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hi hello bonjour hi, I love your blog so much and lately I've been reading a lot of fics in your mate tag and i was just wondering if you have any specific fics that focus around a bonding bite or a mate bite?? that would hecka rad if you did. thank youuu ily alll ❤️❤️

here’s some

The Shop by Stiles_Hale_38 (1/1 | 5,707 | NC17)

The shop is run specifically for werewolves. Werewolves need mates, and Peter is just a man trying to help some wolves out, so, he sells omegas, little omegas, young omegas.

Derek, Peter’s nephew, has never taken interest in the store or any of it’s purchases. Sure he’s looked around, but never found anything, that is until Peter calls him in for help renovating. The minute Derek walks in, he catches a scent, and with a little searching, he finds Stiles, and knows he is the one, and he doesn’t care how much he costs.

Unexpected Mates by Kleineganz (1/1 | 3,965 | NC17)

Derek scents Stiles when they were paralyzed together at the Sheriff’s office, and it sets in motion something in their biology that they cannot control.

Wrapped in a Dream by wolfcloaks (21/21 | 34,577 | NC17)

He finds him in the middle of the clearing, mouth grappling with a foreign tongue, alabaster skin damp with the remnants of prior rain.

He’s absolutely beautiful, Derek thinks, this creature, this boy.

Soulmates AU w/ dream sharing, magic!Stiles, alpha!Derek and a touch of A/B/O

Saudade by SuperfluousEmi, Winchesterek (1/1 | 21,213 | NC17)

After Derek’s departure with Braeden, Stiles begins having difficulty dealing with the effects of the Nogitsune and Nematon. He calls Derek to come get him and Derek shows up to take Stiles away from Beacon Hills. They set off across the country on a road trip with no destination in mind, finding themselves and each other along the way; and something Stiles never thought he’d get the chance to have with Derek.

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Can I have some high capacity fluff headcannons for the sunshine child? Low key really sad about February break ending and just need some cheering up rn. Thanks so much, I love both you and your blog, every time I see a new post it makes my day, ily! :)

- Hinata has a special thing in his heart for onesies. Natsu’s always worn them around when she was a kid, and he remembers picking her up and feeling how soft they were, and thinking about how warm they must be. Of course, he would feel like everyone in Miyagi would be suspicious of something if he went out and purchased a Hello Kitty onesie like his sister’s, so he got a Pikachu one from some American novelty store instead. He still has it to this day, and even if it is a bit worn around the edges, he refuses to wear anything else to bed.

- He really likes to be the little spoon, even if his s/o happens to be smaller than him.

- If him and his s/o sleep together on a daily basis, he’ll find it extremely hard to fall asleep without them. He’ll grow accustomed to the solace he finds in their arms, and if that warmth isn’t there, he can’t bring himself to shut his eyes. He’s completely on edge all night, and if he happens to fall asleep, he’ll immediately wake up from a night terror of some sort. His s/o says that it’s definitely not healthy that they’re so reliant on them, but Hinata doesn’t really care. For some reason, he finds the borderline insomnia endearing.

- He’s a sucker for the cute, cliche couple things. He’s definitely made an investment in matching “he’s mine” “she’s mine” sweatshirts, or matching cell phone charms, or just anything that matches, really. He claims that he gets ‘warm and fuzzy’ when he shares something with his s/o, because it proves that they belong to him.

- He’s a stealthy kisser, this one. If he manages to catch his s/o in the halls during a passing time of some sort, he’ll waste no time running up to them and giving them a wet kiss on the cheek, or lips, or anywhere he can reach, then run away. It’s a bit embarrassing, but he won’t stop doing it anytime soon.

- He likes to kiss, a lot. Preferably he likes soft, consecutive pecks on the lips and neck, making out without teeth or tongue, just gentle, soothing kisses that make your heart flutter and your knees go weak. Although sometimes, he just doesn’t care, and his kisses are an open mouthed catastrophe and god, he isn’t even aiming for your mouth at this point, but he’s far too into it and he’s holding onto your waist so lovingly and you just don’t want it to stop.

- If it isn’t exciting, it isn’t a date. He doesn’t understand people who take their girlfriends to indie coffee shops and museums, because there’s no point in even going out if ‘you’re going to a total snoozefest!’ Hinata’s the type of guy who’s always seeking out new opportunities. Sometimes he’ll take his s/o to somewhere familiar, like an amusement park, or paintball. Other times he’s taking his s/o to go skydiving, or go see some deadly animal at the zoo. His s/o is in for quite the ride if they’re used to just staying home, you’re a forced extrovert if you’re with Hinata Shouyou.

- Hinata knows everyone in the prefecture and beyond, so his s/o is often greeted by random strangers on the street who, for some miraculous reason, could probably recite their social security number off the top of their heads. He can’t help but brag about his s/o to anyone he comes across, and even if he doesn’t mean to, hem will. The person he’s talking to could sneeze and he would be like, “Hey! You know who else sneezes?” then go on talking about them from there. After his s/o was approached by Koganegawa on the street, (and began to fear for their life after the guy nearly jumped on them) they asked him to stop. Do you think he stopped, though? Not a chance.

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Hello! I love your blog so much, your posts never fail to brighten up my day. I was wondering if you had any pictures of JK that you liked the most? Like your absolute favorites? I know it's hard because he's so pretty haha but I'm just curious! Thanks so much for such a great blog!

anon adjflasgridfjk this is so late im so sorry!! but thank you so much,, it makes me so so so happy to hear that my blog brightens your day. i honestly can’t pick my absolute favourite pictures of him bc i have a lot… and this post will get super long so i’ll just put a few that i really like from bst era!

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It's Okay

thelittlewolf45 said: First request for you- Can you do one where the reader has a panic attack and the band calms her down

Trigger Warning: This is about a panic attack, so if that may trigger you please don’t read it. ♥

I know it says band but I thought one person would be enough. I didn’t use a name, so this can be from the POV of any of your favorite band members, or just any guy. Also, I did some research, but I’m a lazy fuck so if this isn’t entirely accurate I apologize.

Here’s a link to the Masterlist for anyone who needs a pick me up ♥ = fluff so check those out, and read You’re Perfect if you feel particularly down, Dinosaur Men and Remote Wars is also cute. Don’t let the water drag you down. *love for Taylor Momsen* 

There’s a lot of 4chan fear going around. There are people saying it’s on and people saying it’s off, and tbh if it’s on it’s stupid as fuck, and I’m here for anyone being targeted. I won’t turn off my anon because I’m not afraid of their bull, and I still want you guys to be able to request. This is my covert way of letting everyone in the BVB army (or else anyone reading this) know that I’m a safe house blog. Please, stay safe. I’m about to flood your dash with encouraging imagines. ILY guys, we’ll get through this. Fuck them and all their bullshit. ♥ -izzi


The people, there were too many people. You clutched your arms, your nails digging into your skin and your breathing coming in short shallow gasps. You started to collapse right in the middle of the store. You knew coming here was a bad idea, but you’d wanted to try and face your fear. Getting out of the car had been difficult enough. You should’ve known that you wouldn’t be able to do it, and now you were going to break down in the middle of a Hot Topic. You were panting your eyes darting around frantically wanting someone to help, but not wanting anyone to notice what was happening.

“Hey!” you heard someone say to you. You were already crumpled on the floor, and barely able to hear over your own panic, but the voice was insistent.

“Hey, listen, you’re okay,” you heard the person say, “look into my eyes, focus on me. You’re going to be okay, you’re going to get through this,” the voice insisted, and you didn’t know why but the semi-familiar voice made you want to trust it.

“Breath in and out with me, okay, I know it’s scary, but breath with me, in…” he breathed in, “and out,” he breathed out. “Come on, babe, do it with me, in…” he breathed in and you tried to follow his lead but it was difficult, “and out,” he breathed out and you followed. After he had you breathing at a fairly regular pace he helped you stand. “Do you have any meds that you take?” he asked, and you nodded and started looking for your purse, only to panic when it wasn’t there.

“Hey, hey, look at me,” he said, and you looked at his beautiful eyes, “you’re going to be okay. Where are your meds?”

“M-my purse,” you told him and he nodded. He got your purse off the floor, holding your hand the entire time and still talking to you reassuringly as he put it in your hands.

“Do you need me to get you some water?” He asked you, and you nodded. He gestured to someone, another member of his band, and three seconds later a new bottle was in his hand and he was opening it and offering it to you. You took it and took one of the pills, feeling defeated as you water slid down your throat.

“Come on, let’s get you out of here, do you have somewhere you’d rather be?” he asked you, and you shook your head.

“J-Just out of here, please,” you said and he nodded. You were wary of his kindness, afraid he may have been taking advantage of your mental state, but he was so comforting and reassuring, never pushing you. You had a good feeling about him and his beautiful eyes.

“I’m going to take you back to our bus, okay, it’s quiet and no one’s really there, is that alright?” he asked, and you had to think a moment before nodding.

“If you’re ever uncomfortable just let me know, okay?” he kept saying soothing things, reminding to breathe whenever you would start to hyperventilate.

When you were calmer and more able to think you realized suddenly who he was.

“Y-You’re, and the- I- I love you!” You suddenly blurted out, and he chuckled.

“I love you too,” he replied, “Are you a little bit better?” he asked, and you nodded.

“I- I’m on your tour bus,” you said, looking around and he nodded.

“Yeah, do you like it?” he asked, trying to keep your mind preoccupied.

“I feel like I’m intruding,” you admitted, and he shook his head with an understanding grin.

“You’re not intruding. I invited you,” he reminded you and you flushed.

“I think maybe I should go,” you told him and he frowned.

“Are you uncomfortable?” he asked, and you shook your head.

“No, it’s not that, I just- I still feel like I’m intruding.”

“You’re not,” he assured you, and you saw his fellow band members nodding behind him, all smiling encouragingly.

“You’re welcome to stay as long as you need to, you know, until we roll out,” he said, and you laughed with him.

“Thanks, I mean, not just for that, for-for everything. I mean, you didn’t have to do that,” you told him, flushing at him.

“Sure I did, you’re wearing my shirt,” he said, pointing to the band tee you were wearing.

You chuckled with him, hiding behind your hair.

“Do you have a way to get home?” he asked, and you nodded.

“Yeah, I- I drove here, my car is still in the lot. Thanks, again, really, I mean… you didn’t have to do all this,” you told him and he smiled.

“It was my pleasure,” he handed you a folded up piece of paper. “If you ever want to talk, that’s my number. Stay safe, sweetie,” he pecked you on the top of your head and walked you out of the bus back to your car without another word, just a reassuring smile. He waved off your further attempts to thank him, and just gave you a hug before going back the way he’d come. You looked down at the piece of paper in your hand, barely able to believe he’d actually given you his number. Was it just a curtesy thing? Would he really be okay with you texting him? You shook your head out and got into your car. You could think about that later. Right now you just wanted to fill your head with the fact that you’d actually met him. You idolized him, and you’d met him. It was crazy, it was unbelievable, it was completely magical.