ily both a lot

Ahhhh !!! I can’t mcfreakin’ believe it guys. I can’t believe so many of you are willing to put up with my meme loving ass. I’m still a relatively new blog too so let me just say thank you so much for following me and supporting this big ol’ idiot. I really appreciate you all from my close friends to new followers that just came across me. I could go on a sappy ramble but I’m just gonna keep it short and sweet and say thank you once more. I really love you guys ❤︎

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PAL-ADINS: My friendos and those very near and dear to my heart. 

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so @cassandrapntaghasts (whispers @miriaas follow 4 more cool art) drew me a thingy bc poppy n zev are literally rapunzel n eugene 

(they’ve got the whole…… cute blonde healer thats lived in a tower her whole life meets handsome, snarky n loveable rogue by chance™ thing going on)  

i am a worm that doesnt deserve it but there u go give mongo all the love n praise 

also bonus lil thing:

ily roomie but also you really talk a lot when we both need to concentrate and then give me shit for taking a break when you spent hours watching dramas like chill 

so almost two months ago i hit 2k followers which is HUGE and i never thought i’d actually have so many people following me so this is a way of saying thank you to you guys as i can’t make a giveaway or something

and since the date i hit 2k was kinda close to christmas i thought i’d make this into a christmas follow forever so we have two things to celebrate whoo

first of all, a super special mention to my besties spaceslayer and capwinters ily both a lot but you probably already know that <3

so here are the people whose posts i see every day or i simply like their blog
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thank you guys so much for following me and making my dash super cool 24/7 i love you all <3