ily and your face and your voice and your everything

Crossfire - 18

Chapter 17
Yoongi x Reader
Gang AU

Chapter 18 / Words: 1967
A/N: Its not over yet!!!!! this one is dedicated to lucy bc shes so great to me and read all the previous chapters in one night ily lu!!! 


“Jesus, girl, shut up!” the man in the suit yelled, trying to wrestle an arm around your face.

You didn’t know why his name slipped off your lips when you decided to scream, but it was better than nothing. You did everything you could to keep the man’s hand off of your mouth, and you prayed to god that the boys hadn’t gotten in the car yet.

You heard doors opening behind you and heavy feet hitting the pavement.

“Changgu, shut her up!” an angry voice shouted. It was getting too close to you.

“Believe me, I’m fuck-OW! I’m fucking trying!”

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