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Can I have some high capacity fluff headcannons for the sunshine child? Low key really sad about February break ending and just need some cheering up rn. Thanks so much, I love both you and your blog, every time I see a new post it makes my day, ily! :)

- Hinata has a special thing in his heart for onesies. Natsu’s always worn them around when she was a kid, and he remembers picking her up and feeling how soft they were, and thinking about how warm they must be. Of course, he would feel like everyone in Miyagi would be suspicious of something if he went out and purchased a Hello Kitty onesie like his sister’s, so he got a Pikachu one from some American novelty store instead. He still has it to this day, and even if it is a bit worn around the edges, he refuses to wear anything else to bed.

- He really likes to be the little spoon, even if his s/o happens to be smaller than him.

- If him and his s/o sleep together on a daily basis, he’ll find it extremely hard to fall asleep without them. He’ll grow accustomed to the solace he finds in their arms, and if that warmth isn’t there, he can’t bring himself to shut his eyes. He’s completely on edge all night, and if he happens to fall asleep, he’ll immediately wake up from a night terror of some sort. His s/o says that it’s definitely not healthy that they’re so reliant on them, but Hinata doesn’t really care. For some reason, he finds the borderline insomnia endearing.

- He’s a sucker for the cute, cliche couple things. He’s definitely made an investment in matching “he’s mine” “she’s mine” sweatshirts, or matching cell phone charms, or just anything that matches, really. He claims that he gets ‘warm and fuzzy’ when he shares something with his s/o, because it proves that they belong to him.

- He’s a stealthy kisser, this one. If he manages to catch his s/o in the halls during a passing time of some sort, he’ll waste no time running up to them and giving them a wet kiss on the cheek, or lips, or anywhere he can reach, then run away. It’s a bit embarrassing, but he won’t stop doing it anytime soon.

- He likes to kiss, a lot. Preferably he likes soft, consecutive pecks on the lips and neck, making out without teeth or tongue, just gentle, soothing kisses that make your heart flutter and your knees go weak. Although sometimes, he just doesn’t care, and his kisses are an open mouthed catastrophe and god, he isn’t even aiming for your mouth at this point, but he’s far too into it and he’s holding onto your waist so lovingly and you just don’t want it to stop.

- If it isn’t exciting, it isn’t a date. He doesn’t understand people who take their girlfriends to indie coffee shops and museums, because there’s no point in even going out if ‘you’re going to a total snoozefest!’ Hinata’s the type of guy who’s always seeking out new opportunities. Sometimes he’ll take his s/o to somewhere familiar, like an amusement park, or paintball. Other times he’s taking his s/o to go skydiving, or go see some deadly animal at the zoo. His s/o is in for quite the ride if they’re used to just staying home, you’re a forced extrovert if you’re with Hinata Shouyou.

- Hinata knows everyone in the prefecture and beyond, so his s/o is often greeted by random strangers on the street who, for some miraculous reason, could probably recite their social security number off the top of their heads. He can’t help but brag about his s/o to anyone he comes across, and even if he doesn’t mean to, hem will. The person he’s talking to could sneeze and he would be like, “Hey! You know who else sneezes?” then go on talking about them from there. After his s/o was approached by Koganegawa on the street, (and began to fear for their life after the guy nearly jumped on them) they asked him to stop. Do you think he stopped, though? Not a chance.

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✨I need your validation Maisie and 👀 your blog is the best?? You are the best too and ugh I just love everything about it and you and I really wish I could give you a hug rn

um??? that is the sweetest thing ever??? and u and ur blog are also the best and ilysm!!! anD YES I WILL ACCEPT THAT HUG AND GIVE U ONE BACK!!!


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overall: like a billion out of 10 ily!!!!

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