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Doesn't matter if kubo truly wanted ih and rr. It doesn't change that ih and rr are utterly horrible ships. Ih is still grossly one sided and totally unhealthy. It doesn't change that ichiruki had an amazingly beautiful and healthy relationship. It doesn't change that miss tasukete me, never dried her loves rain or never picked him up when he was down. It doesn't take away that Ichigo, not cucky mcfucky, returned Rukia's smile. Thats just fact.

THAT is a fact. not some of these stupid ass ~alternative~ facts IH’s have been throwing around. ichiruki had the most mutually developed relationship in the manga. we saw them progress from strangers to friends to close friends to even more than close friends (they were in what a koreaboo would call a ‘some’.) doesn’t matter how much some say that k*bo intended for something to happen. fucker showed us ichiruki idc what he intended to do.