ily a lot you're all adorable

gentlexbloom  asked:

UH.... ♥ + me.................................................. iF U WANNA....

you’re all my babes and ily: accepting!

1. *deep breath that leads into loud screaming* FIRST OF ALL YOU ARE THE MOST GENUINELY ADORABLE PERSON I KNOW. Like, I know lots of cute and sweet people but I s2g I’ve never met someone who just interacts with people and im sitting here ’d'aww’-ing at my screen like im watching god damn shoujo anime smh how does someone so precious even exist
2. Sakura has always been one of the characters that I related to a lot in terms of personality, in both the localized and Japanese versions of the game. Your particular take on her really breathes life into the things I always wanted to see expanded upon with her character. Particularly, how someone so soft and gentle handles the horrors of war. YOU DO SUCH A FANTASTIC JOB OF IT I REALLY JUST WANT TO CRY SOMETIMES???
3. your pen name is luna and it’s very fitting because y ou are beautiful like the moon okay i just love that so much. sakura is your little sun and your are the beautiful, serene moon watching your little daughter grow and glow. please never leave this fandom you’re too amazing.
4.You say you’re slow with replies but honestly I don’t think you’re that slow! You have a lot of (well-deserved bc ur amazing) traffic on your blog, so I think for how many people you interact with, you do a really good job of keeping up with things!! I’m so proud of you!!
5. And finally despite saying you’re a shy bean (ADORABLE IM TELLING YOU I DIE) I think you’ve got a lot of underlying bravery and confidence!! It really shows through with how you handle situations– the hate anon particularly and how hard you work on your blog and replies and JUST. EVERYTHING. ALL OF IT. Thank you for being a beautiful little light in this community i know for a fact im not the only person who loves you so much.

TLDR; w o w ily so much i really kinda want to cry thinking about how much i admire you brb ded