday. At times, I worry like crazy. Even if I’m out with my friends, or at a game, or in the middle of a class, I’ve got one hand on my phone terrified I might get that call one day. The call that this time, you didn’t get lucky. And that used to terrify me, but now…I’m not afraid. What I’m trying to say is, I can’t imagine life – or the world – without you. And even though I might get that call someday, I’m not going to let fear hold me back. I love you Nancy. I love you so much.
—  This is why I live a Ned Nickerson Appreciation Life