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Taking a couple days of rest!

Hello guys~ I’m going to take a couple days off from drawing for this au because hoo boi did I do a lot these past 2 weeks :’-) I’ll still be here to talk! Also I think I’m going to make a side blog for my other AUs cause I don’t want this one to get crowded with irrelevant content so i might head over there for the next couple days just to refresh my creative juices (I haven’t made one yet but just a heads up!)

I’ll come back in full force and finally get through that jinkook/ot7 when I’ve hit refresh on life.

As always, thank you so much for all of your support. It keeps me up at night sometimes how loved I feel agdhsjsh you guys are the REALEST :’) 💖




make me choose

christophermccarrell (ironically) asked: Rob Houchen or Chris McCarrell

smh alice why are you making follow forever ure at 2.1k now
ok but let’s pretend that im still at 2k ok

hi yeah i bet u didnt see this one coming ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
yh so here’s the list of the souls i want to sacrifice- i mean people i hate i mean children i adore. yes.

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right so if u were bolded and italicised, that means ure a loser <33

kk bye i hope u wont get salty if i didnt get u in since i prolly love u anyway

╰( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )つ── ♥*:・゚

Could you do an imagine were im sitting on the roof alone and he shows up and you give eachother relationship advice? Love you <333 (^.^ thank you!!)



there are more than seven hundred of you. lets just take a moment. 

I would say thank you, but that would be an understatement. So instead, I’m sorry for the inactiveness. Let’s just say the queue isn’t maxed out anymore, but I’m working on it. And I am running this blog alone now. But anyways, please continue to spam the ask box, because it makes me feel so cool opening tumbs and seeing like three asks i love that and I hope to get my game together soon so I can return to weekly imagines. 


You were constantly finding yourself with no space of your own. No space to eat, drink, sleep, or pee… The apartment you shared with your family was just too small. And one magical day, you discovered the roof, where it gave you more than enough room to eat, drink (no sleeping or peeing though). And it provided you with another thing; room to think. And that was where you were tonight. 

It was just that night, that one night, you were too fed up with everything. You got another bad grade in your advanced algebra class, even though you were doing everything right. Too many pop quizzes in your Latin class, that you never did well in. And your friends weren’t helpful either. But then again, when have they ever been helpful to you? 

So here you were, sitting on the concrete on the roof, hoping no one would find you. To your luck, however, you were. Y/C/N, who just coincidentally lived too floors above from you, opened the door that lead to here, and making a huge noise with it. Disrupted from your peace, you stood up and turned your head, annoyed at the sound, but not so much at the sight. Y/C/N was angry, you could tell he was. His fists, and jaw were clenched, giving you a perfect view of his sharp jawline. He stomped his way to the ledge of the building, which was the opposite side you were on. You weren’t too sure of what you should do. You definitely weren’t leaving, but you didn’t have anything with you to pose as a distraction. So you just watched from a distance, as Y/C/N let out his anger by shouting, kicking anything in his reach, and more shouting. Once he was finished, he just stood at that ledge, heaving. There wasn’t any other noise besides his heavy breathing, and you kind of enjoyed that. You could go back to your thinking if you wanted to. And you were about to, but you were interrupted, yet again. 

“How long have you been here?” your crush asked you when he noticed your presence. 

“Longer than you’ve been here. In fact, I do believe you stole my territory,” you said, placing your hands on your hips to act like you had power over a roof (and you and him both knew that you really didn’t). 

He ran his hand through his hair. “Sorry about that, I just needed some space. I never get that.”

“Oh really? Me too.” You said, letting your ‘guard’ down. 


“Yeah. Have a seat,” you gestured to the uninviting pavement before lying down on it. Your crush followed your actions, placing his hands behind his head. The silence of the roof was back, and you and Y/C/N embraced it. It was what you too were there for, anyways. 

“So what are you doing up in my territory?” you asked, turning your head to him. 

“I need to clear my mind. My girlfriend is just driving me crazy and I’m questioning why I was going after her to begin with,” he said, laughing at what he said. 

You scoffed. “Why date man? It takes up all your time, and constantly ties you down. Don’t you want to be free?”

“You must have a lot of negative opinions, don’t you?” he asked, before sitting up. “Listen, you probably just haven’t found the right one yet.”

“Oh? So tell me, who would be the right one?”

“Well, someone who doesn’t care about your favorite song.”

“Why wouldn’t they care?” You asked, sitting up with him. 

“Because it’s not important! If they found it important, then they would,” he lied back down, ending the conversation. You both enjoyed the silence, though it was thick with tension and deep thought. 

“Sorry I took your place.” Your crush said, standing up to leave. 

“It’s okay, actually. You can come back as long as you’re this quiet,” you said. Y/C/N laughed, before walking to the door. You watched him, again unsure if you should do something or not.

“Hey, Y/C/N. Would you happen to care about my favorite song?” He turned around, a small smile playing at his face. 



hey buddies, so i finally reached 1.9k and i just wanted you all to know how much i love and appreciate the hard work you all put into your blogs. you’re all amazing and thank you for making being a fan of these shows, actors and actresses so much more enjoyable. you’re all the best and ilysm. (it’s guaranteed that i missed people because i follow an insane amount of blogs, but if you aren’t included and follow you i love your blog ok)


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clones-and-thrones: you have made the absolute best cophine fanfiction i have ever read. you are able to make cosima and delphine have that banter and flirtation while still encapsulating their traits they have in the show but from a high school perspective. it’s just so perfect and makes me so happy whenever there’s an update. you can read it here (x)

thingsdrawnonorphanblack: all your posts are so hilarious, one of the funniest people in the fandom by far. 

clonesbians: thank you for making so many amazing gif sets, they make my dashboard filled with frickin sunshine.