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I will always be there for you,
like the stars,
not always visible, but
present, watching over you,
with the exception that I can
be plucked like an apple
each time you need me
to brighten your day, or night.
—  M.A. Tempels © 2016

“And I hate them magazines, aimed at insecure teens
That make ten year olds race to grow up
Hey kids, let’s all be anorexic or better
Eat chocolate until you throw up
Keep your Hollywood stars, and their stupid cars
and that Botox that makes them look fucked
Just grow old with grace
Have you seen Cher’s face?
It looks like it’s been hit by a truck. ”

- Passenger “I Hate”

I’m a feminist because the imbalance of power, respect, and treatment between the genders is literally a matter of life and death. In this society, children grow up with stereotypical gender roles ingrained in their minds that limit their vision of their own identity. I cannot stress this enough - humans are absolutely capable of doing incredibly powerful things, and making anyone feel like less of a human drives them to turn this power into anger and depression towards themselves. I know we’ve come so far throughout history, but it has also grown to affect women significantly as we have become more self-aware of the reason why this standard has come to be.
Many women feel the immense pressure for girls to be solely pretty because they are viewed as incapable of making a huge difference in the world. These women feel that they will never be fully accepted in society as a powerful individual because it is believed they are inferior to men. They believe they are inferior to men. Male role models are talented sports players, powerful world leaders, or successful businessmen that will go down in history books. While great men have paragraphs written about their achievements, women’s articles tend to be primarily pictures. Female role models tend to be disinterested actresses, impossibly skinny models, or seemingly flawless in appearance singers that succeed because of their gorgeous faces and bodies coveted by girls everywhere. Most of the time, girls are primarily judged based on their superficial appearance and I want to teach people everywhere that this is not all we are made of. If you knew how many girls were starving themselves, hating themselves, or going so far as to get plastic surgery - paying doctors thousands of dollars for doctors to cut them open and rearrange their features to look more “beautiful”- you’d understand that we are setting impossible standards for ourselves and our future.
It’s funny, because men have this problem too sometimes. I mean, for example, male soccer players that are more attractive often gain more fame (not in terms of how much money they receive, but how many fans they have which could, perhaps, consequentially affect the money earned by the soccer team). Think about it– would One Direction really have gained their world-famous boyband title if they weren’t all good-looking? Teenage boys have their own culture of conformity that makes them into socially acceptable robots with no ideas of their own. Robots come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, but they have the same internal programming. While the female standard- our robotic control panel- affects our exterior, the male programming is primarily internal, in a behavioral sense. Even if they have ideas of their own, they can’t share it for fear that it won’t be accepted among the other robots. Teenage boys are so insecure that they deem it socially unacceptable to share their feelings- a “girly” thing to do. They use “gay” as an insult because men who are considered more “girly” are an object of bullying. If a boy chooses not to give in to robot conformity, they are taunted, bullied for their ideas, behavior, and appearance all at once. It’s hard for teenagers because they’re all so insecure and don’t know who they are, so the world has created an identity for them. This identity keeps being passed down. These teenage boys (and girls) are our future. Our future boys- the boys that will soon become powerful, influential men- are becoming robots with these primitive standards ingrained in their minds. We must break the cycle, because before we know it, the future will be now.
I think it’s especially important for guys- especially teenage boys- to realize the stereotype that women have because men are, after all, the ones believed to be superior in the minds of most. It’s really difficult to know that there are women out there enduring rape, catcalling, severe judgment, even murder, all just because of some superiority complex some guys have.
Of course, this is all a generalization. Isn’t everything? Guys generalize the female population and girls generalize the male population. Even that was a generalization. The problem is, we’ve been raised to generalize because the world is too big for us to think about all at once. This generalization is the root of all sexism and racism and ageism and nearly every social problem in our society. The individual voices are drowned in the majority. That’s a problem.
I’m not blaming any of the societal imbalance of treatment on the male population, the female population, or anyone in between. I believe this generation has been raised to enforce these stereotypes and roles in society. I’m not trying to change the global standards that we, as a population, have set upon ourselves. I’m just trying to teach people that there’s another way to think about it. We are the voice of the new generation.

x marina


@irl-iiice-bear LOOK… IT WAS AN ACCIDENT… i was changing my icon on Facebook the same time i was boutta send a nude and i mixed it up and almost set my profile picture to my tits(becos Facebook used to not let u crop it or anything it just set right away so if u accidentally clicked on a pic bam it’s ur profile picture now mother fucker) but i had selected it and THANK GOD I DIDNT DOUBLE CLICK BC IF I DID… hell woulda broke loose… it was a close call…..

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1. What are you watching on Netflix/TV right now?

i’ve been watching steven universe for the past two weeks now lol

2. Tell me about your favorite pair of shoes.

i only have two shoes but probably my all black high top converses 

3. Who’s your favorite member of your favorite band and why?

Dan because he’s got a voice of an angel and mad talent and he’s also really sweet and humble. i just really love him okay

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4. Favorite yellow food?

macaroni and cheese :)

5. What makes you happy?

people talking to me on here and tagging me in these kinds of things

6. Your favorite song?

Haunt by Bastille ofc!!

7. What song are you listening to right now (or the last song you listened to)?

Stella by All Time Low

8. Coffee or tea?

tea :3

9. If you could hug anyone in the world who would it be?

do i even need to say his name? you know i know everyone knows its daniel

10. List 3 people you love, and 3 people who love you.

  1. my mom
  2. dan smith
  3. my best friend 
  • my mom
  • my best friend
  • idk my grandma 

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1. If you had the power to invite 10 bands to play a festival who would they be and who would be the main act?

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5. If you could travel on tour with any band who would you pick and why?

6. If you could live in a song what song would it be?

7. Can you play any instruments? if not what would you like to know how to play?

8. If money wasnt an issue where would you like to live?

9. What’s your dream job?

10. Songs recommendations?

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for daniyah my lovely goddaughter: 2, 7, 19, 50, and i'm going to send you 67 knowing perfectly well i'm going to immediately regret it because i know you. just fuck me up

2. What’s their full name, and is it significant in any way? Do they go by their real name? Do they have nicknames? How did they get them?

Daniyah Rana Sadik - jazz hands. It’s a mixture of Arabic (Daniyah Rana) and Turkish (Sadik) names. Daniyah means ‘close’, Rana means ‘eye-catching’, and Sadik is from her father’s side and means ‘loyal’. I split the Sadik clan in two ways - Emre is Turkish and Fatima is Arabic. I have no idea why that matter yes but It Does. Just trust me on this.

She’s got three main nicknames; Dan, her most commonly used nickname, is used by actual friends. Dani is for people who she cares about deeply and who care about her, and for Elyon and Emre, because it was one of her childhood nicknames. Yaya is the name that Roshan and Shahnaz call her, because apparently Daniyah is hard to say when you’re little so Yaya it was. She hates it. Don’t call her that. No one can know.

7. Do they have any past injuries that have noticeable lasting effects (scars, a limp, etc.)?

Ehehehehe. She has a large burn scar all around her left hip and upper thigh, which is cleverly covered by stockings or underwear 99% of the time. She’s not fond of it. She’s even less fond of answering where she got it from, and if anyone asks - and by anyone I do mean anyone - then it was from a cooking accident. Only Zuri knows where it’s from, and that’s because they were there. (It was one of the things that clued them into Daniyah’s extracurricular activities.)

It’s one of the few things Daniyah is incredibly self-conscious about, and explains a little bit of her fondness for very expensive clothing and lingerie. The more attention on what she’s wearing, the less on her scar. And that’s just dandy.

19. Pick a different playable race. In some alternative reality where they are this race instead, how would their character differ?

I can kind of see her as a Dark Iron dwarf, honestly? I mean, yes, alright, I’m incredibly biased towards them because they are amazing, but General Fatima and Emre would both fit in that society, so I can imagine Daniyah growing up there. She’d be a little more closed off, and a lot jumpier; her phobias are still rampant, and now they’d be constantly around her so I think she’d be a lot less impulsive and more prone to staying at home and surrounding herself with candles. Her hatred for discipline and duty would be the same, if not even stronger, and you bet your ass she’d whisk herself off to Ironforge along with Moira. (Who would love General Fatima, for the record. General Fatima would make a phenomenal Dark Iron.)

50. Do they have any relationship deal breakers, such as a bad habit or stubborn opinion they cannot look past?

Considering Daniyah has been in a grand total of 0 relationships, and is absolutely not dating her hunky gal pal how dare you say that she is offended, I don’t think she knows what her limits are. (The silent treatment. Daniyah absolutely cannot handle the silent treatment, at all, and while she’s not good at working through relationship problems, she’s worse at dealing with being ignored. I wasn’t lying when I said Daniyah doesn’t exist when no one’s paying attention to her. The silent treatment fucks her over something awful; if someone’s ignoring her it means she’s not worth attention, and given that she bases her self-worth off how much attention she receives… you do the math.)

67. Retell an event in their life in their voice, as they would tell it.

You asked for it xoxoxo

“I’ve woken up in a lot of strange beds in my time.” Daniyah is very clearly drunk, because she is flopped across her armchair and staring into the middle distance. “Mostly for good reasons. Well, fun reasons, at any rate, I feel I’d get a lecture if I called some of them good, but - anyway. Strange beds. That one was very small, and I know that because my feet were only an inch away from the foot of the bed, and it was honestly the most uncomfortable thing I’ve ever been on.

“So I sit up. It’s a tiny room. Too hot. No candles or anything, just blackness. And then suddenly I hear a - a massive clang, as if a giant hammer had struck a gong, and… I can’t describe it. It was like I was in another place entirely, and I felt like I was burning, and there was screaming in my ears. I couldn’t even breathe. It was like my body had just shut down, but I was still there, listening to my heart beat faster and faster and faster, until the door slammed open.”

She huffs out a little laugh. “A dwarf - a Dark Iron priestess. Grumpiest woman I’ve ever met, including Rikke. She calmed me down, told me what I was having was a panic attack, but… I know panic attacks. I’ve had enough to know what they are. This wasn’t. This was something completely different, like someone had shoved a blast of jade lightning straight into my brain.

“She told me I’d been hurt on a trip. It took a long while for me to remember what really happened; she said later that it was because of trauma induced amnesia, or something like that. But my body remembered. She had to put up lanterns, constantly, or else I’d forget how to breathe. Every time the anvil rung - which was less often than you’d think, for Ironforge - she had to be there, or else I’d break down completely. That’s how I remembered. One evening she wasn’t, and someone used the Great Forge without permission, and…”

She draws her hands down her face, and hiccups. “Yeah. And that was basically the month after Yuuki died.”


Happy birthday to the bravest and strongest fox out there. Thank you for always being strong enough to face even the meanest of haters. It takes true guts to do that. I hope you’re happy in whatever that you are doing right now and i only hope and wish for more to come! Jisoo fighting! Lovelyz fighting!

  • just some of the few words to describe such an amazing girl + a birthday edit. #Happy23rdJISOODay ❤