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Is it just me or has Jongup's voice gotten like noticeably better over the years, especially recently?

a little, but more importantly, he’s become more confident and has more of an opportunity to show himself. before, he’d get very short lines, often even less than himchan, and he’d only introduce himself as the dancer of b.a.p and sometimes the sub-vocalist. so that’s why it made me really happy when backstage at one of their ‘take you there’ performances, he introduced himself as a dancer and singer. he’s grown and matured and become more comfortable with who he is and how talented and hard-working he is. 

but jongup has always had a nice voice, even before the hiatus! if you listen to his parts in ‘body & soul’, ‘check on’ and ‘punch’, and especially watch this performance!! his technique probably wasn’t the best and you can tell he’s nervous and out of breath, but his actual voice was always nice. nowadays with yongguk having more control over b.a.p’s music than before, the line distributions have definitely improved (most notably giving some of what normally would be daehyun’s parts to jongup) so jongup has more of a chance to show what he can do. I mean obviously he has improved his technique too over the years, and there’s this thing he does when he’s singing a hard part sometimes where he’ll make eye contact with daehyun and daehyun will smile at him encouragingly and honestly it’s the most heartwarming thing and you can see how proud daehyun is of him and……wait was I saying…. anyway!!!.. hopefully we’ll get to hear more of himchan this comeback too!

FINALLY GOT TO PLAY THE GUITAR. LAST ONE TOO. TOBACCO BURST. LIKE BUTTER. OMFG. (i asked for a birthday discount and he said “i could do 15%” and i was like “y'ain’t foolin nobody w that president’s day sale discount that already existed bs” (just kidding i didn’t say that. in those exact words)(also i want the white one or evil black one)(not that i’m picky im just saying .i would take a neon orange one idgaf). ONE. DAY. SHE WILL BE MINE.

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aaaaaa so ive identified as bi for a long while now and dated a couple guys but im starting to realize that a lot of my attraction to guys seems to be compulsory heterosexuality and not actually totally real and im??? really confused because i still have some attraction to guys but i dont really trust that attraction to be genuine and honestly i have no desire or want to date guys at all ever and i just!!!!! am i a lesbian??? who knows!!! not me!!!! sincerely, a small & confused gay

hi babe!!!! this honestly sounds a lot like me and my situation when I realized I was a lesbian and not bi!!!! Though my end result was that I was a lesbian urs may be different!!!! To me it sounds like you’re a baby lesbian just trying to find her way but if u don’t feel comfortable with calling urself a lesbian yet it’s okay to say you’re gay. I can’t give much advice bc a lot of this is self discovery and takes time but if it makes you more at ease to hear me say what I think you could be I definitely think you’re a obvious lady lover!!! don’t rush into anything