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let’s play hannibal or pushing daisies!

  • the Main Guy really likes to cook. like really likes to
  • his kinda love interest slash other main character (now known as The Brunette) likes dogs
  • there’s an african american Detective Guy who just wants to do his job and is involved somehow with Gina Torres
  • the Sassy Blonde character 
    • bonus points if the Main Guy, The Brunette, and the Sassy Blonde are in a weird kind of love triangle
  • Bees? BEES.
    • bees as an accessory to murder 
  • Ellen Greene
  • Female Horse Jockeys
  • ~aesthetic~ color palette 
  • Raul Esparza
  • Many great shots of food
    • but you’re going to be thinking of dead things when you look at the food #sorrynotsorry
  • Ridiculous, elaborate murders

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what do you think about mollygram

Erm. Ahem. I’m in dangerous waters in that respect as I’ve been on the receiving end of a lot of hate in the past due to my apparently offensive views on Molly x Will. (Idek why man. I love Molly. She’s an angel who didn’t deserve all the shit that was thrown at her.)
Nevertheless, I have no polite way of putting it.

Would the fact that I didn’t buy it from the get go be received with a loving reception? Probably not. But I have a long list of justifactions so make yourself comfy dear anon.

It was painfully obvious that Will was somewhat unfamilar albeit uncomfortable with the prospect of domesticity. He is awkward as opposed to comfortable in his new familial unit. He even stated as much back in Ceuf. ‘There’s something so foreign about family. It’s like an ill-fitting suit. I never connected to the concept.’

There is a kind of emotional divide between him and Molly; Molly is chipper and adorable. Will is brooding and grumpy. Apart from when Molly makes him laugh whilst they discuss dogs. Like seriously. The only time we see Will Graham laugh in a domestic situation is when they’re talking about dogs. Watch it, I’m not wrong is2g.

There is also an edge to the way he says ‘yeah, his father was’ when Jack comments on the fact that Walter would grow up to be taller than Will. That doesn’t translate as being step-dad of the year tbh.

I also it interesting that the first time Will tries to call Molly when he takes the Tooth Fairy case, she doesn’t answer.That to me, signified that she wasn’t his anchor. She could never hope to provide the stability he needed in that respect. His mindset immediately interlocked with both Hannibal and Dolarhyde’s and made him regress back to the man he was before he met Molly; the man he arguably used a family to hide from. Molly couldn’t bring him back out of that. Not this time. Of course she would be unaware of this because she had been there with Will through a difficult time post-break up with his cannibalistic boyfriend. She’s a good egg. Ily Molly.

Then there’s the fact that Will doesn’t make a habit of touching Molly. Like. At all. The most we see him do is lean back against her when she has her head on his shoulder. Even when she’s shot in the shoulder, he touches the pillowcase beside her head. Will, that is not how you comfort a woman.

He never says he loves her. When Molly says 'You’re a very sweet man. I love you and I miss you,’ Will responds with 'Goodnight Molly.’ Woooow. Cold af Graham.

Oh and there’s the small matter of him LITERALLY FANTASISING ABOUT KILLING HER. LIKE SERIOUSLY? Husband of the fucking year amiright? Yes, it’s true that Will used to fantasise about killing Hannibal but Hannibal is a bag of dicks and probably deserved it. Well. Not really. Kind of. Idek. Molly is precious and he literally dreamt about Dolarhyde-ing her and allllll the implications that come with that.

Oh yeah and he never denies it when Hannibal makes jibes about Will using Molly as a means to hide from himself. Nor does he stay angry at Hannibal when he LITERALLY ORCHESTRATED THE ATTACK ON MOLLY AND WALTER. He confronts Hannibal then becomes all desperate and sad and starts to buckle when Hannibal talks about Will craving change and dishes out some literary metaphor about two hearts dwelling in his breast. Idk. Will is inconsistent.

To conclude, no I didn’t buy Mollygram and that won’t change. It has nothing to do with the fact that I ship Hannigram like fedex bc as we all know, that relationship is fucked. I wanted to believe in Mollygram. I did. But then the truth hit me like an angry bastard and I kinda had to accept that Will is a bellend who deserves to be thrown in the bag of dicks with Hannibal (ily Will). Molly deserved better. She really did. I believe Will loved her but more in a platonic sense, despite the fact they were married if ya get me? Anyhoo, as I say. I don’t make a habit of writing about this bc people tend to get on my ass about it. Apologies to anyone who was pro-Mollygram.






The Hannibal fandom extends a cordial invitation toALL THE FANDOMSin Tumblr to join us for dinner.

Our beloved show is currentlystruggling with ratings, and as you all understand, that can be quite a sticky situation to be in if you want to have a show you love renewed for another season. 

So here we are, asking you people to help us help Will Graham and get the show going for many more seasons. We would be more than thrilled to have more people to share thisintelligent,elegantandutterly superbshow with, as well as the madness of our fandom.

Watch Hannibal Friday at 10/9c on NBC.

I think “helpushelpwillgraham” just became the tag for this

I know this is a Benedict blog, but this is important to me. This isn’t a “hey turn on our tv show to insult Bieber fans.” This is a legit plee. I understand that the show is gory and trigger-some to people. If you have recording ways on cable or dish, just hit record. It counts as a view. You can delete it right after! No need to even see it! Please, if you can, do this for us!

hey guys! so supernatural had hella rad graphics for their ”everybody watch this shit” campaign, so i decided to join in and make one too :)