ily and seeing you on my dash is a joy

Okay SO!! This blog is almost four months old and I’m nearly at 700 followers, and I just?! I LOVE every single one of you so much!! Thank you all for your support and encouragement! And omg your acceptance of my Ramsay? Has been so amazing! Ramsay appreciates you okay. As much as he’s able. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate each and every one of you! So here’s a long overdue bias list of everyone I’ve RPed with, become friends with, and have just been a joy to see on my dash!! I LOVE YOU ALL KEEP BEING AMAZING!

Babes Ramsay and I love more than life itself and wouldn’t flay even if paid. I adore you guys so SO much and I love you, okay? Like wow you’re amazing, and you mean a lot to me. You guys are my not just partners, but my friends and ily a lot!

@twiicetheheart @the-tenth-will-see-you-now @goodmenhavenorules @thetimeladyandthetardis @theagentturnedwanderer @timelordcurse @snxwbornbvstard @winterfellswolfqueen @iam-theinterfector @distrcss @thewhxtewolf @ladyalinabolton @littlelannisterlion

Babes I adore the hell out of and need more of in my life like immediately. Your blogs are AMAZING, your muses are amazing, and I will follow you forever, and I just honestly love you so much! Let’s RP more immediately. Like PLS.

@cerseilionesslannister @zaldrizotresy @zaldrizotala @oftarth @ixto @areliasawthestarsand @royalsadist @vengefulhonor @neverxsnow @neitherknightnorlady @ofporcelain @rosereigned @davosshorthand @watcherandshield @conqueror-of-lemoncakes @redwhitedread @afuriousstag @roosebxltxn @agirlingrey @jonxsnxw @wcrg @captaiinharkness

omg and JUST I ADORE the hell out you guys so much! I see you on my dash and I just LOVE seeing each and every one of you! I want to RP more with all of you and just get to know you better, okay? Your blogs are amazing!!

@lordofthewatch @dishonoredbear @nottobecrossed @incissam @porcelaiinblondie @tvrcll @cruciatusxamator @bearmaiiden @wildmoored @five-guns-days @thefxnger @themanthatlies @theta-x @ask-xi  @brokcnidentity @almostqueensansa @starkmatriarch @coldhonovr @vxlpiine @kraujodrakonas @pureironking @wolf-queen-named-stark @vezhvensajak @herunfailingkindness @longmayshereign-cersei @defenderofthegrove @propheticwolf @mithraiic @iindomitvs @xviperinae @rabbitharts @secxndstark @theevergreenman @theusurper @lxstbirds @louvereine @thedragoninthesnow @flayersdaughter @georgerrrmartin @worshipsonlydeath @melodyandpond @thesiilverqueen @nothingxdauntedxher @predative @rhacgal @the-knife-with-an-edge @pureheroiism @flxbber @trigger-and-wings