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Carrie Fisher on So Graham Norton

They had a shampoo of me where you can twist my head off and pour liquid out of my neck. It said, “Lather up with Leia and you’ll feel like a princess yourself.“ 






The Hannibal fandom extends a cordial invitation toALL THE FANDOMSin Tumblr to join us for dinner.

Our beloved show is currentlystruggling with ratings, and as you all understand, that can be quite a sticky situation to be in if you want to have a show you love renewed for another season. 

So here we are, asking you people to help us help Will Graham and get the show going for many more seasons. We would be more than thrilled to have more people to share thisintelligent,elegantandutterly superbshow with, as well as the madness of our fandom.

Watch Hannibal Friday at 10/9c on NBC.

I think “helpushelpwillgraham” just became the tag for this

I know this is a Benedict blog, but this is important to me. This isn’t a “hey turn on our tv show to insult Bieber fans.” This is a legit plee. I understand that the show is gory and trigger-some to people. If you have recording ways on cable or dish, just hit record. It counts as a view. You can delete it right after! No need to even see it! Please, if you can, do this for us!

hey guys! so supernatural had hella rad graphics for their ”everybody watch this shit” campaign, so i decided to join in and make one too :)