ily and hbd

bangtan x twitter derp faces


“E X O”
“Never don’t mind about a thing”
“Shawty Imma party till the sundown”
“That’s right my type”
“Yehet! Ohorat!”
“On my Bday no one congratulated me in 11 minutes”
“I really thought Seventeen’s Jeonghan was NCT’s Johnny”
“How can you say that to a baby of the group”
“So we were women before? (Overdose era)”
“I’m a baby so that’s why I call you baby too”
“*To Tao* Yeah, you are naturally ugly”

dante: [falls asleep on ari]

ari: oH MyY gOdo oH MY gOD oH m MY GO dd

quick sketch bc it’s mzusak‘s birthday!!! actually it’s probably not where u are, loren, but it’s not midnight here yet so this still counts <3