seventeen as things announced on caratmemes’ groupchat

S.Coups: As it crossed my mind I was like ‘what..why’ but I felt like I had to share that

Jeonghan: Also goodnight good luck at school ♡, but mostly go back to hell

Joshua: you can suffer in every state, solid, gas, liquid, depressed, California

Jun: No offense no hate but whenever I saw this pic it always reminds me of a japanese porn star

Hoshi: you are Sam, my man

Wonwoo: we’re playing a dangerous game called life

Woozi: bitch u get a donut and a pat on the back

DK: your definition of cyber bullying would probably be poking someone on facebook

Mingyu: u kidnapped him and gave him breaksticks that’s good enough

The8: If murder is legal morally and religiously then some people’s life ended on my hands

Seungkwan: i’m a pro at changing my face bc im a binch with thousands faces

Vernon: look, I failed Englihs 4 times, I kno houtta spel

Dino: I got played and my childhood ruined

anonymous asked:

rec me some good exo blogs please?

mm there’s really tons of blogs that i want to rec when i get these questions  aksld; but i’ll just go off my recent reblogs @wolfbyexosavedkpop / @savesuho / @tipannies / @dreamybaeks / @oohsenun / @ohhsenshine / @lawlliets / @angelksoo / @r-velvets / @solozhangrise / @luhtella / @305heaux / @littlebyuns / + blogroll