How to copy your main character HUD / Keybind / Shortcuts / macros to another character

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Gathering : About GP Regen
Gameplay : Copying your UI from a character to another
Crafting : The Lucis Rotation

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So ! Today I logged in on I’silmë who is one of my alt, only to discover that everything had been reset :

As I had to fix it and I believe it might be annoying for anybody who has to face this sort of problem or just want to have the same interface on their alt and on their main, here is a little tutorial.

STEP 1 : Backup everything.

  • Click on “config’ on the launcher.
  • Click on “Back Up” .
  • Select again “Backup” and save your file with the date.

STEP 2 : Track your main character folder.

It could seem easy at first as you might think that 1 character = 1 folder, but NOPE. It seems that there are several folders for each of your characters and every time you create a character, even if you delete it 5mn after, the game creates its folder to never delete it.
So here is my FFXIV folder :D

Well, time to stop to panic and to actually find Ilwe’ran’s folder in the middle of that mess.

  • Open the game configuration folder : Documents\My Games\FINAL FANTASY XIV - A Realm Reborn
  • Scream 5mn.
  • On top right of your folder, open the research and click on “Last modified” then select “Earlier this week”
  • Right click on any .log file then select “Open file location”.

If you didn’t play with many character you should have found your main character’s folder. On my side it wasn’t that hard as I don’t play so many character and there were 457 log files in the folder. No way that I have that many with any other of my characters XD .

STEP 3 : Make sure that this folder is your main character’s one.

Easy step there : Select ANY other folder and place them in a new backup folder. I named mine = FFXIV-CHR = .

You don’t need to restart the game here, simply log off your character then log in again :

  • If your interface is still the same : CONGRATULATION ! You found your main character folder.
  • If your interface isn’t the same : NO PANIC ! You should now have a new folder with your character’s ID, you only have to fetch the folder with the same ID in the folder you dropped all the other character’s folder and simply drop it back in your FFXIV folder.

In any case : WRITE SOMEWHERE THAT THIS FOLDER IS YOUR MAIN CHARACTER ONE. Who knows, that might be useful at time !

STEP 4 : Sharing your main character’s interface, Macros, Keybind, etc. With another.

Now that you know which folder is the one interesting you, you can easily use it as a base to copy your informations everywhere.

  • Do NOT drop back your character’s folders in FFXIV’s folder. Instead, log in with the character you want to have the same interface as your main character. If you have a queue to log in, drop the queue right away : The character’s folder is already created !
  • Copy from your main character’s folder every single file aside the log folder, then paste everything on the brand new folder.
  • Select yes when Windows will ask you if you want to replace the old files by the new ones.

TADAAAAAA~ ! It’s now similar to your main character’s interface and all !

STEP 5 : Fixing the gears sets !

Because yes, the problems with this method is EVERYTHING is copied from your main character to your alt. Gear sets included which will might make you scream for a minute or two. But ! There is a solution ;) !

  • Once again, log off your character.
  • Find the folder which ID’s is the same as your alt in between the old folders stored in  = FFXIV-CHR = .
  • Inside the folder, find the file : GEARSET.DAT , copy it and past in in your new folder.
  • If this didn’t work, quit the game, repeat the copy / paste, this should fix the problem.


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Ilwe’ran Hlaiwa ( @nightmaze )

First person to find me on my last stint as The Wandering Artist! …which happened about 2 weeks ago. I blame my spanish heritage for my lack of timeliness.

In my defense, I did try to make the portraits snazzier to make up for it!

The next 2 portraits coming soon!

My work for @eorzean-art-exchange V-day art exchange event and you won’t guess who did I get as my partner  (/◕ヮ◕)/

I am really bad with holiday themed ‘inspiration’ but as I always loved the little story you created for how Ilwe got Selene and she is actually his familiar who helped him survive the aether weighted birthplace. 

I really wanted to illustrate the moment when he first creating her. 

So my work goes for @nightmazing the moment when they bond. Hope you enjoy it hun ! :>

(yes I was allowed to upload on my main blog like with the xmas event!)

nightmaze  asked:

☑ (I know we never interacted IC but I'm sure you'll find something to say ♥ !)

yeah, so, like, while we’ve never actually interacted or anything - i can speak from a, like, design standpoint? that i absolutely ADORE how ilwe looks!! AND I CAN SAY THIS BECAUSE I HAVE A TAB UP WITH HIS IN DEPTH REFERENCES & GET TO LOOK AT HIM WHENEVER I WANT

he seems like a super sweety too…. we should rp sometime my dude

Pearl Performances Masterpost

Lipsync Performances

Neverland’s Drag Carnage



Drag Race


I will keep this in my sidebar and updated! Feel free to send me any links if you find something I missed/as new performances happen.

fujiwarakazunari  asked:

➹ ➹

“Should I craft a fairy doll for F’elia’s birthday ? She keep trying to play with Lurëa and have her drinking tea, maybe that might help ?”
“… Enda.. If you continue to hold me like that, I won’t be able to take care of the dinner..”

Thank you for the ask @fujiwarakazunari, I love your avatar !
Tagging @geisterfuchs for mention !

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illidanapologist  asked:

I would absolutely ADORE a guide like that!!! I love Ast but playing it hurts my hands even when i switch up my UI and keybinds so it would be really helpful!! <3

I feel you friend ! Until I decided to use the Power of my Little Finger, I was having some cramps when attempting to heal and DPS !

As writing this guide will probably take me a lot of time and I might need to split it in several parts because I’ll be forced to explain some basics before some more complicated stuff, I’m going to give you my secret to avoid cramps when you have some small hands right away : Splitting the skills in 2 bars.

As you can see on the video, I was in Hotbar 10 at the beginning where are all my attack skills :

While at the end of the video I switched to Hotbar 1 where are all my healing skills !

My secret is simply that I use 2 different “Cleric Stance” macros which switch my hotbars depending on what I’m doing !

  • When I’m on my Healing Bar (Hotbar 1) and I use cleric stance to attack, the main hotbar automatically switch to the 10th where are all my attack skills. Here is the macro :
    /micon “Cleric Stance”
    /ac “Cleric Stance”
    /hotbar change 10
  • When I’m on my Attack Bar (Hotbar 10) and I need to heal, I use another Cleric Stance macro which switch me back to the 1st Hotbar where are all my healing skills :
    /micon “Cleric Stance”
    /ac “Cleric Stance”
    /hotbar change 1

  • Added to this, I have 2 special healing macros in my Attack Bar similar to those showed in the small videos, but I’ll explain those later as being more complicated.

Those two very simple macros changed my whole game experience because not only I could finally heal and DPS without having some cramps, but also I could finally play some classes with a lot of skills such as Monk as being able to split the rotations in 2 different hotbars and switching from one to another by using my little finger (as my key to switch my hotbar is the ~ !).
⚠ Exactly like you can be locked in Cleric Stance while healing, it can happen with such macro if you’re attempting to switch back in Healing Mode while Cleric Stance is in reuse ! So make sure to always have a Cleric Stance skill in one of your hotbar to take it off (or on) if necessary.

I hope this will help you a little before I explain more things about Macros !

FFXIV - Little Crafting Help (III)

My lasts 5 guides :

Crafting : Crafting website > FFXIV Crafting
Crafting : Leveling from 50 to 60
Crafting : Everything you need to know about Retainers.
Gathering : About GP Regen
Gameplay : Copying your UI from a character to another

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A few people asked me about the “Lucis rotation” which is the rotation I continue to use.
Be aware that this rotation has two big flaws :
- You cannot do a macro with it.
- When RNGesus is not on your side, you might not manage to HQ.

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