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Annie Awards

I just want to wish the WOY crew good luck at the Annies tonight! We’ve got a couple nominations on this show and we’re rootin’ for ya!

@crackmccraigen Craig
@suspendersofdisbelief Frank 
@owner-of-wendys Dave
@atalkingmagpie Eddie
@benbalistreri Ben
@ Justin Nichols 

and everybody else on the WOY crew!

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anonymous asked:

Who is Craig

i answered the same question here

essentially he’s one of the desert squad, the one brolonious jaha threw into the water to get eaten by a giant eel. he was an adorable puppy, who deserved so much better and the possibilities that could’ve been explored between him and murphy were endless.

just imagine craig surviving, and ending up in the bunker with murphy. him following murphy around and murphy getting annoyed at first but eventually softening because it’s craig. he’s like a walking labrador who smiles all the time and can occasionally deliver a sassy line.

(the actor is also really attractive and really loves his dog and it’s so adorable it hurts) (jedidiah goodacre, check him out)

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