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damn i didn't realize there was a lesbian cliche that included being way too in love with yourself... last i checked most LGBTQ+ people take a long time to even accept themselves but i mean you do you boo boo and ily anyways you're amazing like your voice and your style and hair and everything is goals asf never stop :)


Matthew Tkachuk #3


*ILY thank you so much! I hope you enjoy this one! :) Just reallyyy cute.*

Word count: 971

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Standing over him, you glared before pushing him back down on the bed, “stay,” you said sternly, using the voice you always use when your pets were being naughty-ass bitches.

Matthew fell back on the bed and with half-lidded eyes, he looked at you before chuckling, “you need to chill out fam,” he said, “you won’t get a boyfriend if you’re being all prissy,” he told you in a tone you had a hard time understanding. He sounded as drunk as he looked.

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High School

could you write autistic!spencer x reader where the reader (same age idk ur the writer) bullied him all through high school, but he still liked them. years later, the reader joins the bau, and spencer almost has a panic attack? thank you so so so so so much ilY!!!!

I can definitely do this.  I hope you enjoy it, because here is your one-shot, comin’ ‘atcha!

The moment he heard your voice on the elevator, his tick kicked in.  He began fluttering his fingers on his desk and looking for something to fiddle with as he heard the elevator doors open.

It can’t be, he thinks to himself.

But your laughter fills the caverns of the room as he hears his boss walk and talk alongside you.

“We are lucky to have you on the team,” he says, “with your track record and your capabilities, you could have vied for any position in the FBI.”

“It’s an honor to be a part of the team, sir.  Thank you for hiring me,” you respond.

But your eyes fell heavy onto him, and your gut sank with guilt as you see him there, his eyes stuck on the same page as his hands fiddle with a pen on his desk.


The boy you had relentlessly teased in high school.

But just as much as you were panicking, he was panicking even more, and soon his legs began to jiggle and he began to rock in his chair as his breathing became uneven and a large, dark man strode to his side and tried to wiggle his shoulder to get his attention.

You knew what a panic attack looked like.

And you had to choke back tears at the realization that Spencer was having one because of you.

Because of high school.

Yes, you were a good seven years older than him…almost 40, though you didn’t want to admit it.  But he looked no different.  A 12 year old’s face on a grown man’s body.

Now your new boss was at his side, and you knew you were going to lose your job.

Lose your job because one of their colleagues couldn’t work alongside you.

You watched as he stood up on shaking legs.  You watched as he wrung his nervous fingers in his cardigan as he barged through the barrage of people.  You saw the constant furrowing and unfurrowing of his eyebrows as his legs carried him quickly away from the damaged scene.

And, without thinking, you followed.

“Spencer!” you call after him as you slam through the glass doors and out towards the elevators.

But he was gaining speed, and he was getting away.

“Spencer, wait!” you yell as you begin running down the hallway.

You had to apologize.  You had to make sure he was alright.

But mostly, you had to see if you needed to quit.

You had, obviously, brought him enough pain in his life.

You weren’t about to bring anymore.

You found him sitting in a chair, facing the wall, with his forehead propped up on the cool surface.

His breathing was still uneven as he twirled his fingers even tighter into his sweater.

You slowly walked up behind him, so afraid that even the gentlest of winds would blow his lanky limbs across the room.

But before you could say anything…

“Why are you here?” he chokes out.

He was choking out words.

He was sucking back sobs.

Because of you.

The idea made your jaw quiver momentarily.

“Spencer, had I known-”

You had absolutely no idea what to say, so you decided to start with the truth.

But what you didn’t know was that the team was outside the room listening.

“I am so sorry,” you breathe.

You saw a twitch in his shoulder, and you knew you had his attention.

“What I did to you was-…was so, so wrong,” you breathe as you shake your head.

“I liked you, you know,” Spencer sniffles as his leg begins to jiggle up and down.  “I-I-I…I uh…”

His mind was blanking.

His vulnerability was showing.

He promised himself that, after high school, it wouldn’t happen.

He wouldn’t be emotionally vulnerable.

“What I did to you in high school,” you begin as you slump your shoulders, “the uh…the things I said-”

You had to stop to swallow the lump in your throat.

“Spencer, I-” you begin huskily.

“Why did you do it?” he asks brazenly.

You furrowed your brow lightly before the hairs on your neck began to stand up on end.

“Statistically speaking,” he begins to rattle, “over 72% of bullying cases are the result of lashing out because of things occurring in the home.  I-I-I did a lot of studying on it in high school to, uh, to see if I could understand my bullies…” he trails off.

“…understand you…” he adds lightly.

“Why would you want to do that?” you ask breathlessly.

He was astounding, even today.

“Because, well…um…there was…there was this…”

Keep it together, Spencer, he thought to himself.

“I uh…heard you crying in the library once. I-I-It was on a Saturday, a-a-and I never would have thought you would have gone to the library, but there you were…in a corner where the light bulb hadn’t been changed, and you were um…”

You felt yourself becoming defensive, but you clenched your fists as you watched his back slowly straighten out and his hands slowly unfurl from his sweater.

“What was happening, Y/N?” he croaks out.

He deserved the truth.

Out of all of the people you lashed out at in your life…he was the only one that deserved the truth…

…because he was the only one you had lashed out at for absolutely no reason.

“My parents, they…uh…”

You took a deep, reassuring breath before breathing it out into the open…making it real for the first time since your mother had screamed it at you one night when she caught you making out with your partner in your car.

Well, the car your mother let you use.

“My mother kicked me out when I was 17 because she caught me kissing my girlfriend,” you breathe.

And you watched Spencer slowly turn in his seat to look at you.

“She kicked you out because you were gay?” he asks incredulously.

“Bisexual,” you correct, “and don’t look so shocked.  Happens more than you think,” you spit.

“Where did you-…where were you living?” Spencer asks.

His eyes were so round and innocent, just like you remembered them from high school.

“Packed up all my shit and stole her car.  Parked it in an abandoned alleyway after removing the plate, filing down the VIN number, and haphazardly spray-painting it in various colors that I could find that weren’t quite used up in dumpsters.”

Spencer was absolutely shocked.

“You didn’t tell anyone?” he asks, the hurt resonating behind his eyes as you scoff and shake your head as tears pour down your cheeks.

“Who the fuck would’ve cared, Spencer?” you mumble to yourself.

“I would have,” he says lightly.

And that sentiment broke your walls.

As you sobbed in the middle of the dark room, the team in the hallway holds back their own tears as Spencer slowly rises from his chair and takes a few steps towards you.

“Can I, uh…” he begins.

But you walk towards him and wrap your arms around his neck before he can complete his sentiment.

“I’m so sorry, Spencer,” you cry into his neck.

And, against everything his body was yelling at him to do, he wrapped his arms around you tightly and help you close.

“I’m so sorry,” you sob.


authors note: i was laying in bed this morning not wanting to get up at all and so i was just scrolling thru tumblr and i saw this acoustic version of treat you better and so i listened to it and then suddenly i wasn’t as tired as i was before idk it was weird it was like shawn’s voice woke me up. anyway i decided to write an imagine based on it. also!! i hit 400 followers! i literally just hit 300 like yesterday. thank u all so much ily

You felt something soft brush against your leg underneath your blanket. You opened your eyes and pulled the blanket off your feet, to see your cat at the bottom of your bed snuggling up to your legs. She looked almost as comfortable as you were laying in bed, all cozied up. It was 8am now and you should’ve been up an hour ago to get ready for work. You still had an hour but you just did not feel like getting up. You closed your eyes again until you felt your boyfriend Shawn kiss the top of your head. Great. You loved Shawn dearly, but you hated it when he had to drag you out of bed to go to work. You two shared an apartment and it was so fun to be living with him, and doing everything with him, but at the same time you felt bad that he had to put up with you. You guessed that’s how you knew he loved you.

“Time to wake up hun.” Shawn tugged on your fingers. You opened your tired eyes to see him on his knees of the floor next to your bed, as he kissed your hands. He was so sweet and you don’t know how. If you were him, you would’ve just yelled at yourself to get out of bed angrily.

“But Snickers doesn’t want to get up either, look at how comfy she is, and if I move she’ll wake up.” You said motioning towards the cat at the end of the bed. “Maybe I should call in sick or something.”

“Y/N you call in sick too much. Come on, just wake up and I’ll make you breakfast, and I can even help pick out your outfit.”

He was right, as usual. You called in sick way too much and you had to stop that habit. You smiled at his kind offers to make you food and pick out clothes for you to wear. He had only picked out your outfit for the day a couple times, and you remember it vividly. The first time, he picked a pretty pink lace peplum top, with some running leggings that he clearly didn’t know were for athletics. It was the most adorable thing ever to see him pick out what he thought looked good on you, and put it together. So whenever he suggest to pick your outfit, you’d let him and then tweak it a little to show him what actually looked decent together. You kept getting lost in your thoughts of Shawn which kept you from getting up. He obviously noticed, because soon he was singing. You loved his voice more than anything, but usually Shawn sang you to sleep, so you were confused as to why he would choose to sing to you right now.

“What are you doing?” You asked Shawn and laughed.

“Waking you up!” He sang even louder now, almost yelling the lyrics to Ruin. It wasn’t making you sleepy though. Probably because usually when Shawn sang you to sleep, it was nighttime so it was dark, and he would pick certain songs to help calm you. Softer songs than Ruin. Ruin was one of your favorites and Shawn knew that. It started soft, but then when the chorus picked up, it was loud with emotion. Shawn held onto your hands and kept singing. You eyes were now wide open as you watched him sing. It was like you were at your own little concert. He looked right at you and tilted his head as he sang the last line, and you tried hard not to giggle at the way he moved when he sang with such passion. His pure talent seemed to be waking you up. You were now sitting up bed, you grabbed your cat Snickers and put her in your lap.

“I thought that would wake you up.” Shawn smiled and pet the cat in your lap. “But we better get going, you only have 45 minutes to eat breakfast, get dressed and do your makeup and everything else you always do!” Shawn grabbed the cat out of your lap and put her on the ground, before running down the stairs to start making breakfast. “I’ll beat you to the kitchen!” His voiced echoed through the small apartment. You just laughed and yelled back, “I love you!”

a bunch of replies under the cut ^.^

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Just a PSA in case you didn't know, but you're one of my actual faves because your writing is so on point and so good, and the thought and depth you put into Reaper is honestly just so perfect, and I love you just for that

UH  M M ,,,,,,, , ,   NOO O O  ive  legit  read  this  message  over  &  over  again  &  i  keep  smiling  at  it  each  time.  i  was  feeling  kinda  yucky  &  then  i  saw  this  &  feel  tons  better.  bless u.  THANK  YOU  SO  MUCH   💗 💗  this  means  a  lot  !  psa  right  back  to  you  :  when  your  p/harah  is  always  on  point.  she  seems  like  such  a  difficult  muse  to  write  &  yet  you  do  it  so  flawlessly.  i  always  hear  her  voice  in  your  replies  &  ?!?!  on  top  of  that  your  writing  is  beautiful.  i  love  your  blog  &  ily  !!!  sm  !!!  i  hope  you  have  a  superb  day  asdfghjkl  thank  u.   this  was  such  a  pleasant  surprise  &  so  sweet , ,, 

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WTF CHLOE WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK ?? u are so so so sweet omg ily and BRUH YOUR VOICE IS AMAZING TOO?? i mean i love your voice so so much it is so cute + soothin too and honestly ily so much i can’t believe?? kdfkushdf I AM SOBBING RN OK brb i NEED A MILLION BOXES OF TISSUES

She Talks To Angels (Prelude)

Word Count: 503

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader

Request: “Hi! I was wondering if I could get a gabrielxreader based on the song “she talks to angels” by the black crowes?? I’ve been craving it forever. Thank you so much ily.” from @babygabe​ (you’re an absolute darling I love you)

Summary: As a kid, there was one particular archangel you liked more than all the others: Gabriel, the ambassador of children, herald of good news. Every night, you prayed to him. Every night, he listened until yours became the only voice he wanted to hear.

A/N: A really short but nevertheless important setup to the plot. The next part will be much longer. This is my first chaptered story. Let me know if you want to be tagged in this!

Originally posted by astralgabriel

It looked like you were home. The bright patterned bedspread, the white sheer curtains, the clutter of toys all over the floor, the red polka dot rain boots peeking out of the open closet. It was your childhood bedroom, just as you remembered it.

You took a slow walk around the room, only half-present as the other half was off reminiscing in the memories this place brought back. Fingers traced the thin worn spines of the books you’ve read and reread. They drifted over the still-unfinished crayon drawings on top of your small art table. They poked at the wooden dollhouse with its paint scuffed where you’d dropped it once.

Why were you back here of all places? How did you even get here? Last you remembered, you were in–

A crackling buzz filled the room, and your eyes immediately landed on the small TV pushed against the wall opposite your bed. It had flickered to life, showing only static, until it cleared to show a familiar face.

“Well, aren’t I a sight for sore eyes?” Dark brown hair, twinkling hazel eyes, a lopsided grin with a hint of dimples: they were details of a picture just hazy enough to avoid recognition.

“…I think I know you,” you mumbled to yourself, kneeling in front of the TV to get a better look at him.

“Of course you do! I’m your friendly neighborhood archangel! Not to mention, one of the reasons I chose this vessel was because of this adorable, unforgettable face.” His eyebrows wiggled suggestively, and a soft giggle bubbled out of your lips. But you still weren’t sure who he was, and he seemed to have read the uncertainty on your face.

“You really don’t remember me? It’s Gabriel, your angel is the centerfold?” You shook your head. “You wound me.”

“I’m sorry, I–wait hold on, you’re just a face on TV. How are we having this conversation?”

“A little bit of movie magic,” he winked. “Listen, sweetheart, this short-term amnesia’s changed some of my plans. Now I can’t keep up this connection for too long. Eventually someone’s gonna piggyback on this channel. If that happens, they’ll be able to find me, and I didn’t hack my way in here just to be caught by some low-level IT guy. So any questions you wanna ask will have to wait ‘til the end. Capisce?”

The shift in his voice, from playful to slightly urgent, made you nod obediently. You’ll admit you were a little apprehensive, but nothing about him set off any alarm bells. If anything, his being around felt comforting and safe.

“Great. Because soon you’re gonna have to open that bedroom door, and what happens next is entirely dependent on what I’m going to tell you.”

He said to save the questions for later, but it was out of your mouth before you could even stop it. “Tell me what?”

The corner of his lips slowly pulled up into a half-smile, accompanied by a mischievous glint in his eyes.

“A story.”

We (Part Four)

here’s part four to my new fanfic, “we” – a short story [loosely] based off the anticipated struggles that come with being in a relationship with justin. track #we fic if you would like to be updated whenever a new part is posted! xo

a/n: y’all wanted me to continue this, so here it is!! i’m so excited to be writing again, and so flattered that people still want to read my writing (idgi??) so thank you. ily. –– also probably might take one or two requests in between writing this bc i didn’t realize how much i missed writing & i don’t wanna limit myself to this storyline. (:

part one | part three | part five

Your clouded eyes scan the moonlit landscape below you, peering outside the plane window with your chin perched up on the palm of your hand.  Europe is astonishing from a bird’s eye-view; you can only imagine how beautiful it is from the ground.  

The flight attendant’s voice comes into sound and echoes throughout the cabin, telling the passengers of the plane that they’ll be landing in no less than fifteen minutes.  When the nose of the plane dips forward, diving towards the ground, your stomach mimics the action of the aircraft as your heart leaps into your throat. Here we go.

You clutch your phone in your hand and tap the screen to get to your messages, the last text you received being from Justin: 

call me when u land. can’t wait to see u. :)

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“Good morning”
“How was your day?”
“Be careful”
“Text me when you get home to know you’re safe”
“Sweet dreams”
“I hope you feel better”
“How are you?”
“Have fun”
“I miss you”
“Good night”
“Can you come over?”
“Can I meet you?”
“Can I call you?”
“Do you want to drink something?”
“Let’s watch a movie”
“Let me hug you”
“What are you up to?”
“Everything is going to be alright”
“I’m here for you”
“Are you hungry?”
“Do you need anything?”
“I just wanted to hear your voice”
“You made my day”

You don’t have to hear “I love you” to know that someone is feeling that way. Listen. People express their souls more often than you thought they did.

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“God, you always make me blush so damn much.” with Akashi pleasee (okay I'll apologize in advance bc I'll send many of these bc I love them all so much okay sorry bro hehe ily<3) Thank you~

This too is adorable. Also I’m implying something in the little drabble~

   “God, you always make me blush so damn much.”

   Akashi looked towards you, eyebrow raised, and clear confusion written over his features. He had no idea where that had come from. The last you blushed was last night when the both of you were in bed doin-

   The current thought was broken by your voice, “Seijuro! Did you hear me? You need to take responsibility for this you know?”

   Again he was confused till he noticed your finger pointing towards your neck. Not realizing what you meant he moved by your side, inspecting further on the area he remembered what lead to those mar-

   “Seijuro! You’re making that face again!” A clear blush had spread over your cheeks before continuing, “You’re thinking about last night again aren’t you? God you just- stop that!”

   Chuckling at your outburst Akashi couldn’t help himself but kiss the marks and pepper over the side of your neck. This action resulted in your face becoming a deep scarlet. Just when he couldn’t think you were any cuter you just do.


Happy 21st Birthday Jisoo!

Dec 30 1995; the day you were born and when the world looked brighter. You’ve grown up so much the past few months, it’s quite unbelievable! You deserve to rest up on your birthday, you’ve worked so hard the past few years. Your soothing voice and ‘gentleman-like’ personality never fails to make us smile and love you. We hope to stay beside you and support you in the future! No matter what happens, we love you, Hong Jisoo ♡♡♡


Hello my love! I’m Carleigh (sadly not Karlie Kloss even though I wish) I love you obviously, fuzzy socks (because who doesn’t), supernatural and greys of course, dramatically singing songs and dancing in my underwear, writing, reading, books, chocolate, puppies and listening to your music and crying on the toilet. You’ve helped me so much by just your beautiful voice singing through my headphones so thank you I love you so much for that. As well as those things… I AM SEEING YOU JULY 10TH (THE FIRST NIGHT) AT METLIFE (WITH HAIM IM SO HAPPYNSOWOW). I’VE WAITED SINCE I WAS SEVEN FOR THIS MOMENT SO I’LL SEE YOU THERE!!! I’LL BE IN SECTION 329, ROW 22 (so hopefully you’ll see my sign)!!! i love you so much and I’m sorry this is as long as the Declaration of Independence but ily and I’m so excited ilyyyy! taylorswift