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Yesterday I hit 1k followers, which is so mindblowing for me, because I run this blog for only 7 months and I never thought that I will gain that many, but here we are!I appreciate and love all of you so so much, for sticking around with me for that long, it means a lot!!

So, I decided to make a follow forever, where I will basically tag some really nice people which I love and appreciate, to say thanks!

I can’t tag all my mutuals bc it would have been huge, sorry, but if I am following you and you are not here ily ♡

Also, my loves @therealjacksepticeye , @danisnotonfire , @amazingphil

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ok i got to 1k followers!? ily all so much and thank you for following me but i have a debate tournament this weekend and very little time so i think i’m gonna do something next weekend. i’m really sorry about this, it’s just i don’t have any time but iLY ALL AND THANK YOU FOR FOLLOWING ME <3 <3 <3

anonymous asked:

What are some good blogs to follow? I'm new to the "fandom"

hi!! i’ll list some of my mutuals/favorites!!

@ibetitwasharry @woopsielarry
@fondtweets @goldboothaz @liltinylouis @babygateisending @organicstunts @moanystyles @blue-louis @shadyshit91 @larryalbum @fluffyau @louisea @galaxieslouis @knightchanges @genlouenlybelieve @buddieliam @jimmytfallon @happilylouis @princesslouis @oliveyu @lads-laddylads @notheartbrokens @merrieharrie @scintillantstyles @olivemel @adidaspaceboy @thearmyofbees @ifhecouldflyhome and @peachbootylouis


so ive somehow managed to hit 2.6k followers and??? im really not sure how but like thankyou?? like i hit 2.5k like a month ago and now here i am and thankyou all for following what ever my blog is, whether u followed me in my youtube phase and are still around or you follow me for the fandoms i post now and honestly i love each and every one of you, mutual or not

first im gonna compliment my faves bc honestly idk what id do without u guys, im not good with compliments but i honestly love each and every one of you, whether we speak now, or have spoken and stopped

@adxredelano: honestly i was wondering whether or not to put u in this bc when i get back to uni youll probably rip the shit out of me for it but im in a soppy mood so here you are (also if i didnt put you in this and u saw it youd probably complain so i cant win with u) but ilysm which u know and im still not tired of living with u most of the time but ur the best and im glad ur in my life thanks for putting up with me (i have no idea how you do)

@skeletordidntdieforthis: ahh!!! im so glad weve become friends and were talking although im terrible at replying and im sorry and i hope u forgive me but honestly youre so lovely and sweet and out convos lighten up my day thankyou for being my friend and ily

@magnificentbane: meg!!! honestly your blog is one of my favourites and im still shook we’re mutuals but its ok im getting used to it, and honestly we need to talk more because the convos weve had have been so good and your so nice and ilysm

@jacesimon: again marta i love your blog so much and im so happy we’re talking even tho im the worst at replying bc your so funny and nice and sweet and kind and ily and thankyou for taking the time to come and talk to me

@softpinkjace: wrye!! you know ily and even though we dont really talk (which should change) im so glad that we’re mutuals bc ur blog is one of my faves and constantly reminds me how soft jace is which makes it even better!! ty for being so great

@quitemagicalbane: thess idk how i became mutuals with u but im still Shook™ and i was even more Shook™ when u followed me on twitter but im cool now i swear im cool but honestly ur twitter and tumblr gives me life and im so glad we’re in a gc now so we can talk bc ur honestly lovely 

@carrotcakemagnus: alex!!! even though i joke about loving u, i still do u gotta know that, and i say i hate ur puns but ur puns made me smile through toria blocking me, so it was worth it, and honestly ur so cute and kind and im so happy i know you

@thehighwarlock: alina i gotta mention you here because even though we dont talk much ur still one of my friends on here and i still love u sm and im glad we’re friends

@fewlw: alec!! you know i love you and ur blog so much like im still shocked and glad we’re mutuals like ty for thinking my trash blog is worthy but u did and im glad and ily

im gonna stop here even though i could compliment like 584845 of you, follow forever under the cut!

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