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aaaaaa so ive identified as bi for a long while now and dated a couple guys but im starting to realize that a lot of my attraction to guys seems to be compulsory heterosexuality and not actually totally real and im??? really confused because i still have some attraction to guys but i dont really trust that attraction to be genuine and honestly i have no desire or want to date guys at all ever and i just!!!!! am i a lesbian??? who knows!!! not me!!!! sincerely, a small & confused gay

hi babe!!!! this honestly sounds a lot like me and my situation when I realized I was a lesbian and not bi!!!! Though my end result was that I was a lesbian urs may be different!!!! To me it sounds like you’re a baby lesbian just trying to find her way but if u don’t feel comfortable with calling urself a lesbian yet it’s okay to say you’re gay. I can’t give much advice bc a lot of this is self discovery and takes time but if it makes you more at ease to hear me say what I think you could be I definitely think you’re a obvious lady lover!!! don’t rush into anything


omg. such a sweet and special and kind and creative boy who i’m happy is in my life and who i’m delighted to call my boyfriend!!! we bonded with each other over power metal and i love every moment we spend with each other. i’m so pleased with the intense connection i’ve made with u after only a few months of knowing u! ily so much aaaaaa <333

hey guys! in case you didn’t know, although i don’t understand how you couldn’t see me freaking out about it, i hit 1k! i can’t believe it so thank you so much! because of this, im going to be doing a follow forever.
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