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@ilwoostory 꽃미남 라면가게 오픈하는 날! 일우스토리에 차치수가 나타났다. <일우이야기> 게시판에 정일우(@actorjungilwoo)가 글 남기다 대박~♥ 게다가 우리 마음 두근두근 하게 만든 사진까지?! 확인

Doesn’t this picture just make your heart beat faster?! 

-Ilwoostory’s Twitter, 12.11.11

it's @actorjungilwoo's 5th anniversary as an actor!!!

(from @jungilwoocom)

(from @ilwoostory)

@fyeahilwoo hasn’t got a fancy graphic as the above - heck, we’re a little ashamed to admit that we didn’t even know till we saw these graphics >.< but nevertheless, our wishes and words are no less sincere. 

축하해요 일우님! congratulations on your 5th year as an actor! we wish you all the best in your new show, and in all your endeavors from here on. may you continue to scale greater heights as an actor, and may you continue to find joy in all that you do! above all, may you have peace ♥ 사랑해요!

-fy!iw webmiss

(send your own congratulatory greeting to @actorjungilwoo on Twitter mmkay? ;))