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@catty-words replied to your post “things are bad and i wanna talk about it but that urge is why i…”

I feel like a shithead writing a reply here when I haven’t responded to your personal message yet but this is who I am as a person. Anyway! idk if this makes it better or worse, but seeing your angsty personal posts always made me happy??

I’m gonna explain

It’s just that. Even if I didn’t know what to say to you because you’re dealing with some really heavy shit it was soothing to know that you had an outlet. That all your pain was being processed and documented somewhere.

As someone who hasn’t really explored my own trauma…just kinda hides in my stable adult life and pretends nothing happened during my childhood…it really helps to see you grappling with what happened to you.

personally i think hiding in the stable adult life thing is an a+++ strategy but that’s probably because i’m six months deep into this weird mess and would rather be anywhere else as far as headspaces are concerned. i appreciate you saying this though? knowing that my tumblr yelling isn’t necessarily falling on deaf ears or whatever is comforting. kind of. like i’m heartbroken that you even have to feel this way because you’re an incredible human being who deserves the world imo (not unlike our own tara maclay) but. yeah. comforting is pretty much the only way i have to describe it. and proud? i’m having trouble even typing that but idk maybe i’m not handling things™ as poorly as i thought 


hello you guys :) i reached 1.1k followers in 7 months !!! that might not be a lot but for me thats more than enough :’) its actually been quite a while so i decided to not be a lazy butt and make a follow forever :D i haven’t been posting a lot during the last 2 weeks because of school but hey im here now? heh

i don’t think I ever got around to thanking all the amazing blogs i follow for filling my dash with such beautiful content i don’t think my blog won’t be like this if it wasn’t for you guys so i made a follow forever to show my appreciation :) all the amazing graphics im so envious of because how to edit srsly; the gifs and quality edits and many more. i love you all and your blogs are such blessings :’)

of course im gonna thank my all my beautiful followers :’) thank you for keeping up with my shitty blog and im glad that ya’ll stayed when i wasn’t posting much thanks for reblogging and liking my edits even though they ugly af i appreciate every single one of them srsly and i love you all <3

lastly, all my mutual why are ya’ll still following  me :( I LOVE YOU ALL THANK YOU FOR KEEPING UP WITH MY BLOG :“) also i really wanna talk to ya’ll but i’m really fucking shy >~< im sorry ill try harder 

ya’ll are such blessings to me i hope you have a nice day :) anyways idk how to end bc its my first time um so yea okay yea bye 

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