My lovely companion, iluvgumbo, asked me to do this, so I have complied. 

1: Where were you born?


2: Earliest memory?

Waking up and searching for my mom after she left in the middle of the night to give birth to my little sister. 

3: Put a link to your favorite blog!

Rather than put a link, here are the links to blogs that make me feel better on rough days.


4: What do you say a lot? A word,filler,phrase (uhm,like, sheesh..etc)

I don’t know, what do I say a lot?

I guess I say “That’s cool” a fair amount. I also use the word gender a lot, but I feel as if that doesn’t count. I guess I say “I feel you” a fair amount too and tend to relate things to “themes” or say “fun fact.”  

5: Last 3 songs listened to?

“Silence” and “Me Over You” by Lucia; “The Land Between the Solar Systems” by Mum.

6: What do you want to be “when you grow up?“

A self-sufficient adult.

7: Favorite movie as a child?                

Fly Away Home. I forced my older sister to take me to see it over eight times at the movie theater back home.

8: List all your pets and names!

Way too much effort… I have two cats and a ton of strays currently, they all have fur.

9: Two tickets to anywhere, where do you go? and Who do you bring?

Spontaneous decision made at the last possible moment; I travel alone in order to use the second ticket for an emergency situation which will undoubtedly occur.

10: What is the best/fanciest meal you can make (Anything from:Le Bowl De Cerial to Shrimp Skampy)

I make damn good soup.

11: What is your spirit animal?

A firefly.