ily ;aaaaaa;


If you run into a wall and pretend it doesn’t exist, you’ll never make progress. The wall will never change, so you’re the one who has to change.

Happy birthday to my dear Allen!!

maxvillareal  asked:

brat mother i think ur a grass type pokémon bc ur cute as heck and seemingly harmless but could probably fck someone up if u wanted to also grass types are my favorite and you're my favorite so !!!! ur probs like a petilil tbh!!!

AAAAAA ILY UR So CUTE OMFG PETILIL IS SO cute omfg ur 2 kind YA GRASS TYPE HELL YA omfg THIS SI gr8 omg im pleased ok love u!!!!!!!!!!!! XOXOXO!!!!!!!!

@starscarlet man ok I was just gonna leave it at birth but no

Ur super great and ily and u mean so much to me and ur the person who actually stuck around longest and I mean like I’d die for all of my friends because I love them all but like I’d double die for u ur rad and ily a lot u introduced me to a lot of stuff and now ur the dancing queen and ur gonna be great so have a good day and life and aaaaaa

Ily tho ur super great

windows-8  asked:

⭐ youre really nice and funny and hella Relatable(tm)!! you make me laugh a lot and whenever you reblog my art your notes are always so sweet it makes me wanna cry. plus youre super talented!! ily!!

You’re such a great friend ily so much!!!

ghostmoonchild  asked:

Here to spread some love to my fave Michemil shipper! You are an amazing and supportive person who has a great sense of humor! I appreciate you and the fandom is very lucky to have you! Stay awesome! ♡♡♡ #yoipositivitymovement

oh my god??? i don’t even know what to say??? this is??? so sweet??? i have not heard of this #yoipositivitymoment, but now i want to know more. no one’s ever told me that i’m their favorite michemil shipper and damn i am glad i am worthy enough for this…you are too kind!! aaaaaa, ily ♥♥. and i’ve been seeing your posts lately about being stressed out and such, so i hope everything goes as well as it can. thank you so much for this message!! this made my day omg.