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The gleaming stars all about the shining moon
Hide their bright faces, when full-orbed and splendid
In the sky she floats, flooding the shadowed earth
with clear silver light.

birthday moodboard for the one and only @eveninglesbian

your-everyday-college-kid  asked:

I've been super depressed lately so have some cute Klance instead of Klangst. Imagine Lance staring out into space, humming a soft, country song that he can't help but get stuck in his head once he found out Keith is from Texas (whether it's canon or not idc). Keith sneaks up behind him and wraps his arms around him from behind and starts swaying gently. Soon Lance settles against him and starts singing louder and Keith joins in and soon they're dancing all around the commons area, smiling.

But can you imagine how cute that would be!! They are dancing in the stars singing songs with each other, they wouldn’t have a care in the world. For once they wouldn’t be stressed about saving the universe or whether or not they have to fight the Galra. They could focus on themselves and eachother <3 

Sorry I kinda fell in love with this! You have a beautiful imagination!

Also I’m sorry to hear about you being depressed. Feel free to rant to me or just DM me I’m always here no matter what <33333 Stay safe & strong 

                   did you know that these people are the actual lights of my life????? 10/10, would abscond to a desert wasteland & live in solitude for 20 years for, a ++++++ human beans all of them:    @tachiisms @amavitab @demandpeace @shiicn @solemnduty @lagaudiiere @lakemyth @jediscariot @titansbled @jedichosen @vesvolk @whiskyd @properlycool @planetfelt @sepulchrebound @vodked @liquoreds @kohra @sunshinemade @timefather idk there are more there are more xoxo 

     & like … there are a whole bunch of you who are ??? literally the bee’s knees & i love seeing you on the dash & i love writing & plotting w/ you. you are all treasures. you are all so incredible & creative. you are beautiful corners of creation & i am blessed & honored to live in a world that contains you.