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I saw top yesterday and let me tell you i'm an emotional wreck since and i don't even know when i can get back to real life. i also met and hugged Josh and he thanked me for coming to the show but this whole thng happened in like 10 seconds because there were soo many people. i waited two hours in to cold to meet him and i also met a bunch of awesome people. idk why i tell you this i just love your blog and i was curious if you have a cure for post concert depression

that’s so amazing holy shit I’m so happy for you !!! also I’m sorry my friend :/ I’ve only ever been to one concert in my life and I didn’t have a bad crash afterwards but I hope you feel better soon it can all feel a bit surreal after stuff like that but I hope you’re well anyways ily lots ❤️

anyways,,, vastra @eyelinerfic is the cutest! smollest! lil button! aers The Source of My Happiness n I know that loads of people feel the same! aer is a beacon of joy and hope and helps so many people and deserves the love of everyone! and also! whether or not aer brain tells aer otherwise! aer largely gets it! bc anyone who doesn’t love them clearly doesn’t know them v well! 💕💕

so yeah i kinda hit 1k 


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thank you so so much, 1k is insane! 

Hey! so i decided to do a follow forever because why not  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Im really sorry if i forgot u or if i got something wrong ily! mutuals are bolded!



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tagged by @mommynewt, thank you, linda! ♥

  1. name: agustina
  2. sign: aries
  3. height: 5′7, hell yeah
  4. average hours of sleep: uhm 6 7 12, tbh idk
  5. lucky number: i dont have one, i think??
  6. last thing i googled: pillow talk lyrics lmao
  7. number of blankets i sleep with: one. and its summer here lol
  8. favorite fictional character: atm its garnet but i have a lot
  9. favorite novel: i cant choose one
  10. what are you wearing rn: a futbol jersey (i literally have no idea which team is, weird) and shorts
  11. when did i start this blog: 2011 omg im a grandma here
  12. amount of followers: +2000
  13. what do i most postly: futbol. dylan o’brien. textposts. im pretty random
  14. do i run any more blogs: nono
  15. most active follower: my squad its my active follower lol love mah girls
  16. what made me get a tumblr: i heard there were cool things here and..yeah..
  17. do i get a lot of asks: no lmao
  18. why did i get this url: maze runner! 

i tag @lionsmessi @siempremessi @funesmori @sampers @calleriftrulli @aguerosergiokun @grieznando and @l10m !!