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i’ve had my blog for over a year and i’ve never done a follow forever before so i thought i’d do one before the year ends!! thanks for making my dash wonderful (bolded are absolute faves) ♡


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hello there!! in honor of the holidays and my blog’s 4th (!!!) anniversary, i’m finally making my first follow forever!! :’’’) i’m not quite sure what to say but thank you to everyone included in this, whether we’re mutuals, or not or whether we talk or not. thank you for making my time running this blog wonderful and enjoyable!! i love seeing each one of you on my dash and i hope 2017 treats you all well!! happy new year everyone!!

also, if tumblr does the thing and this messes up your notifications, i sincerely apologize :( i’m also sorry if i forgot anyone!! you can find everyone i follow on my blogroll

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hi, it’s moNICA (prev. jinkooks) it’s been a while although i’m always on and off with tumblr (sorry, been busy a lot ;-;), but anyways i’m trying my best to keep my blog going c: as i came back from a hiatus i reached a ton of wonderful followers thank you soo much. i was bored so i thought of doing a follower forever for my 29k hit and to a new year! here are some beautiful blogs i appreciate thanks for making my dash entertaining

introducing mutuals first! ily guys and if you’ve been with me forever ily even more (a bold to we talk here and there/whom i’m close too/we’ve been following each other for a very long time/i missed you during my hiatus)

(listed randomly in no particular order)

@sugmon // @bang-tan // @yoongiwara // @namjoon // @sunbaejin // @bwiyomi //@baebsaes // @jjks // @jibeom // @hobilu // @flowerkook // @theking-or-thekid // @jinships // @yooingi // @namoster // @cypherkookie // @jgguks // @kookie-time // @bts0715 // @jpgkook // @jeonjjeoro // @sugutie //@jimint // @jiguk // @forjimin // @syubbie // @jungkooz // @jincook // @jjungkook // @vikooks // @sijivi // @j-my-hope // @joonmai // @gukmin // @minpuffs // @junghosyub // @eatjin // @justonetae // @vmiin // @syubmin // @taettoo // @syubtae // @snowmons // @hhobi // @seokjohn // @oh-jhope // @jhopies // @siganeul // @vlientae // @taernado // @barkzimin // @mxknae // @beanzino 

amazeballs blogs that i also love! 

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PJO Headcanon #26

Suggested by @what-syourdamage 

Most of the camp has ultimate free reign on pranking because the Stolls will get blamed for everything. (And to some extent the Hermes cabin). Everybody at camp will blame them and the Stolls never refute it as it’s good for their cred, and everybody will instantly blame the Hermes cabin as they don’t want it getting out maybe the Stolls don’t have the ability to pull of six pranks at once and there might be some other people to blame.

So dilaurnts just reached 1k. Thanks to everyone who made this possible. To celebrate this, I decided to make a follow forever. Since this is a secondary blog every blog that is going to be mentioned is followed by playedsymphonies, my main blog. (These are only PLL blogs).

addictedtoprettylittleliars, alisonddilaurentis, alwayslittleliars, ariahastngs, cecesdrakes, countryhale, dailypll, emilyandali, emisonisforever, ezrafitzgerld.

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Thanks again, and sorry if I missed anyone, I love y'all. :)


Wow! I never thought I would get over 9k in followers! You guys are amazing! I wanted to show you all the wonderful blogs/people that I follow. I have made so many new friends on here, it’s been so wonderful. I want to thank everyone I follow and everyone who follows me! Go follow these lovely people, you won’t be disappointed :D

@luna-lucis-caelum @play-read-write @xhoneychiix @ask-zack-and-cloud @ekurehru @3ladyinred3 @noctis-ouji @verryfinny @baeraiders @lightaga @cabendish @zacksoldiers @linlockheart @noelsbooty @kyoosuke @lightning-nyx @0kamii @gladiolvs @goddess-amaterasu @cactuarqueen @mickeyblades @our-final-heaven @summoneryunie @houseofleaves- @datamarluxia @atelierevzimus @bhujerbaa @lureofthesea @obsessionisthenewblack @denofwoe @theoneprecioustome @swordingering @time-and-relative-dimensions @skyphoi @auxiliums @lunar–fairy @xaeas @talesofalibrarytech @ziodynes @lexandar @magistera @junes-boy @caerberus @eikichimishinas @xoctins @randomly-placed-herbs @imstillyourzelda @s0tc @lesbianneptune @prince-lightofthenight @faroresmemory @sassy-zoroark @kricketoons @onthegreatsea @rupees @duscae @finalfantasy-x @star-gayzing @thestonemask @crazy-chocobo @sexy-zexy @ffuckboyz @charliequeen-ofmoons @serah-chan @justwhistleillcomerunning @vanillestruth @senuaa @doubledeity @re2make @yunabraskas @booru-booru @inalenkowethrust @laracrofts @stillyourzelda @noctis-x-lightning @chitose-the-warrior @acidicgummybear @shuyiin @ssasakii @zerione @caged–canary @just-use-a-phoenix-down @crystamined @lovely-vanille @sionbarzahd @miikasaas @asuunaa @darkpathos

“I kid you not, some girl was outside my window last night trying to serenade me. She was literally out there singing Justin Bieber so loud until Campus Police came over and tackled her to the ground – like full on NFL tackle, the dude should’ve been on the Miami Dolphins, I swear to god. I’ve never been more worried about someone in my life, but all I could do was just lock my window and pretend I didn’t see anything. I still feel a little bad for the poor girl, I’m not gonna lie.”

Alright alright alright, im a whole year late in doing this ;). I’ve actually been avoiding to do a follow forever since forever ;) yolo. But, now that I really have to I will. God I hate doing this ‘cause then I have to see if they are still my mutuals or not or if they unfollowed and all kinds of mumbo-jumbo but alright. LETS DO DIS. This is a really special one as this year was the craziest and if you’re in this that means 💅🏽 I REALLY REALLY must like you. IF YOU ARE BOLDED YOU GUYS MUST BE LIKE THE BOMBEST BOMB OF ALL BOMBS EVEN IF I GET AWKWARD WITH YOU AND DONT TALK TO YOU FOR AGES I STILL FEEL LIKE YOU’RE THE BOMB. 🔥🌴

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okay so i think it’s safe to say that we all know what a forever starter call entails, but in case you aren’t aware, here’s a rundown of what it involves w me:

1. i tag you in random starters bc i wanna have fun w you
2. i send in meme’s to you hella bc bae
3. i tag you in wishlist things so we can do stuffs that would be perf for our muses
4. p much anything else i can think of given the specific time and place of my brain c:

so like this post so i can do any/all of those things w you! there’s a big chance i won’t be able to get to everyone w this starter call, but i’m going to try SO FCKN HARD to involve as many people as i can as time goes on. so again, LIKE THIS POST IF YOU’RE WILLING TO PARTAKE IN SUCH ACTIVITIES W ME AS THOSE LISTED ABOVE!! ♥ ( art cred )

i haven’t done a follow forever at all so i decided the last day was good to do one!


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