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idk wtf i’m doing majoring in english………should have gone into graphic design………

anyway !

i just want to say that i really truly love every single one of you, i really do. i love being able to come on here and see people who love the same things i do and be able to yell w/ them and you guys just really make my world a better place to exist in and i’m so, so glad that you guys are a part of my life (or at least my dash). thank u so much for 1k, i’m sending all of u love and kisses and good things bc u deserve them!

👑 - the rulers over my heart.. u give hobi a run for his money

💖 - ur one of my favs nd im probably most likely head over heels in love with you

✨ - ur great and i lov ur blog but we dont talk much dont worry i still love u

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Run-the-jules’ or Paul’s “Yes, I still exist” Follow Forever! After my old blog (tame-impaula, southpole-monkeys, tempauls, arapaulla, alturnertivelyalturnertive or whatever you knew it as) was deleted I’ve been trying to find all my old friends and let them know about my deletion. One massive note, if you see this post please tell as many people as possible cause not a lot of people actually know that tumblr deleted me. Also just as another side-note, they did delete my blogs, I did not choose to start again, they deleted my account and blogs yet some of my posts still float around (something I don’t understand)….anyway! Let’s get on with the awesome people that make my life:


adventuroushobbits / ageofc0nsent / alexturnerisawanker / alone-since-89 / andrewvanwynperfect / anobrainy / arcticdickheads / arcticmonkeystx / arcticwankies 


babeshaw / baiochemistry / baiomeetsworld / baiovevo / berrtmacklinn / brokenzoom 


cafeezra / casablancasandthevoidz / cherriglazerr / chinesefountains / chubbyblancas / classydickjoke / coronastone / crossbayblvd / cupid-deluxe 


dan-auerbae / dancingpilgrim / desiree-be-desiree-go / disfordancefloor / donutation / drop-of-smoke 


eggsra / emily-thevampireslayer / ezzieforprezzie


fabconfetti / fall- / fireside505 / fkatwg / fluorescentkneesocks / fosterthestrokedmonkeys / frigidmonkeys / fuckinghumbug / fuseisfiresideus 


gnome-run / goodbyeweeknd


hannah-hunt-her-ass-down / hannuhhunt / harmumford / haxlqueen / heldersvevo !!!!!!!!!!!! YAS GO FOLLOW MICHELLE !!!! / helduhrs / here-we-fookin-go / heyjules1251 / hiding-in-your-soup / horror-storyyy / humvug 


icantwin-arabella / icecreamdamon / ihatealexturner / ilovenickywire / im-a-rock-drummer / im-a-weirdo-baby / in-this-hell-of-a-season / indiebands / instant-tyranny / ithinkurnotacontra


jackfxckingwhite / jamesbagelshaw / jayjayhayward-young / johnkrasinski / julian2006 


kevinparkor / kindlingforthefire / kngkrul / kornyewest 


l505l / leatherclad-illusion-machine / lichtenstien / lil-fabrizio / lilyisanerd / littlefabrizio / littleillusion-machine / lonerismboy 


macchup1cchu / macdefucko / mardyumm / mattbelllamy / melodyscalling / mileskanevevo / misskrule / mmatthelders 


nickallbrookjpeg / nightcalls / nintendoblood / no-malley / notsomightyboosh


officialcasablancas / onemillion-lovers / originalfabfour / orpheusturners 


peachyezra / potion-approaching999 / punchedamonet / punctured-bicycles 




r–u—m–i–n–e / r-u-thunderstorms / raiseuptoyourabilityy / recklessmonkey / red–rabbits / robot-from1984 / ronnievjr / rorschacheatsbeans / royalbloocl


sad-arctic-monkey / sar-dines / sardybum / sassablancass / schlag-dat-ass / skaiass / snuckitandsee / @soismellwatermelon / song2byblur / step2yagirl / strikestwo /  strokingthemonkeys / stuck-on-the-piledriver-waltz / suckitandzee / suckithumbug / suren1990 


@tameimpaluh / tameimpalala / tarantinoe / teenagedalien / teenagedelinquent / temp1es / ten-tonne-skeleton / thatmonkeyalex / the-perfect-hideout / theblaackkeys / thehipwaffle / thevoidzofficial / think-silently / turnerandcasablancas / turnerareas / turrneralex


ugharcticmonkeys / uhmbug / unofficialcasablancas 




walcahtt / wankmonkeys / whenthezeros / whiteleatherbywolfalice / whorchacha / whorillaz 




you-need-to-have-a-little-faith / youcanteventouchme / youcanteventouchme


zondz / ztrokes


-the-april-fool- / 198s / 2020bythevaccines / 29-different-attributes / 3am3pm / 505-not-found / 505fireside / 96-point-futura


Yay so I reached my first great giant milestone that is 1K followers wow. And really thank everyone of you; each and every of you precious muffin people for following me and promoting and what not for bearing my obsession over boo seungkwan and my not-so-closet seungcheol feels and my 2seung ship.

So here’s a special shout-out to all of you! [inserts popping confetti and loud celebration music] Okay the following will be under read more so it doesn’t crowd the dashboard.

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Hiii everyone, I figured I could make a summer follow forever since everyone else is! These are some of the people I follow who I see on my dash and reblog the most from. I love all of you very much a lot and thank you for being lovely. ♡ Happy summer! - xx Ashley

# - e

// 1d-love-with-ziam // adoredlou // a-lot-like-larry // alrightylou // alwaysbemybabe // ayylou // babyspouses // bdsmlourry // blaminglouis // blushire // boyfrandstagram // bumstagram // buttsextingwithziam // chewylouis // chiselou // chocolatefonlou // chocolouiis // cockyboyslouis // cockytommo // coldplaylouis // curlsandlou // desiringlouis // dimplekisses // dreamlouis // dirtyhairlouis // elounever //

f - j

// fcuklourry // fkclou // footballandfringe // freakinlou // greathaz // haroldslovebites // harrayoftomlinsunshine // harryrimslou // hearteyedboyfriends // inparticularawful // 

k - o

kissestoliam // kittyharold // larryfucksziam // larryismysunshine // larryteam // lewishazza // louciferstylinson // l-o-u-i-s-h-a-r-r-y // lametwinks // louis-little-strawberry // louismess // louisthings // lourryshots // lousflowers // loutomolinsons // ltwink // lustforlourry // mpreglarry // nauticallou // niallrayban // nialuh // ohealys // oopshibye // oopsmethi //

p - s

// pocketsizedtommo // polaroidlouis // rancidlouis // sayyestostylinson // sexharreh // shrimplouis // sloumate // stlyesno // stylinsonbravery17 // stylinssquad // stylinsweet // stylslou //

t - z

// tattslou // thebullship // tictactoelou // tksniall //  tomcattommo // tomlinsonstubble // tomlinsuntea // tommology // ttomlinstyles // warmlou // ziamsighs

some other rad people I follow

// caramelfringe // bromanceshmomance // cocoalou // definegirlfriends // donnysoldier // goodladnicelittlebody // larrycoincidences // loaded-gunn // prettytruthsandlies // stylesforstiles //  


Hello, everyone! First of all, I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season! I just wanted to thank everyone for making my dash so awesome throughout the year and let you all know how much I appreciate you all, so here’s my way of doing so!  All of you lil cuties deserve the world and I hope Santa comes and gives you everything you asked for :~) Happy Holidays!

p.s: I’m so sorry if I forgot anyone, you all rock

p.p.s: pls excuse the shitty graphic I can’t photoshop 

a-e: ageofultronalecsbow,allisonsisaac, alliegantallvdia, anniechristmasanselelgoranselshaiargentfighter, argentless, awhstiles, baneandalec,  barryalleneh, blakesclarkes, bluejeepsbraedernbraverdeenbretalbott, caebswater, cameronmonaghanscecyherondele, chloebennnet, christmaseverdeen,  circleofrazielclaerissafray,  claryherondales, connorsoliverdarlingargents, danielsharmanss, danielssharmansdylanobhrien

f-j: finnscolllin, finnicksjingleballsfourfinick, fourtriss, ggansey,  ggrinted, g-uillermodeltorohaletostilinski, hazlegracehoechlinedhollansroden, hollndsobrien,  howllettjabberjais, jaceherondaale, javierbernaaljemasfitz, jemsdrug, jollylydia

k-o: karengilans, katnlzs, keffyhornslaurel-castillo,  liamccalls,liamsdunbar, ligtwood,  lydiasbatmadgesgoldpinmaliatale, maliatatertot, maliamistletoemaraoders, martym, memoryserums,  minohomo, moclcingjaysmudblods, mazeruhnersneviles, obriens, oholyhobrienohremus, oliveresqueen, oliverhamqton

p-t: parishben, philcoulson, popunkscott,  praetorwoolseyravenchlaw, reginageorgesrosereturns, ronweasley, royharperh, sasswolfs scottsmccall, sheriffstillinskisleighinski, snowflakecap, snowingstydia, snowstilinskistydiaastydiah, stydixa, stilynsk1, tacoposey, targayrens, tasharomanovasteddywestside

u-z: werebraedenweremalia, wessas, winterbuckvwlntersfell, yukimuiras



and this time it is a proper one where I thank more people than I usually do because I realized how shitty my last ones were and plus this is the biggest one until much later.

Hey cuties! I have hit 600 so yeah here is my follow forever, and all the blogs listed below are the really cool ones and the bolded ones are just ones that I think are really awesome and they’re awesome even if I don’t talk to them but yeah FOLLOW THEM ALL IF YOU’RE NOT~


a-boy-like-trxye adorable-tilly all-time-nuggetallie-cutie allofthefand0ms allyouneedisbooksandfandoms arithefangirl attack-on-whatever17 ayysivan bloodandscreaming boner-at-the-disco bootyjumper bubblyhowell bunbuncrocker cantsurvivereality canyoupizza cocainedollarbillsandmyhlp comicphans covests


daddyoakley daleyoakley did-i-mention-troyler ecadnacmarie eccentricangelwithquirkiness everything-troyler fandoms-internet-and-youtube fangirl354 ferriswheelsandcarnivals folieadye fr3ntus frentus-wants-to-frickle-frack fvckitshannah giselle-5sos gleekywolfer greenskies1534


hardcoretroyler  hello-oakley helloyoutubersuniverse hisalvador holdingontoyourie hpfan2013 i-ship-it-xoxo ihavetroylertouch infinitytroyler innuendohowell it-has-to-be-amazing itsthatgirl-em jaimecanyoudyemyhair jointheyoutubefamily just-another-troyler-shipper justalittlebitlosthere k-i-n-g-f-o-r-a-d-a-y


l-rinokumura-l lazysummersundays little-miss-sassafras luvwontstopthisbomb mangothatismelancholy maybetroylerwillbeouralways momo-mikoshibaa multi-fandom-fangirling multifandomfanfics my-happy-little-phan nerdfightingforawesome netflix-babe696 noootella obsessed-with-sivan obsessed-with-youtube ohtyluhyouresodreamy okay-troylerific opidiod


phan-in-kilts phan-of-troyler phans-oreo-lovechild phuck-phan pierce-the-phil piercethekittens procrastination-station13 punkrockandunicorns queeentroye rorythenerdfightingroman sea-reously setmyheartonfirelikeyoutubeships seventytree ship-the-troyler shipperofalloftheships simply-phantastic sivandoms sivanist slay-trxylerr slayemtroyler slaynuggets sluttytroye starbucks-sivan suptroyler


t-r-o-y-l-e-r-e-l-l-a tfioakley tharabidfangirl thatgirlwhosobssesedwithyoutube thaturieguy the-cheeseburger-has-spoken theatricalseafood thedanosaur30 thegillfish thxnks-pete tidily-oakdizzle tilly-and-trxye tillyoaktree tillyplustroye tr0ylerella trasparhowell tripping-for-troyler troye-and-tyler-are-my-queen troye-oakslay troye-slayphan troyeaholic troyes-awkward-munchkins troyes-glasses troyesbirthmark troyeslittletwink troyeswink troyextilly troyler-cunt troyler-feels troyler-oakllet troyler-tube troylerandtrxye troyleratthedisco troylerbooksyoutube troylerfamilycompliments troylers-bae troylerslut troylersmellet troylersnotonfire troylertots troyleryay trxy-ler trxye-and-txlly trxyes-gasoline twirlingtroye tyleroakleysslave tylershizzle


ughhlester umtroyler ur-a-lil-nuggetvomit-in-my-mouth whatisatroyler whyarecarrotsorange xtroylerismybaex yaytroyler yeah-youtubers youdeserveatroyler youtube-and-randomness youtube-and-shtuff youtubebanana youtubemyworld zoesuggismyqueen


NOW, there are YouTubers of course that I wanna thank (as usual), but there is one very, very specific person that I wanna thank, and that would be my one and only totally-troyler​.Cait the Great, you are literally one of the best internet friend a person could ever have. You were my first major one, and we’ve known each other since what, April and I already love you so damn much? So yeah, thank you again daring because you’re really great and I’m so glad that I stalked you that one late night. I could go on more, but I’m too lazy. Ily.


So yeah, now that I’ve said all my thanks and stuff, I’ll say that I love you all and if here is ANYTHING YOU WANNA SAY, don’t be scared to message me!

(also sorry if I forgot you.)

*horrible wink because I’m not Troye Sivan* BYEEEEEE

Going to try this!

The first 365 people to reblog this will get their urls put in a jar and every day I will pick out one url to send a nice message to!
You don’t have to be following me but it would be nice :) happy new years ily all!

idk i did a thing like this last year and i wanted to do it again:)
I want to do something nice for my followers so those who are following me and reblog this until Christmas:

  • 10 people each day from Christmas till New Years will get a nice message in their ask
  • 5 people will get a graphic request
  • 5 people will get any of my saved urls
  • the rest will be promoted (solo promos and/or a promo list, depending on how many notes this gets)

i will pick these randomly yay ily all:)