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Happy 22nd birthday, Dua Lipa! ♡ There’s lots of artists who don’t write their songs, and that’s fine too, but I feel like if you’re not out there with an instrument, and you’re a pop artist, the misconception is that it might be manufactured in a way. People don’t really think that about men. But there are a lot of female artists that work their asses off. I know there are a lot of male artists that don’t write, but when you’re a male artist, people just assume that you write your own songs. When you’re female, that’s taken away from you.


jihope for @velvethoseok​ (happy birthday!!)


930215 ☆ happy birthday ravi!

happy birthday to the number one rapper in all starlights’ hearts! ravi, you constantly amaze us with your beautiful lyrics, amazing compositions, and your ability to be the sweetest but most baddass rapper ever. your unconditional love for vixx and your fans is so endearing, and we appreciate all that you do for us. you celebrate us every day, but today, we’re celebrating you.

Because today is the day the lovely @fevers-and-flus graced the world with her presence, and it’s gotta be celebrated, obviously 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉


Keith woke up with a headache. It wasn’t surprising, he was at a summer camp as a counselor, and it had been miserably hot this week.

Except, the headache seemed to kick off a series of symptoms, one right after the other in what felt like ten minute intervals.

The sore throat came on first - each time he swallowed, he had to fight back a grimace, because it felt as if he had swallowed glass.

Then, the congestion set in. He was suddenly so stuffy that he could no longer breathe through his nose. He could feel it behind his eyes, there was a great pressure that he could still feel building. Along with the congestion came the frequent, scattered sneezes.

A cough bubbled in his throat next, and he found himself muffling an absurd amount of fits into the sleeves of his red hoodie.

The worst symptom seemed to be saved for last. He started shivering, and suddenly felt very achey and miserable, and Keith found himself wrapping his arms around himself in an attempt to get warm.

In forty minutes, he went from having a mild headache, to feeling as if he had been hit by a truck.


“Shiro, I think something is wrong with Keith.” Lance said, sitting across from the head of the summer camp. Shiro frowned, and looked over to where Lance was looking.

Keith was slumped over at the table, his arm propping up his head as his eyes drooped shut.

Shiro stood up and made his way over to his camp counselor.

“Hey, man.” He said, putting a hand on Keith’s shoulder. “You alright?”
Keith shook his head, coughing lightly against his fist.
“I’m not feeling so hot.” He rasped, his voice nearly gone.

Shiro frowned, eyes searching Keith’s face. He was pale, and his eyes had bags underneath them, but he didn’t look too bad, so Shiro wasn’t overly concerned. “What’s bothering you? Headache?”
“Among other things.” Keith muttered.
“Have you been drinking water?”
“Keith.” Shiro said, shooting him a flat look. “It’s ninety degrees and humid. You need water. No wonder you don’t feel well.”
“I’m not dehydrated.” Keith groaned, burying his face in the crook of his elbow before letting out a string of sneezes.
Shiro pressed his hand to Keith’s cheek. “You need to go lie down.”
“But…the kids.” He mumbled.
“Lance can handle the kids. I can help him, too, but you shouldn’t be up and about if you’re sick. Go.”

Keith nodded, and made his way to his cabin.

Unfortunately for him, the cabin had no air conditioning, and although he was exhausted and his body was screaming for him to sleep, he couldn’t.

Shiro sent Lance to check on him after an hour.

“Hey, buddy, how’re you feeling? Shiro sent me.” Lance announced, walking into the cabin.
Keith mumbled something unintelligible, his bangs plastered to his forehead. He was staring straight ahead, his eyes completely out of focus as he struggled against the heat to fall asleep.

“Ah, shit.” Lance hissed, putting a hand on Keith’s cheek

And then he was sprinting out of the cabin yelling Shiro’s name.


When Keith came to, he was in the room designated for the camp counselors. It was the only room that was air conditioned.

He was lying on the couch with a wet cloth on his forehead.

He groaned, squeezing his eyes shut. His head was throbbing so badly that he was convinced he was getting a migraine. His body was aching, too, and his throat felt as if he had swallowed glass.

“What?” He mumbled tiredly, dazed confusion clear in his voice.
“Your fever spiked.” Shiro said, his eyebrows knitting together in concern. “How are you feeling?”
Keith just shrugged tiredly. He felt out of it, his brain too fuzzy to formulate coherent thoughts.

A cough bubbled out of his throat, and Shiro grimaced at how harsh and grating it was.

“Here.” Shiro said, handing him a water bottle. “You’re going to stay up here until you’re feeling better. The heat isn’t good for your fever.”

Keith simply nodded, his eyelids dropping. “Thanks.”
“Get some sleep.”


At Mishawaka High, he was a skinny misfit who got along with people, had girlfriends. He cofounded a fight club that met in a field behind a Celebrations Unlimited, where weddings and receptions took place. “I think we probably came up with some rules. No hitting in the balls, a good rule. There was a guy that rode by on a bike one time. He said, ‘What are you guys doing?’ So I fought him.”

                                      HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ADAM! ♡ 


Happy Birthday Peasant/Twin/Daiki to my Satsuki/Notti!

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