This is how I’ll remember you.
Blonde hair falling just past your ears, settling like a dust cloud around your face. Eyes, hot like the fire that licks up my throat and blossoms out of my mouth every time we-
I picture you with a shirt untucked, top button undone, a lightness in your smile. Even when I’m gone I hope to see that ease in the wrinkles around your mouth. I’ll be sitting with the rest of the stars. Watching. Hoping. Shooting across skies and offering wishes to people who are too afraid to speak out loud. People, like you.
People who suffer at the hands of normality and were taught to live by the book; holy or societal. People who have their soul ripped from their very body, while they give a tight-lipped smile and say ‘I do’ to the wrong person. People who are starving in the garden of Eden; fighting to keep their arms from reaching above their head. People who looked back and were turned into a pillar of salt.
People like you.
I give a toast, to people like you. You think otherwise, but there’s a strength inside your gold-encrusted ribs. It amazes me how so many can fight their very soul and do it with a soft smile. It’s abnormal, the way it stretches your skin. I forced the muscles in my face to recreate that same smile, and it almost killed me. I am a weak ephemeral creature.
But not you. You’re resilient. You’re brave. You’re the strongest of them all. Son of Mars. Bone of my bones. Heaven in your smile, while hell wrecks havoc inside. The person who beats god and the devil at their own game. That’s how I’ll remember you; a god of gods.

excerpt from my short prose piece: You Are A God

Jasmine Walter

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