ily forever guys

i hit 200 followers??? my old account got deleted last year and i started using this in january,,, and i finally made it to 200?????? i know it isn’t that much of a big deal but it means a lot guys thank you sosososo much. i decided to do a ff to spread the love to my amazing mutuals which i love a lot. (my fav blogs and/or close friends are bolded,, if you aren’t bolded still know that i love you lots,, (also if i missed any of you and we’re mutuals let me know,, you’re then allowed to deck me in the face) (also ignore this crappy banner lololol)


@adorablephilly @agastopiaphan @almost-maddy @angelusautemdomini @backroadimpala @baskerviile  @blazing-eyes @boncasphan @bookishlester @bork-borf-boof-heck @bubblegumdan @brightsidedan  @camiilaxo @celestialesters @clarabears  @cloudyphilip @cursivehowell @cultlester @dansblobfish @danisnotatoaster @devilester  @deepspacehowell @diregays @druzsinniki @dunspirational @eli-howlter @energeticwarrior  @ethereal-artem @everytimeiopenmyeyes


@fading-lxghts @falling-howlter @flowercrownsandgalaxys @galaxylestrr @gaykery @gem-howell @giraffehowell @halcyonhowelll @hearcomesthesunflower @ifyoucouldnotthatwouldbegreat @iuminouslester @justaweirdowithspooks


@lala-phan @lavenderlacelester @lesterdreams @lesters-grace @lesterslovebite @livingoutload @lullabyepml @luminousphil @lyssa-xp @macaronidan @maries-hobi @moondans @mynameendswithlie @ninnynun @obscurehowell @ohitskatyy @peachiekidlester @phans-anime-shelf @philledwithpuns @philop @philtea @princephil @peculiar-pan @ndbrt6


@rainbowshowell @rhapsodichowell @rosequartzlester @shibainupml @shutupsam @slauvian @smol-beans-world @sofharris @softrosehowell @starryvinyls @squidyphan @sunkissedlester @takeachillphill @tala-sa-karagatan @tbpphan @thebookofmadison @theinternetishere @tinysuzy @toomanyshipsxx @willowponderosa @yikesimsam

Hey babes! Sooo I reached 400 followers yesterday! Thank you so incredibly much! I don’t even understand how it happened so fast but I’m grateful for anyone who comes to my blog to cheer them up or make them smile. :) I care about you guys a whole lot, and even though I said I wasn’t going to do another ff, I caved and made another bc I’m too lazy to do blog rates xD 

Also, huge thanks to you babes for liking my fics, moodboard, and my music I post on here as well as sending in lovely asks <3 Literally your support and love keeps me going and makes my days brighter, and ilysm!! 💕💕

So, for this one (because the other one was a fail) I’m not going alphabetical, and I’m gonna make sure you’re all tagged this time! (big shout out to @placebophan for helping me with that! ;)) Just tagging my mutuals I see a lot as well as interact with! My besties are bolded, and my pals are italicized 🌸

edit: I’m gonna be replying to some reblogs, so blacklist ashleysfollowforever if you don’t want this on your dash! :) 

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1k Follow Forever

(or ‘quick do a follow forever before you lose a few and drop below 1k!’)

This is in no particular order, it’s just a collection of precious beans who like my stuff or whose stuff I love who I want to highlight. There are a few times it’s the same people with different blogs, but that’s intentional because both their blogs are great. Ok here goes!

@chronowix @mcnuggyy @ask-angrysadandtired @waxversic @whataterrificaudience @chibishadowkitten @civilwhore @sarahs-shadow @domi-chan101 @chibishadowkitten @spaceepigeon @p-aurisan @princessunusuality @leslie-shut-your-fucking-piehole @break-the-frozenheart @theongreyjoysassfullofheroin @sawyer-is-unisex @lilac-shadxws @stendy-an-angel @creekycoffee @tigerlionjaguar14 @mysteriouslymysterion @lgbtqiapositivity @yourgrandmasboxofbranflakes @bi-gumball @passthebleachplz @catpickles-explosion @rhirhidamiengurl666 @captorofsin21 @true-lab @ugh-middle @definke @eatmypokemonshorts @therd101person @chainsawdeathscythe @all-small-mimi @pinkargylesweater @soorup @allmagic-comes-with-a-price @cakelikeowen @ginger-psychic-in-denial @ginger-psychics-ooc-blog @quietmountaintown @gravityfallscrossovers @killthemwithkyman @yung-cloe @ouranonymous @avatar-crystal-gemini @sadistic-fandom-shit @evablue41 @auxiliary-love @tweekandcraigaregay @jw141 @pipsoft @spiderz @thebuttercupprincess @mr-universe99 @craig-fucking-ttucker @area12 @cheylouwho @prosti-noot

Hello, loves ❣ I’m year again for third consecutive follow forever because somehow, by the ridiculous grace of the universe, I have reached 2k+ followers?? Which is a number I’d never even?? thought about reaching?? why are you all following me??? I have no idea but ily beebs

I suck with words and expressing myself so let’s skip all the mushy thank you and ilys and just get on with it ✌

  • Bold - mutual babes aka a must follow
  • Italics - plz be my friend babes aka i admire from afar
  • Bold italics - how tf are we mutuals i’m not worthy at all
  • ♡ - extra specials

A - B

@at1stsoo // @babyminseok // @baek-a-licious♡ // @baekon-laytuce-tomatao // @bbhsthighs // @behkhoon♡ // @bffsoo // @bigspoonkyungsoo // @blondejongin // @bloomingkai // @blowchanyeolsflute

C - D

@chanyeolcide♡ // @chanyeollipop​​♡ // @darklordkyungsoo // @delusoonal // @dika-dika​ // @dokaixing♡ // @dolchen-gabbana // @dorkdo♡ // @duckhymne // @dyodorant♡ // @dyoful

E - F

@elluts// @ethereal-baek// @exodus-lawliet​ // @fallforkadi​ // @flawlessohsehun

G - H

@getlayd // @glorious-soobooty

I - J

@imgonnasooyou// @jongbaee // @jonginssoo // @jongsooyah

K - L

@kaidoscopes // @kaisooology // @kingdyomhearts // @kp-optimistic // @ksooslipring // @kyungception // @kyungsoosjigglynalgas // @letoutthechanyeol // @littlebyuns // @livinka-n-diland // @lovemeleft​ // @luhans-jawline

M - N


Q - R


S - T

@sehunicorne​♡ // @sehunnified♡ // @sehuntiful // @smhsehun♡ // @soofection // @squishyssoo // @starlightkai// @staygoldenbunnyboy // @strongastitanium♡ // @stunningsoo♡ // @t-okiio // @top-soo // @twowishestomany​​

U - V

@unbleachedkai​​ // @vitunkpoppi​​

W - X

@wannatouchmagoodgood// @whatiskanye

Y - Z

@yeollovemebaek​​ // @yixingsosweet​​ // @yuhi-dusk​ // @zeprimadonuts

fy- blogs

@fy-kadi​ // @fy-kimkai​ // @fybaekhyun​ // @fychenbaekxi​ // @fydk-translations​ // @fydokyungsoo​ // @fyeahkyungsoo​ // @fykaisoo

byernx follow forever!

So guys, recently I’ve reached 500 followers here and then I decided to do a follow forever! Here are my favorite blogs in no particular order :)

@beabets @neullersfcb @morning-condemnation @mesvtozil @satansfavouritegirl @satan-dowski @satanic-horsemen @robertsatandowski09 @kimmearth @kimmichoursaviour @miasangianluca @mullendowskix @bavarian-pretzel @teatimewithniall @lewassdowski @bornindeutschland19 @goldsuite @basthiago @diemannschaftofficial @loriskariius21 @loriskarius @mgoetzinho @bavaern @acercrea @fcbastithomas12 @aussenrist15 @miasanidiots @soycosmeefulanito @graanitxhaka @robertlewandwski @miasanmadridista @bellerxn @draxlerr @abcde-fc @neuerswalls @baaaayern @bavarianstar @mrtslv @thomas-muller @satannite @robinholding @thomassholemuller

Well, it’s a short list but if you are here it means I really enjoy seeing you in my dashboard or talking to you, you guys really make my days better! Thank you very much! <3 (sorry if I forgot someone :( )

(and sorry if I wrote something wrong)

i hit 600+ followers the other day, but i was in the middle of exams so i couldn’t do anything to celebrate. however, now that i am done, i can properly appreciate y’all. (i was gonna do a follow forever, but i feel awkward tagging people that don’t follow me.) anyway, thank you to everyone who follows me! i love you! 

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with the end of the year approaching (thank god), it’s simultaneously time to thank all the beautiful people who make my dash the prettiest every single day. a big thank you for still sticking with me, for making my dashboard the way it is and for just…being you! i guess it’s safe to say that this year was pretty tough, but we all remained tougher than we ever did before. so please, keep going no matter what. you deserve the world. i wish you all a much, much, MUCH better 2017 with lots of new opportunities, beginnings and chances. ♡

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first follow forever!

heeeey guys! in celebration of kang hyunggu’s aka kino’s birthday and me reaching 600+ followers in a month, i’m doing a smol follow forever for all of my lovely mutuals ^^

(im rly sorry abt that header i cant do edits or graphics lmaoo i can only meme i deadass made this on snapchat rip T_T) 

i did a follow forever on my main kpop blog, @jeondarling, a year ago, and in it i included a small story on how i got into kpop haha so i thought itd be a good idea to include a small one here too! 

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Hi everyone, so i finally decided to make my 3rd follow forever since i hit +2k followers few weeks ago and the fact im spending my 5th year on this website. First of all i wanna say that there’s so many beautiful individuals who make my dash so colorful whether you’re a mutual or not. I’ve met so many wonderful people through stanning the groups and things i like especially my fellow shawols whom i love seeing on my dash and complimenting all my work, this is a small thank you message to my followers and to the people i follow~!

Almost 95% of the people listed below are mutuals with me and the rest are people i really like seeing on my dash and if we’re mutuals and i forgot to add your url im really sorry bc i tried to include every single one of you guys!

@jonghyunn ❤❤ | @onlyme264❤❤ | @jinki-and-his-bitches | @hey-meenho | @jong-fetti | @taebadam | @kibuttcheek5 | @zangetsuh | @sataeminism | @acelululala | @jjongsong | @leetaee | @sunsoosoo | @seokwifey | @fy-ltm | @taeskey | @kibummys@taerrorize | @kpoplovinsquintern | @greasylocket @happyshawol | @jinkijunky | @praise-jjongsus

@jjagiyah | @wangkookie | @shawolgrl | @herewegobebe | @oneews | @kibumkeyk | @jinkiliciousonew | @on-ho |@taeori | @jonghyun-kun | @jjongkim  | @chu-mins | @babycheetos | @moonjonguppie | @toppblogg | @itsonewday | @oxtaeil | @y4miko | @leejinklies | @ttaemints | @choiminoh | @cookey-jar | @cinnaminroll | @5hineetrash | @itaemn | @parkjiminh | @taetastic | @kp-optimistic | @jjongsta | @jjongpng | @jjongsgorl | @shineetho | @shineemoon | @otakumusicfreak | @taemitez | @taeminigolf | @shinees-back | 

@shineesque | @prettykeytty | @shawollet | @taeprism | @gloriousflaw | @eunhasmom | @sleepyjimin | @jonghyunar | @kaifuckinsoo | @jjongosaurus | @lilchubchim@hansolence | @gihtoki | @dibidibidisn | @areumdawonew | @sh–nee | @dreamsmostlydisasters | @myhobi | @yoongis-aesthetic | @jonghyunnie | @jjongcakes | @taemajesty | @ultrakdramamama | @jinkiguk |

@kkochmeu | @scoupswife | @amigonew | @amigokey | @jisooosgf | @scaryveryotl | @taemin-blr | @ninimint | @incretaeble | @kjjhs | @shineeism | @leejinky | @grown-man-woozi | @velvetgorl | @26byg | @leetaes | @nakurawari | @shoujoromance | @solarbaek | @jeoned | @aegyo-shinee | @jinkclit | @jinqki | @sirjinki | @jinkir | @prankchanyeol |

Once again thank you guys for existing and i hope you will enjoy seeing me on your dashes from now on too ❤

Hiiiii. So, 2016 is almost over (thank god), it’s christmas eve (i know most of you will probably see this until tomorrow so merry christmas and i’m sorry) and since i haven’t made a follow forever in a while, i decided to make one now to let you all know how much i love and appreciate each and every single one of you.

i’m especially grateful for all of my mutuals, thank you guys for following me 💕 some of us have been following each other since i started this blog which is just crazy omg.

Anyway, thanks guys you are amazing, i love you and your blogs and i just wish everyone nice holidays and a wonderful 2017!!!

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Well, I figured that since other people were doing it, thought I would jump on the bandwagon. It’s been a hell of a year, with promised opportunities that have forever been crushed, hopefully 2017 and beyond isn’t so bad. 

@08s, @acebodhi, @avcngrs, @avengher, @ballerinawidow, @barnesjames, @bartycrouchjrs, @beardedchrisevans, @beardysteve, @bhrnes, @bievanstan, @blaakwidow, @brickhousebuck, @buckuy, @buckycap, @buckypupbarnes, @buckyforcap, @capgal, @captainevans, @chris-evahns, @chriservans, @chrisevansz, @chrisnevans, @chrissevan, @claras-wintersoldier, @comic-khan, @cptjamestkirk, @esakvaltersen, @falsegod, @festiveseb, @finndamerons, @forassgard, @forchrisevans, @frankmurdocks, @gingersnapstan, @havleyatwell, @hawkguyz, @jackfryst, @jakegyllenhaal, @jamesbarnes107th, @jamesbcrnes, @jamesbuchanans, @jimkirksapple, @karlmordo, @katefckgecko, @kissedbifire, @lauraharrier, @lindseymorqan, @lmwechirrut, @lovenotforgotten, @lukeskvwlker, @lukeskywalkvr, @michaelfastbender, @mistyknjght, @newtsckamander, @ohbvcks, @ohmygashjayd, @ororo-munroe, @oscarsisaacs, @phamsa, @pietromaximuff, @princebucky, @princeevans, @rainbowliam, @raleighbecketing, @rickscosnett, @robbiercyes, @rogers, @rogers-stevens, @rogersevans, @romvnov, @samwilsonn, @sbstianstan, @sebastianchris, @sebastianstahp, @sgtjimbarnes, @shostakovas, @sokovia, @spirkachu, @stan-evans, @stanseb, @steveogers, @steverorgers, @steverogiers, @steviepinkiepierogers, @stripperanakin, @stucky-official, @super-soldiers, @swagneato, @tchakka, @transuperboy, @wallacewezt, @whtieskimo, @wingheadshellhead, @wintersoldieringg, @wintersthighs, @worthygamora, @worthytony.

thank you for making my dash a better place when my life at home was super duper stressful. I’m so grateful for all of you to be honest. All of your nice messages whenever I’m down always cheered me up, and it takes a lot since I don’t have that at home. So I hope you guys have a wonderful holiday and let’s hope for a better year in 2017!! <33333

So in honor of reaching 1k followers, I wanna do a follow forever. I wanna thank you guys for getting me this far, and for liking and reblogging my stuff (even though most of my posts aren’t original but oh well). 😘💜

@briesmodes @deandeeds @ilzehs @captorofsin @jimdrugfree @jimmysjacobs @alexandri6 @litasmoonsault @mmisery @triskelionangels @d3m0n-cyb0rg @totalshieldtrash @boughtin @ajleenation99 @creedsaustin @retalliation @broskiboots @iamwrestlingtrash @comatose-with-common-sense @sethslaugh @blissfularchitect @rollinsqueen @theunicornstampede @banieldryan @caution-very-dangerous @oncetwiceandoveragain @dayumbrosee @12roundsofambrose @romanreigninblood @thorinarkenstoned @ringsiderage @ambre1gns @dadotnetofficial @mrs-sarcastic-maryy @bladeambrose10 @herestothepast90 @dean-tittymaster-ambrose @simsshoutsims @mrsscholtes @hardykat @luchalita @romans-lace-front-weave @chadsgable @houndsheart @moxleystyle @ladymoxley @ambrosethreigns @samoandrops @awesome-ambrose-world @aprilsbrooks @handwraps @ageofambreigns @jezebelheart

PJO Headcanon #26

Suggested by @what-syourdamage 

Most of the camp has ultimate free reign on pranking because the Stolls will get blamed for everything. (And to some extent the Hermes cabin). Everybody at camp will blame them and the Stolls never refute it as it’s good for their cred, and everybody will instantly blame the Hermes cabin as they don’t want it getting out maybe the Stolls don’t have the ability to pull of six pranks at once and there might be some other people to blame.

Ayo, it’s that time of year fam!! 2016 is winding down (baruch hashem, finally), so I wanted to take the time to thank the people who’ve consistently made me and my dash happy throughout the year(s). Thank you so much, and happy new year!!

@1girlsdays// @1yugbam// @4littlemix// @actualbrendonurie// @agetwellcard// @alecgaywoods// @alecshappiness// @alecismyfuture// @alectually// @angelboyjimin// @angelofcoluor// @aubergine-dreams// @babyjiminbts// @babyryanross// @bang-tan// @bangtan// @bangtanficrec// @bbwi// @bisexualdaddario// @bisexualityislegit// @bisexualmbane// @biyoons// @blvefox// @bombshellbutt// @bravestmanintheworld// @brighttestwitch// @brobecking// @bts0726// @btshatescishets// @buckypupbarnes// @buckypupbarnes// @busanie// @caleigha// @champagnepadre// @cheshirelourry// @chimchams//  @clarybelles// @cleverbrighthermione// @coleytaylor// @consivanqueen// @cosmicspacealien// @crystalldaddy// @crystalthirlwallin

@dadariios// @damnjesy// @dearjunghoseok// @dinah-jade// @doddario// @dopejade// @eatingjesysass// @eileenonstuff// @ewatsondaily// @for-the-love-of-larrys-cock// @fy-jiminnie// @gayforleighade// @gayscifi// @gayts// @glorymix// @glttrpixie// @goddesslittlemix// @grayhalsey// @halseyum @hobispeach// @hobithighs// @holdupwait// @hopesthetic// @hoseok8// @hoseokgotmehoshook// @hotelhalsey// @iamnotsebastianstan// @inthemovrnings// @isaoubel// @jadehatesmonobrows// @jadescanary// @jadethirlwell// @jadeybadwii// @james-kara// @jeonggukl// @jesybabe// @jesynelsonsource// @jewishbuckybarnes// @jvungkook

@kiraisstillhere// @kthsbff// @lancetucker// @lebaneseheux// @leighandperrie// @leighannetrash// @leighkink// @lerrieslaurmani// @lesbiancaptainamerica// @lgbtae// @littlemix-news// @lookingforhalsey// @louisekink// @lovingtoohard// @majesty-thirlwall// @makeupho// @malecshappiness// @malibu-indigo// @malikjaureguis// @mangosuga// @matthewstyles// @memechic// @memeseb// @memesyoongi// @minblush// @monesques// @moonlitfoolishness// @motherhalsey// @motherjepsen// @mozikeen// @munjia// @nearlywitchesdemo// @officialvicesandvirtues// @ofwarlocksandgayness// @paddfoot// @pansexualhuangzitao// @perriedahling// @pesyfreckles// @pezzabam// @pinncock// @pinnockalicious// @prettiestperrie// @prettyperrie

@quibblcrs// @quicksilvcrr// @rachelisaflameprincess// @read-as-dawn// @rhythmixvevo// @ripbachelor// @rosysuga// @sapphicnarcissa// @sapphicperrie// @sapphv// @saves// @scorpiusmalfqy// @sebschris// @sebstans// @seeleighnow// @seokpie// @seolswife// @sidcrosbys// @singleleigh// @siriusblacc// @snapbacktaehyung// @soupssnakes// @sugaa// @sugahyung// @sugardaddylauren// @sugasprincesa// @syubprince

@teambisexual// @technicallity// @tidalwav-s// @tinashesboobs// @thirldollz// @thirls// @thirlscurls// @thirlwallrs// @thirvvy// @thotgeorge// @transuperboy// @troyedaily// @turnon// @twinkbrendonurie// @vices-and-viagra// @violet-hope// @vxlxrie// @warlocksrune// @withlovemp3// @woifiecindy// @wowjesy// @wujulegends// @yoongisbi

And to my three idols, ilysm, happy new year
@iamhalseymusic @leighloves1991 @troyesivan


@acousticsyrupkitty @adhd-yosuke  @agent-lapin @ahrtboy @ajgiel @alfredfjonesversustheworld @angelbf @annholland @bounoromato @c2ndy2c1d @cherrysbutt @crinuyi @cypii @deiavu @dekuhornet @diaemyung


@eating-out-tsukiyama-shuu @ffe1e0 @gabbiegallery @gattoux @galaxyspeaking @glitter-potato @hootsweets @humblerumble @jaegervega @juicy-shuu @junetg @kawamamilosc @kelpls @kenva @kitt2506 @knitemaya @kossoribl @kxishi @littlereddo @loish @lordzuuko


@maarchen @madelezabeth @mameshy @mangachaa @mano-manu @mara-kki @mhaikkun @miss-mis @missusruin @mindowe @miyajimamizy @mnaakete @nbteen @neimana @neo-blue-fuckboys @niarchery @nozoya @nucleicacid @ozyga


@petitshuu @pirorii @plumni @pomelopasta @ravenmushroom @rinnsu @rosuuri @routexx @sdkay @senju-swag @shouty-y @sky-of-wishes @smol-shuu @stripesandteeth @tikkilanka @tsukier @ugyaaa @uriexual @viria @xianta @yanderechild @yomosprince @yonebaeshi @yuumei-art @zakuro-san

how did that even happen? i can’t believe you all are following me, thank you so much for being here and for brightening my dash every single day. tumblr would be a terribly boring experience without you guys! 

first up, baes: 

@namjooneh daria ilysm you have no idea, we have been through so many fandoms together lmao i can’t even imagine being here without you 💖

@skyvalker aria you’re the sweetest person here, keep being awesome ily 💖

and other amazing people:

@anakinskywkler @atwells @aayllasecura @astoriaamalfoy @bensolcs @boobiwan @bohdisrook @bassian @cutefinn @stripperbucky @markhamillls @poees @wookieepedias @jyncassians @gravespercy @knighvtsofren @skamandernewt @kneazles @knockturnallley @kylux @forcekenobi @minryard @mivyard @rookbodhi @rosetylecr @imwvemalbus @ben-solos @pvedameron @wylvn @dameronsbutt @sithobi @anakihn @katewisnlet @asajjvxntress @theprincessleia @jynerso @anakinren @hanorganaas @organasrey @kyloren @kkenobi @kenvbi @tknightsofren @leias @lyanasnow @hvnleia @eathons @sskywlker @hogwartss @achilleanpoe @kcenobi @jedichirrut @lesbiankenobi @binarysunset @lynchsronan @skyvalkers @kylcrvn @fcrcebond @newtscamandears @professorlockhart @ginnys @regulusblackss @harryjvmes @ravnclaws @romweasley @slyherin @starksren @darthbanes @ninazaenik @senatorgana @hearthogwarts @sncwflake @ohpansy @mistletoecho @alohomohra @oscaricaas @jcstcns @meraudurs @siriusblacc @paddfoot @perksofbeingafanboy @kanjiklubs @kyloi @gryffindour @baazechirrut @poedamxron @skywlker @leialuke @obiwanjedi

i probably forgot to mention some people and i’m really sorry about that! 💖


I hit 1000 followers a while ago!! First of all I’d like to start by saying sorry that I haven’t been that active lately, uni is kicking my butt rn. I still can’t quite wrap my head around this number, you guys are amazing and I’d like to thank all of you for following me. 

I don’t really have much time to do an extensive follow forever so I decided I’m gonna do a small shoutout section for people that create amazing stuff for this fandom or have lovely blogs overall (the list is based on a post i made that people could like and some of you that I still kept in mind, I’m bad at remembering urls but I tried to include as many as i could think of) The rest of the list is all of my lovely mutuals, if I forgot you or you hq blog is actually a side blog just send me a message (*≧▽≦)

Mutuals - italicised 

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