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i’m going to bed soon probably but give me a long distance plot where muse a is famous as fuck and creates a fake fan account on twitter/tumblr to feel kinda closer to fans and it’s all good and no one really knows it’s him and it’s all good and he’s getting to know what fans want from him but then enters muse b, who’s so completely in love with muse a and his music. the two begin to talk and they become friends and soon they’re texting constantly and she tells him everything and fangirls about her idol to him and they’ve both caught feelings really badly. so one day muse b gets a little scared that she’s being catfished so she asks muse a to video call her. out of fear of losing her, he agrees and, surprise bitch, it’s her fucking idol.

i know im late but i didnt have the opportunity to post this because i was in school but i can imagine mark trying to act all cool and manly with his new hair but still has that adorable smile on (does this even make sense) this is too cute for my heart to take

Little bunny foo foo

Hello, Love Bunnies! (See what I did there? I pulled a gaming Phil on your guys.)

Phil X Reader

Warnings- Fluffy like a  soft chick or a bunny in a patch of grass nibbling at the blades.

Hey, seeing as it’s the Easter season, could you possibly do a Phil x reader fic where it’s basically just fluff like feeding each other bits of chocolate from the easter eggs in the morning??? Thank ily 💙💙💙 - @leinajanson

“The Easter bunny has gone overboard this year. I think we fell into the chocolate factory. ” Phil squeezed you in a tight hug before pushing you towards the giant basket that was filled with every treat you could think of. “ I think the basket I made for you is about ninety-five percent smaller.”

“Don’t worry I may or may not have also added extra things I have a particular fondness for.” You turned to give him a hug and a tickle into his sides before going to explore the basket. You pulled out sweets from home that your mother had obviously sent to Phil to add to the basket. You were sure he had bought every type of chocolate in the store even if he had never heard of it. There was also mass amounts of candy mixed into the bright purple basket. You decided to take everything out of the basket to inspect it all. You moved a bag of skittles before finding a little-stuffed animal sitting in the bottom holding a note. 

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AWwwwWwwwWwww! Thank you soooo damn much~ beautiful @shazuy 💝💝💝🐇 Here is a small (blurry af) Lucy bunny of yours! 🐇💝
(I will try my best ~ rn I kinda ruin it with the saving 😂 being used with the paper I am drawing really small on the sheet and didn’t modify the size and end up blurry….Gahhhh…I am such a noob rn) xD