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hey @ goyim could y'all reblog this if you're actually willing to listen to Jewish people and protect us?

we really need allies right now, and I know seeing this on people’s blogs could be comforting to other Jewish people. But please don’t do this as performative allyship- actually try and help us irl, or at least learn about antisemitism enough to spot it and call it out.

Raising My Legson: Never Introduce Your Friends

Legdad: Son, where did you learn that?!
Legson: Uncle Jeoncena told me if I do this I’ll lead a fulfilling life *keeps legdabbing*
Legdad: *shakes fist* JUNGKOOK

  • Phichit: I have no love life.
  • Yuuri: what are you talking about? You have more of a love life than me
  • Phichit: are you really sure about that?
  • Yuuri: *looking down at engagement ring* oh yeah
  • Phichit: yeah.

this stream was a complete blast thank you so much to everyone who came and hung out!!! we got some real great work in lmao…..

thats right kids i’m doing one of these lmao (i am a Master of graphic design)

hello everyone it’s alice and i hit my first follower goal so here’s my first follow forever lmao ! i remade nearly 2 months ago and now i have all of u beautiful mutuals and i just wanted u to know that i Love and appreciate u all… i sound very soft and honestly i am but enough of me ily all keep up the good work etc etc 💌❤️🌹💫

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bubbles12121-blog  asked:

So I just found your blog and I am in LOVE with your artwork!!! It's just so beautiful!! Like how even???? I also love your DEH drawings! Tree bros is one of my favorite ships! Also today was kind of a crappy day for me so seeing your art really lightened my mood. Thank you for existing!!!!!!!

I hope you had a better day today and here’s a lil something for you bc you brighten up my day so much with this message thank u….

aaaaaaaaaaaahhh hello friends !!! i am here for a mutual appritiation post for me hitting 1k friends !!! when i made this sideblog i never thought it would ever have 1k followers but it happened !!! n its all thank to u who actually like me and talk to me and stand by me so thank u so much 💓 this is a looong list bc i didnt wanna leave anyone out but i probably still did n im so sorry im very forgetful but ily 💗💘💕💓 u all make my life a lil better everyday 💗💗

im sorry this is s simple my computer fucked up twice so this is my third time trying it TT im so sorry djsusjdkld (yes thats me in the banner) 💗💕💓💖💟💞

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The Inevitability of Our Story

Request: I was listening to Can’t Help Falling In Love by Elvis himself and I couldn’t help but think about Newt while listening to it idk its such a Newt song and then i thought of you and well, it sounds like a possible fic idea ;) ;) I know you have so many requests but i just wanted to put this out there, also to tell you that these kinds of songs remind me of Newt and then you and your amazing stories. Anyway, have a good day!

Word Count: 3,979

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Requested by @dont-give-a-bother but also tagging @red-roses-and-stories @caseoffics @myrtus-amongst-the-stars @ly–canthrope @thosefantasticbeast2 @benniesgalaxy @studyforthreehands @whatinbenaddiction

                                                  I. For

Newt’s quill scratches against the parchment and he mumbles words under his breath, reading over his manuscript. Thunder outside rumbles, raindrops thump against the glass panes, and you plod over to Newt, dropping into the open spot next to him. He hardly notices as your forearm brushes his lightly, or the way you hum softly before tapping the back of his hand.


“Yes?” He mumbles, eyes still scanning over his messy handwriting.

“Can I ask you something?”

“Yes?” The word is distracted, his attention only half on you. This manuscript is important. He’s almost finished editing his chapter on bowtruckles and other leafy beasts; best friend or not, he doesn’t want to pause his work until he gets through the last page of it.

“Why do mooncalves only emerge during full moons?”

He doesn’t look up from the parchment. “They have an affinity for it.”

“But why?” You question, resting your chin in one hand as you play with the leaf of a potted plant sitting on the table.

Newt glances up at you, wary. “You really want to know?”

You nod, lips puckered in confusion as the leaf turns a shade of blue.

His heart twists, chest warming as he sets down his quill, and Newt shifts, uncomfortable with the sudden change of his heart’s rhythm. “It’s only a theory right now.”

You meet his eyes and smile. “That’s all right. I’d still like to hear what you think.”

Newt tries to ignore the feeling in his chest. “Could it wait a couple of minutes? I’ve almost finished here.”

“I’ll wait.” You say it with another smile, reaching out to squeeze his arm gently.

Though he was unaware of it, Newt has been on the precipice of falling for quite some time. Only a lack of free time had prevented him from considering this, considering asking you on a date. It would really only take a gesture, a small nudge, to knock him off that cliff, to convince him to ask you out.

Your soft squeeze of his arm is that nudge.

He lifts his quill again, throat dry, fully prepared to edit more, but Newt can’t tear his eyes away from the gentle slope of your nose or the way you narrow your eyes at the color-changing leaf.

Three pages of the chapter still need to be edited, but Newt flips the notebook shut, taking a deep breath, praying the strange feeling will disappear after a good night’s rest. “The moon’s a signal to them.”

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//Almost two weeks into June and I just took my time to draw something pride-related ffff-

Either way- Happy Pride Month everyone!! 

so i hit 10 thousand followers which is pretty cool?? it’s hard to believe that only a matter of months ago i was starting out this blog and to see how far it has come since then is crazy! i’m grateful to everyone who’s followed me & i can’t thank u enough for reblogging my things

anyways!! here are a bunch of amazing blogs that i have the pleasure of following! you’re all so nice and funny and just generally wonderful people and seeing u on my dashboard every day is a real treat so thank u :’)

much love 

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Kaisoo spam pt 5

Sharing clothes

taking bae away

size differences is sooo cute?

when bae is playing with someone else  (i bet you he doesn’t hit nini when they play( ̄ω ̄;)

imitating eachother is cute too

no comment! ( ̄ω ̄;)( ̄ω ̄;)( ̄ω ̄;)

gotta save soo

he just seems so happy to be in baes arms

hello! it’s jaymee (aka. lovebugi / minibugi / jjongibugi)

i’d like to thank the 100+ lovely people that follow me by doing my first follow forever for this blog!

it’s been around 3 weeks (?) since i’ve created this sideblog & i’m really glad to see all the people who continue to support the pd101 trainees since the show ended—whether or not their fixed pick has debuted. seeing all this positivity makes this website such a fun place to be on, and i’m glad to be a part of it.

so, without further ado, here’s a shoutout to all the people who radiate positivity:

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hello everyone!! i recently hit my first big goal so i decided it’s a good reason to make my first follow forever!! i wanted to show appreciation for my lovely mutuals, you really make this place so fun!! thank you for making my dash look so beautiful ♡  sorry if i excluded anyone, some people changed urls and i couldn’t find them… and if you’re following me from a sideblog i could forget to check it ;;

special shout out to @leejinks for teaching me pretty much everything photoshop related, i’m sorry i’m so dumb but you can’t escape me, ily too

to @jimissi​ aka my bro. my lovely dude. thank you for loving and accepting me as i am, i know that even that pineapple discourse can’t tear us apart

anyway here’s a list of some really wonderful people, thank you sososo much for following me!! ♡

favorites are bolded

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hey y’all it’s your local (hot) mess, macy 🐰 so yesterday was this blog’s one year anniversary and i can’t believe it’s been a whole year?? it’s been a wild ride, this blog has grown more than i could’ve imagined and i’ve met such incredible and lovely people, i love you all so much and i’m really thankful to you all for brightening up my dash with quality memes and amazing content ^.^

Thank you all and I hope you’re having a beautiful day/night 💘

mutuals // faves // friends ♡ // you’ve unlocked friendship level 5 ✿

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hello my beautiful friends. i’ve made it to 500 FOLLOWERS, and i’m honestly so in shock rn. when i joined tumblr, i truly didn’t think that even one person would follow my blog but look at it now!! i’ve wanted to do a follow forever for a really long time because i’ve met so many new people since i first started my account and i couldn’t be happier to be apart of the tom holland fandom. i’ve been in many fandoms before, but i’ve never met such compassionate, understanding, and open minded people as i have in this one. so even if we never talk, or if we do every day, i just want you all to know how much i care about each and every one of you. thank you for your constant love and support :)

now first, i wanna give a shoutout to a few mutuals that i hold very close to my heart.

@hufflepuffholland: one of the first tom blogs i ever followed, and she continues to be my favorite blog on tumblr. charissa, you’re one of the most down to earth people that i’ve ever had the pleasure of talking to and you care so much about the wellbeing of your followers and it warms my heart. you are truly my tumblr inspiration.

@parkerpter: JENNA. ONE OF MY BEST FRIENDS. you are such a BEAUT and idk what i did to deserve you in my life?? pls let me know?? your theme is my everything and ah i just love you so much. thanks for lighting up my life every day :’)

@babyparker (who i actually stole this whole idea from whoops): such a pure and kind soul. absolutely adorable and so very lovely. she’s always ready to listen and is the true embodiment of a sweetheart. mary, your entire account is my Aesthetic™ from your moodboards, to your writing, to your theme. teach me how to be you pls; you’re such an icon. much love, darling xx

@webslinqer: hanna you always calm me down and i love hearing everything about your life. you have given me such good advice and your acc is GOALS. 

@petersspidey: mads, my true love. girl where have you been all my life? you are literally my SOUL TWIN. i’m so glad that we started talking. you are one of the FUNNIEST people i’ve ever met and i always enjoy talking to you. not to mention that your writing is stellar (even though you refuse to admit it but okay i guess tHAT’S FINE).

@spideyparkerfilms: bug, thank you SO much for being the mvp. i’ll always appreciate the little blurbs and videos of cute dogs that you send me to make me feel better. you’re such a positive and bubbly person and you deserve all the followers in the world. I LOVE YOU. 

@pctcr: MY FIRST FRIEND ON TUMBLR. omg this girl gets me so well and we just automatically clicked and i think she’s such a nice person to talk to (even though i have been so flakey lately because of schoolwork pls forgive me ily)

@spiderling–parker: ik we don’t talk much any more, but you were one of my first friends on tumblr and it was so nice writing that headcannon with you and freaking out over all things peter parker hehe. i’m so proud of all your writing and how far you’ve come bb !! keep killing it xo

next, i wanna say a BIG thank you to everyone in the chat by peter parker!! such an awesome and welcoming group that has basically been there since day ONE. i’m so lucky to be a part of it and i honestly don’t know what i would do without each and every one of you. thanks for being the best pals a gal could ask for.

@hawkiye, @homecomign, @ohpeteparker, @miraculous-katsukii, @lgbtspiderman@parkerpretty, @officialpeterbparker, @peterspiders, @lucidsdream, @spidermanmcu, @samsationalwilson, @heyheyitsmk, @spidermans, @userspidey, @justiceleages, @hollandd

AND LASTLY, SOME OTHER INCREDIBLE BLOGS!! i have so many good things to say about each and every one of these blogs so if you’re ever down and need a confidence booster, please message me and i will shower you with compliments until the end of time.

@tbholland, @spiderparkerboy, @prkrptr, @tomhstories, @parkrpetey, @tomshollandss, @mc-universe, @tomsh0lland, @tom-holla, @venusparker, @homecunnings, @cmonpeter, @parker-holland, @nycspidey, @ultraspideysense, @hllands, @auntmaye, @peeterparrker, @nedandpeter, @punderoos, @peterparkereds, @penlsparker, @spxdxrmxn, @queensspiderboy, @infinityywar, @tmholland, @charmingparker, @peterplanet, @hollandtrash, @sunnystark, @peterparkerxs, @peterandchurros, @ayyholland, @cuteparkers, @hollandaised, @softspidey

fyi, if i didn’t mention your url in this list, i still love you with all my heart. it’s so hard to keep track of all my mutuals and fave accounts bECAUSE THERE’S SO MANY OF THEM! anyways this is long enough as it is so i’m signing off!