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@escaiator and i were having a chat that resulted in me having a new au dammit, so enjoy this:

Spock is a cop au


Bones and Jim get arrested for being drunk and Spock is on drunk tank duty. Jim is all flirty but also gross and Spock is amused but ignores him. Then Jim falls asleep and Bones kinda perks up and apologises for Jim

Spock and Bones are chatting and Bones is WASTED, but he’s trying to be sensible cos he’s w a police officer. Bones is trying to talk about his job but really he’s just interrupting himself saying Spock looks good in that uniform

Then Spock mentions his Vulcan father and Bones loses his mind cos he hadn’t noticed Spock’s ears

“HOW are you a Vulcan, you’re flirting w me!”
“You are flirting with me, Doctor”
“I am not”
“I’m just drunk”
“I see, my apologies”
“No wait, I am flirting w you!! Just let me be coy dammit”

“Your face looks like broccoli”
“Excuse me?”

“If your blood is green then how come your lips are pink?” Bones then makes Spock come closer and asks him to wipe the lipstick off.

Or Bones wiping the lipstick off for him and that’s like halfway to a steamy make out for Spock

So Spock backs off then tells him why he backed off and Bones is like, "But you let me do that. D’you want to kiss me, officer?”
He’s all leaning against the bars and grinning and Spock is like mmmmfuck

But when they do start making out Jim 100% wakes up and ruins the moment, but he’s also the one who comes back a day later cos Bones is too embarrassed and Jim invites Spock to the pub with them so that Bones and Spock can meet while they’re both sober and neither is incarcerated

And Spock is struck by how diff Bones is cos he’s all blushing and “I’m so sorry i was so forward I’m never like that”

So Spock has to make the first proper move but when he does Bones is all over him in an instant and Jim is smug af


Part 4, “Of paper bones and porcelain skin.”

I’m so sorry for the wait! Hopefully having 7 pages instead of 3 will make up for it lol just don’t get used to it. Again, thank you all for the huge support! 

(( Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 ))

Now, does anyone have any idea of what the hell is going on???


Bungou Stray Dogs 30-Day Challenge

Day 16: Favorite Official Art

Marine Day Artworks

Our boys taking a break, just having fun, enjoying the heat. (Well except for Aku?)

The Armed Detective Agency and Port Mafia, together.

Just how blessed I am to be living to see these precious official artworks???

And we don’t even talk about how this is my most favorite Chuuya art ever