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Annie Clark should dwelve into the Dub Production territory, as a producer and musician, in the lines of King Tubby, Scratch Lee Perry, Mad Scientist. - Your friend DJ.

ily DJ


for the last time
you were seeing the light of day; - not the endless horror
behind the day’s untroubled face:
my soul was sobbing so sweetly, waiting so 
     oddly, wanting thyself
and myself, betrothed to thyself, to be laid in the grave

 - Peyo Yavorov

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I'm not a random anon but I'm sending you something to your inbox anyway! I am glad I know you. You're the kind of teen that John writes about: Clever, smart, deep with layers, and overall fantastic. Thanks for being my friend Julia.

DJ, if you dont mind i would like you to drive all the way to my house so i can give you a big hug.

but seriously thank you so much DJ and im glad we are friends!!! and hopefully we will say friends for a long time and get to see each other someday :)